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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Thinking by Jasmin Martinez

Thinking by Jasmin Martinez


People say,

“She thinks too much.”

But nothing is wrong with that

So, just let her think


People need to think sometimes

It’s natural but…

People say,

“Don’t overdo it.”


Her sister said,

“Don’t think too much.”

Thinking too much can

confuse you.”


But she thought again

To herself,

“Sometimes you have to

follow your instincts.”


And still she thinks…


Why? Because I said so by Zachary Pierre

Zachary used all of his spelling words to create this great realistic fiction narrative. Enjoy!


Zachary Pierre            5-310

“Why?” My brother asked in a loud voice.

“Because,” I said.

“Because what?! You always say I can join you but you never let me and it’s not fair!”

“Okay, listen. I want you to play football with me but I just can’t let you play with me on the team.”

My brother stomped away in a very melancholy way. We do not coexist well when we are together because he always starts a problem. I went to sit on my couch and 20 minutes later I said “my God!” I forgot that my football game was starting in 18 minutes. I also didn’t have my gear on yet. I rushed to put on my gear and then rushed to the football field.

5 minutes later…

“What are you doing here so late?” My coach asked while he took out his clipboard. “Listen, if this happens again I will kick you off the team and that’s final,” he continued. Coach Emerson spoke in such a loud voice that the other team coach could hear him. I said I was sorry and I started playing on the field.

“Punt formation F50,” the quarterback hollered. I ran deep into the field and caught the ball. It was a 53 year pass and 33 seconds later I got tackled.

1 hour and 28 minutes later…

When I got home my parents told me to go straight to bed. My father was listening to a prerecorded radio station. My mother was washing the dishes and my brother was still mad because of what happened earlier. I read my book for 30 minutes and then went to sleep.

The next morning…

“Wake up,” my mother said. I ate my cereal and put my uniform on. When I got to school I felt very worries because I forgot my posttest was on that day. Everybody came to me asking if I was ready buy I shamefully said “nope.” On top of that, I returned my homework postdate. I was facing detention.

In class…

“Clement, where is your homework?” My teacher asked.

“Um…um…hm…well…” I just responded.

“You didn’t do it, did you?” My teacher replied in a very strict voice.

“No.” I took out my prepaid cell phone and texted my mom saying not to expect me home early.


“O my GOSH,” I yelled out loud, “life.” I sighed. I turned to a child behind me. “You know when life gives you lemons? What do you do?” I truly believed he was going to say “make lemonade” but instead he said “make applesauce.” I looked at him oddly and turned back to my seat.


As soon as I got home I had to recharge my phone. Though it was on 99%, it has a habit of going to 4% when you turn it off for 1 second. Every time it does that I feel scared because that is very odd. I heard my mom trying to open the door with her key so I ran to bed because I didn’t want her to ask me why I called her during school hours. I overheard her talking with her coworker, saying that she was going to move to another house. I quickly opened my eyes very wide, but then the next thing I knew it was 6:30 AM.


I thought to myself. My numer one idea was thinking that I must have gotten knocked out in bed because I was so tired. I let that idea go and I started preparing myself for school. I left my house and went to school. I made a plan saying I was going to reappear in detention that day.



To be continued…

Kind Notes The Joymakers Continue

Dear Brian.

I can think of a million good character traits that you have but I think the best character trait that you have is being kind. And I have proof that you are kind. You are kind because if I had to switch my reading book you would let me borrow you Bid Nate book. Plus if anyone asked you for anything you would never say, “no!” Thank you for being a kind friend to me.—Sincerely, Sami

Dear Alicia,

You are a very good student. You are a very good student because you always do your homework. You are honest too. You are polite and you are good at reading. You are also good at math. The thing I like about you the most is that you are a good friend.—From your friend, Melissa

Dear Sidra,

You are a good role model for the younger kids. I have notices that you are really determined to succeed. You do all of your homework and you are ALWAYS doing the right thing.I really loved your Egypt writing. Your writing was very clear to me. I was very, very interested in your writing. Your conclusion left me wanting to hear more of your story. You are an excellent writer and an awesome role mode.—Your friend, Kayla Freckleton

Dear Jasiel,

I want to praise you for being a great listener because you participate in lots of lessons and discussions that we have. Also, I think you are a great ELA writer. You always have great things to say when it comes to sharing your writing. I say that because I think you have lots of ideas to think of and I think that is great. Finally, I think your greatest character trait is being truthful.—From, Jahmari Bradshaw

