P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Resoulution 2017 by Carly H

My new years resoulution is to be a good basketball player and get better at nba 2k15, 16 , 17at shooting.basketball is my favorite sport in the world.I would start today at 6:00 sharp.

Resulation Samara

My New Year Resulation is to eat healthy be flexible to have workout

Resolution 2017 by D’metryus Harvey

My Resolution is to man up when I talk to someone bigger than my hight.I can be shy sometimes when I see someone bigger than me! WHY DO PEOPLE JUGE ME!

basheer salih 4-305 2017 Resolution

my resolution is to learn new soccer skills

Monstera v.s. P.S.119 By:Mohammad Baig

(NOTE : This story will only have class 4-305 since I don’t know most people/kids/teachers/classes in P.S.119)

Once there was a school named P.S.119.It was Peace Builders school.There was only good no evil.It was a normal day kids were dabbing and playing stuff during recess time.

After recess class 4-305 a class of 4th grade with 29 kids were eating lunch it was pizza day.Well this boy named Mohammad Baig and his friends was finishing his pizza and drinking his milk until the lights went out! Miss Gill said “EVERYONE QUICK, INTO THE GYM!!” Mohammad,Carly,Cameron P, Ahmed,and Josh were like umm.. I guess it’s a blackout until they realized they heard footsteps everyone was paralyzed until the faces came to view it was Mr.Johnson,Miss Fernandez,Miss Slack,Miss Snow,and Miss Gaby they said that something or someone had turned off the lights.Everyone was in shock they were like OMG…but who?! did it?.

Until a scary roar appeared “ROARRRRRR!!!” Everyone was screaming even the bravest kids..Now the only class in the cafeteria was 4-305 because Mr.Field their teacher was somewhere so they waited so,they were the ones getting scared.Then a huge gigantic figure was coming down the stairs everyone were paralyzed again..

It was a horrible thing with razor sharp teeth,huge claws,red glowing eyes(4 of them),the figure was green,and was taller then all of us.

It came forward to 4-305 and all the other teachers it was looking at Mohammad and was coming for him.But

until a loud crash came and a muscular man came he was wearing a hat,a t-shirt,shorts,and sneakers.

He was saying “You can’t see me!”

Till’ everyone was screaming happily it was the one and only…..JOHN CENA!!!!!

Monstera the villain was like”what?” John Cena started punching Monstera. Monstera was panting hard he said stop i’m sorry I’ll never come back but I used to be a nice person but a spell turned me to this horrible figure the only solution is in your school the one with peace.So the only way is only if this whole class and all these teachers hold hands and make a circle.So,everyone made the circle holding hands Monstera was glowing blue he was shrinknig to a kid’s size his features were turning normal.He was a nice kid now then Monstera said my name is David now.David said to Miss Fernandez “May I join your school please?” Miss Fernandez said are you an orphan? David said “yes”.Miss Fernandez said “Your are now officially admitted to P.S.119 to class 4-305.


Resolution january 3rd 2017 from Ian

My resoultion is to help people that are hurt Helping others if they need help if the need to

Brandon Yaw 2017 Resolution

My resolution is to work on layups in basketball and dunks

My New Years Resolutions By Tayshawn Clement

  1. To pay more attention.
  2. To listen more.
  3. To talk less.
  4. To pass fifth grade.
  5. To be neater.
  6. To make new friends.

These are my new years resolutions

New Years Resolution By Barrington Bennett

My New Years Resolution is

Work Harder

Be more active

Also to do great in my school work

By Barrington Benett 5-303

I Resolve To… by: Akeelah Sutton Jackson 5-303

I Resolve To... learn analogies, be nice to my sister, learn coding, and to be more responsible.

To me having resolutions is important because every year you grow. When you grow you become more mature because you improve.

I want to get good grades during middle school. Also, I never spend time with my sister I want to teach her some things I don’t have time for.

So, it’s important to have resolutions!


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