P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Why I Love My School – Valentine’s Day – #PSILoveMySchool #LoveTrumpsHate

We love our immigrant and refugee families. We have students from Yemen and Sudan who are sad about the President’s Immigrant & Refugee Ban. Thank goodness for fair judges who see this as unconstitutional. We love a fair and equal America. We love our school. Our President needs to feel this love. LOVE LOVE LOVE Trump hate.

Our Class Promise: 2-110 by Muhammad

We promise to help others.

We promise to show good manners and say:

“Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, and “I’m sorry”,

We promise to be thoughful of others.

We promise to share: materials, thoughts, friends and feelings.

We will respect each other


not laugh at each other.

We are a school family!

We are a school family!

Wind by Genevieve Berretta

  • Wind roars
    Tree branches tremble
    At its ferocity
    I tremble too
  • But still sparrows sing

Sparrows by Genevieve Berretta


While the sky does cry

Sparrows sing so sweetly

Hidden in the bare gnarled branches

of my weeping cherry tree

Just listen and…smile

Ebbs, Flows and Horizon Lines by Camera Walrond

© Camera Walrond

Ebbs, flows, horizon lines
Wisps of sky and beaconing blue
Waves roll your focus out
The poet perpendicular to truth
The path of wanderers in parallel to wonders
Questions born under a brooding January Sun
Suspended in the chill of things
Waiting to thaw

The Dream Still Deferred by Monique Brown

Dr. King dreamt of seagulls scratching at the surface of the sky while singing songs of freedom

Not of the sun kissed sand that stayed damp underneath my feet and my hands
As it clung to the sea in dire need of a healthy relationship
You know, a relationship without so much back and forth
Without their children, the waves, running back and forth
Between both participants of this dysfunctional romance
Kids who’re cursing at the sand,
Crying to the wind and crashing themselves back to the bottom of the ocean
Dr. King dreamt of being a feather feeling the wind beneath the wings of a pelican in flight
Not of the whiplashed seashells who screamed for help
Whenever the wind would get ahold of them
Battered and bruised but yet to be broken
Dr. King dreamt of a fantasy but woke up to a nightmare
… and that was just at the beach

The Petulant Prince…

  • Of what is this cartoon an example?

  • Who are the characters?

  • Please explain what this cartoon’s narrative says.

Dear Donald J. Trump By Keiera Nesbitt

Dear, Donald J  Trump

First I’m  going to ask you some question. What are you going to do to make the world a better place?  What are you gonna do as President? In what country have you been? Are you glad your the President? Do you get anything you want? Do you have a secret? I have more but i think thats enough? Thats the questions i wanted to ask. I don’t think your gonna built a wall by Mexico. You have hatred in you. Why do you even wanna built a wall between Mexico. Theres a whole lot of country’s in the world and you choose Mexico. You need to work on how you act. Thats why some people don’t like you. Adding on to Muslims if you were a Muslim and a President said they hate Muslim you would feel bad. See thats why you need to stop acting like that. There was some peace in the world and you had to mess it all up. So you need to stop acting like your tough cause you aren’t. Im speaking freely and im giving my opinion of you and what your doing.

Donald Trump by Arianna Gonzalez

Donald Trump.- stop caring about your self. You need to care about everyone. That is your job. And do not kick  anyone out of this country because we was here first. Do not  act like a baby beacuse Barack obama said if he was running for president he will beat you. It is ture. Obama is way better than you.How are you even going to build a wall. You need to think.A third grader can think better than you.

Donald Trump by Jose

Dear Donald Trump,

We want to know why you have to build the wall? That will cost you so much money. Here is a reason you can’t build the wall, you will separate so many familes. I tell you and beg you to not build the wall. If you do build the wall that will cost too much money  and you will get poor. So please don’t build that freaking wall.


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