Dear Sashmire,

You are kind, honest and you always do your homework. For example, whenever Ms. La Rossa checks your homework you always have it done and it is done properly. Also you are honest. You always tell the truth. I remember the time you forgot your reading contract, you told Ms. La Rossa the truth instead of lying. You have always been very kind because you help the kindergarten kids when they need you. In conclusion, I think you are an excellent student and person.—Love, Alicia Sajid

Dear Haily,

You are one of my best friends and you’re one of a kind. You are creative because you are always trying to find a way to create from the magic of your imagination.—From, Rebecca Jean-Louis

Dear Ahmed,

You are a good storyteller. Also you are honest. I realize that because when you did not do your homework, you spoke the truth when Ms. LaRossa asked you. You answered honestly, “No I did not do my homework.” In conclusion, you have lots of good character traits and you are a nice person.—From Raymes Khalid

Dear Alexis,

You are a hard worker and a good mathematician. Plus you are a kind and good person. You are a good mathematician because you go beyond the limit. You do all of the major math challenges. You also like to try new things and play new games. I can see you put a lot of effort when you write too. You never take the easy way out. These are some of the reasons why you are a special person and friend to me.—Your friend, Brian Phillip

Dear Neidjh,

Did anyone ever tell you that you are really fun to be around? You are fun to be around because you are nice and you always like to learn new things. I have also noticed that you help Ms. Mann with the little kids. I think you are a role model to them. You do all of your homework and that makes you a role model to everyone in our class. Kepp up the good work.—Sincerely, Jasiel

Dear Julia,

You are honest, kind and helpful to everyone in the class. I think you are a very good reader and you are a good mathematician. You have a lovely personality and you are awesome at following directions. You are wonderful at helping our classmates and Ms. La Rossa when she needs help. You do your homework every day and that good because you will definitely pass fifth grade and go to sixth grade. I really like that you are honest, kind, loyal, helpful and a wonderful role model in the class.—Love, Haily Angeline Payero

The Lantern Shines at P.S. 119: Glow and Grow Mrs. Berretta

Dear Friends,

The Lantern is shining at P.S. 119. I would appreciate it if you could possibly leave some “Glow and Grow” comments. What did I do well in publishing The Lantern and what do I need to work on. What shines/glows and what needs to shine/grow more. Please post to this and let me know.

Again, I so appreciate your response to this. Your opinion counts. Let your voice be heard.


Mrs. Berretta

NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña Visits PS 119s Magnet Expo!!

Lisa Fernandez (Principal) , Barbara Snow (Assistant Principal), Alana Todd (Magnet Expo Escort), NYC Schools Chancellor, Carmen Fariña – Photo by Frank H. Jump, Instructional Technology Specialist

Thank You Video from Paw Project Founder – Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM

Senior Service Monitors Remember Their Pre-K Buddies: Lessons by Mrs. Berretta

Dear Mohammed,

Know you have this personality that makes me optimistic, joyful and happy. So basically if you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be me.

You know me! I will always would want to take your Oreos to keep, but it’s for a good cause. The rules of the lunchroom apply to your daily life when you get older. Sugary snacks are not healthy. I watch you, to see what you’re going to do next. But hey, that’s what I’m for. Like last time, when Ethan took your Oreos, you cried. But I tried to cheer you up. You’re one smile changed my day.

When we are together we’re like a team, just like your Transformers or your Ninja Turtle. Your talk makes me laugh and your actions make me tear up because it is really funny to watch a kid like you.



Nicholas St. Fleurant


Between Me and You There’s We

By: Mykai Kwesi


Between you and me

I learned responsibility

You have a tendency to run

And you’ll learn to have no fun


You’re always being sly

But the teachers will catch you

You should learn your lesson

So you can repel trouble


I know there’s good in you

And you should know too

Take responsibility

And fill adults with glee


I can’t take you any farther

Through I’ve acted as a father

Find your inner heaven

And let it run free


Remember all I’ve told you

So you can do the same

Learn responsibility

Because between me and you…

There’s we

Dear Addis

It’s me Kevin. I was your Senior monitor a long time ago. Remember back when we played basketball and I taught you how to play? You might not remember because you were in Pre-K, but we had some ups and we had some downs. One of the ups that I remember we had together was when you made your first shot on the “big hoops.” You made me learn more about myself than I knew before. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be as focused as I am today. Taking care of you and Ethan took a lot of hard work and focus. Thank you for everything.

