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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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My top games and Consoles to #5 for each By Moeenuddin 5-310

#1  Nintendo 2ds                                                                            Games

#2 PlayStation 3                                                                            #1 Pokemon x and y    for 3ds/2ds

#3  Game boy                                                                                   #2 WWE 2k14 for ps3

#4  Sega Genesis game console                                                    #3  Mario kart 7  for 3ds/2ds

Last but not least #5 PlayStation                                                  #4 WWE 2k12   for PlayStation

#5 Street Fighter  for Sega Genesis game console

From Seth Shaheed-Myrthil

Dear Anna Frank I’m sorry you were not able to live to 2017 and enjoy more of life. If you were alive today your age would be 88 years old. I am very sorry you were not able to live your dream to be a great writer but thanks to your father your diary was published to be a full book.

Letter to Anne Frank by Urwah Adnan

Dear Anne Frank,

Anne Frank, your past is coming to our future. I have a feeling that something is going to go wrong with America. Your dreams was to become a writer and you did all of your hard work to make your dreams come true. Your father did as much as he could to make you a writer. You never gave up even though you went through all of this slavery and other horrible things that have gone on. These horrible things are going on right now in this world. This is what I mean by your past is coming to our future. I wish you would be still alive otherwise you would have become a writer. I hope you like my letter.



Loui Charles 4-210 Anne Frank

I am going to tell you about Anne Frank, Anne Frank died in February or March 1945. Anne aged 15 when she died of a diseases. Anne Frank writes about that she is stuck in a hiding place for 2 years. Anne dream was to become a writer a author and have people read her writing.

How Many Paperclips Can A Beetle Drag?

Martin Luther King JR By Rafael Portillo 4-305

The Martin Luther King JR song was fantastic and in inspiring I like it.It was a little sad but it was still great.

Martin Luther King JR was a great man his dream was completed now there are black people that can live freely and there was a black president Brook Obama  he was also a great man.


Pokémon is a good game but my older brother said ” Its not a good game if you play Pokémon Go because when you try to battle someone your character comes out of your phone and it’s real and then and the other person’s Pokémon ‘s character comes out of their phone and it’s real to. Then character do his special move and if the other person’s character blocks it and they do their super move the first person’s character gets hit and the person {who’s controlling the character } gets hit too and the battle finish the character comes back to the phone and it  turns to a Pokémon ball and the other character {just got hit} captured”. That is why my parents doesn’t like Pokémon.

Dear, Mrs.Berretta -Mohammad Baig

Good Job Mrs.Beretta, producing this very heart touching video.You are good writer and good producer also, I loved your “Why a mountain?”

Motivational Speech by Demarjay Smith

Anne Frank’s Dream

Today in technology we read the story of Anne Frank with Mr. Jump. Anne’s dream was to become an author and have her stories read by others around the world. Her dream came true but only after she died at the hands of the Nazis in a concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen in Germany during World War II.

Anne kept a diary that she called “Kitty” and documented the time she spent in hiding with her family and another family and a dentist while living in Amsterdam, where they fled to for safety from the Nazis. But the Nazi German army took over the Netherlands shortly after they got to Amsterdam. They were hiding because it was dangerous for Jewish people to walk freely in the Netherlands since the Germans were sending them to be exterminated from all parts of Europe. This was called the Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933 and promised to make Germany great again. Hitler needed a scapegoat to be the cause of all of Germany’s economic and social problems and he chose Jewish people. We can not let this happen ever again. Since the end of WWII, other genocides have occurred around the world and some even before WWII.

We can not allow any more scapegoating, especially in the United States of America. How can we prevent another Holocaust from happening again?



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