Your Mentor,

Kevin Belance

Dear Jasmine,

You are a very distinctive child. You know how to carry your lunch and play recess respectfully. You are sometimes sad when you want your mommy or daddy, but I always find a way to cheer you up. Like today, you wanted to play jump rope and at first, I let you try it out on your own then I taught you how to do it the right way. You are a very intelligent child. You know what is right from wrong and I admire that!



Nicahya Eaton


Dear Aysha,

In between you and me there is WE. You are the smartest four year old I have ever met. I am impressed by how you do things on your own. We make a great team side-by-side. So I hope that we never break our friendship that we have developed. I will always remember you even when you grow up and you will possibly forget me. Whenever you were sad, I tried to cheer you up and bring you an orange at lunch. I hope that our love and friendship never break. Remember in between you and I there is a WE.

Yours truly,

Sana Ahmad


Dear Fritzabelle,

You may not remember me, but when you were in Pre-K I was your Senior monitor. You were always so playful. Although you were in your own world, tuning everything out that wasn’t important to you, you always listened to me.

Through the school year, you made me realize a lot about me. I learned about my care level that went from 10 to 10,000. My personality has changed so much thanks to you. I feel so loving now. Together we have been through a lot. Today, as I was writing this letter to you something special happened, you were sitting alone crying and I asked you why and you said “ my mommy won’t let me stop going to after school.” I quickly went to Ms. Fernandez to see if I could do anything to cheer you up. Just know mommies work hard for us kids and so she needs people to take care of you while she works.

Fritzabelle St. Surin I will never forget you. I hope you never forget me!



Jahfia Horsford


Dear Atifah,

I was your Senior monitor. You always used to smile even when you were upset. Always so energetic wanting to have fun.

I remember there were days when you didn’t want me to be your monitor; then a minute later you were jumping into my arms. One thing you definitely gave me was a sense of humor. I always laughed around you, mostly because you used to stare me in the face and squint your eyes. I absolutely learned to loosen up.

People come and go in your life, but I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Atifah you have a spark in you keep it there.

Your Monitor,

Jahfia Horsford


Dear Malika, Sophie, and Ellie,

I hope you still remember me when you grow up. I was your Pre-K Senior monitor. You meant the world to me. You taught me so much like responsibility, how to care, the feeling of joy that you can get from a child.

Ellie, remember when I first watched you? You never stopped crying. I tried my best to cheer you up. It went like that for three days. But, for the fourth day you stopped crying. In fact, you were happy. I said, “What happened” and you said, “You happened”. That touched my heart so deeply. We were best friends ever since then.

Sophie remember Banana? Banana used to be our thing. You used to say banana and then I would say banana repeatedly. You were a really funny little girl. It was really funny playing with you.

Malika remember our head thing? I used to put my hand on your hand and we would close our eyes. Then, I would say “good talk”, like we had psychic ability.


Alana Todd

Dear Moses,

You might not remember, but I do. Remember all the good times we had.

From the day Hira introduced me to you, I saw hope. I saw all that potential in one smile. You don’t ask for much but before you did not have a monitor. You went on the lunch line alone. You have taught me so much.

You have taught me so much. I never knew I could be responsible this much. My responsibility bar went from ten to ten thousand! My happiness bar went from one hundred to ten thousand!

You might not remember. But I do. I will never forget the memories. Between you and me is WE.


Kiara Melo

Dear Arayal,

“Between me and you there is we”! I enjoy coming to service everyday. I love watching over you. I learned so many things about you that I will never forget. We share a lot of good memories.

The first time I took care of you, I did not know much about you! After two weeks we knew each other really well. I will never forget the times that I played your favorite hopscotch game. I never really minded watching over you, since you were so well behaved. You were very independent and never asked for much. We always sat together and ate lunch. You were very independent and very understanding. When I had to watch several kids you understood. Even though you would be in your own world, I learned that I was actually very caring and you made me realize that!

I hope you don forget me. We shared amazing memories that I will never forget. I hope you remember those memories too. I will never forget you!

Your friend,

Hira Nasir




















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