P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Doing the Math for UNICEF Power Kids Project by Genevieve Berretta

As of March 19, 2015: P.S. 119 UNICEF

1200 packets of food

6,000 Kid Power Points

13,000,000 steps

5,000 miles!


New York has 149 schools participating rounded to 150 schools


Rounded to nearest thousand:


15,000 packets of food

74,000 Kid Power Points

172,000,000 steps

61,000 miles


P.S. 119 as of today is donating approximately .08 or 8% of the total New York food packet donations. Average donation assuming a rounding of 149 participating school to 150 is an average donating per school of 100 packets. P.S. 119 once again out scores all of the averages and slamdunks 1,200 packets of foods for under and malnourished children and adults. We are donating twelve times as much as the average New York School so far and Boston with an average of 200 schools participating (200 used as an average to calculate average food packet donations) is donating 70 packets per participating school. Keep rocking and walking and caring everyone!


Boston has 218 schools participating


Rounded to nearest thousand:


14,000 packets of food

72,000 Kid Power Points

178,000,000 steps

63,000 miles

Kayla Raps Anti-Bully Based on Rhyming Lessons with Mrs. Berretta: Check out Rhymezone.com Thanks Elijah!

Anti Bully Rap


Bullies aren’t fun they don’t help anyone.

They call people names

but they feel just the same.

Here’s my advice just try to be nice.

Just follow the rules, go to school,

you’ll still be cool like a diamond jewel.

It is no picnic trying to fit in,

but you gotta break through

and be the real you.

Don’t follow no one else,

be true,

be yourself.

Paw Project Posters Premiere

Fantastic Science Fair Winners 2015

Mrs. Mann & Kelly Marshall
Mix It Up  Colors!

Mrs. Moran & Kaitlin Marshall
Are Vitamins Really Good For You? The Answer is -YES!

Mrs. Diaz
First Place: Bachelet NoelBest Way to Wash Your Hands
Second Place: Deshir Grant — Homemade Ice Cream
Third Place: Kasmira EastmanAnt Farmers
Honorable Mention:
Maryam BhattiRainforest
Muhammad Husnain — Do Oil & Water Mix?
Doyena Jean-Louis — Tropical Rainforest
Abdullah Choudhary — Soapy Situation

Mrs. Biton
First Place: Reshard Haynes — Don’t Trash the Environment
Second Place: Amina Arif — Microwave Candy
Third Place: Kara Leu — Solids & Liquids
Honorable Mention:
Zeena Khan Microwave Candy
Bilal Jamil —  Bean Growth in Water
Mckenzie PayeroThree States of Matter
Subhan ChoudharyMagic Egg
Zaviel JohnsonThe Water Cycle
Arwa Shaukat — The Water Cycle

Mrs. Incorvaia & Mrs. Sullivan
First Place: Brendan Joseph — Escaping Water
Second Place: Jenelle Madrid — Inflating A Balloon
Third Place: Muhammad Hannan — Tornado
Honorable Mention:
Aaron Palmer — Why Does Popcorn Pop?

Mr. Fields
First Place: Duah Alkhtry — Will An Egg Sink or Float?
Second Place: Muntasir Bhuiyan —  Self-Inflated Balloons
Third Place: Nancy Morales Rojas — Which Flowers Will Change Color First?
Honorable Mention:
Retag Sabr — Do Oil & Water Mix?

Mrs. Saby
First Place: Roxanna Cabrera — Sound
Second Place: Brandon Blue — Shell-less Egg
Third Place: Hardeep Singh Multani — Blow It Up
Honorable Mention:
Halle Rodney — Hyacinth Macaw

Mrs. Moloney
First Place: 
Josiah Vogle — Pencil vs. Marker Which Weighs More?
Second Place: Amanda Lawrence — Doctor Bird: The National Bird of Jamaica

Mrs. Santella
First Place: Sylena Christian — Strawberry DNA Extraction
Second Place: Shuang St. Surin — How Does Frost Form?
Third Place: Malik McIntosh — How To Have Fun With Slime
Honorable Mention:
Asia Washington — Lip Gloss
Markicha Denis — What Happens When Vinegar & Baking Soda Come In Contact
Zain Syed — Different Stress Levels of The Balloon

Mrs. Fields
First Place: Aqida Rama — Water Cycle
Second Place: Joshua Mohammed-Thomas — Gender Illusion Challenge
Third Place: Joshua Alexis — The Floating Egg
Honorable Mention:
Jaden Herard — Crystal Growth
Gabriel Barometre — Plants & Water Pollution
Sonny Reid — Air Is Matter

Ms. Waldron
First Place: Emily Garcia  Rubber Egg Experiment
Second Place: Noah James  Homemade Lava Lamp
Third Place: Jayden Jhagroo  What Household Item Can Be Used To Create the Most Blowing Bubbles
Honorable Mention:
Moeenuddin Khan  Bounce Eggs
Barrington Bennett Solid To Liquid

Mrs. Calderon & Mr. Crowder
First Place: Ayanna Belfon — The Cleanup Sticky Balls
Second Place: Eden Grey — Thaumatrope
Third Place: Salehe Simms — Refraction
Honorable Mention:
Shameer MalikAcid Rain
Natasha Grafton — The Sweet Science of Chocolate
Haider Ali — Air Pollution

Mrs. Stampp
First Place: Kareem Mills — How to Make a Lightbulb Light
& Miguel Ejiaku — Don’t Pop The Balloon
Second Place: Jada Bien Aime — What Happens to Light Waves When They Strike a Boundary Between Air and Other Materials & Christian Montrose  How To Make Snow Bubbles
Third Place: Emersa Sajid  Why Doesn’t The Ocean Freeze? & Ahmed Elmosbah  Does An Orange Float or Sink?
Honorable Mention:
Honesty Jean  
Yum Yum Gum
Jonathan Demas  
Why Do Fruits and Vegetables Rot When Their Skin is Peeled Off?
Luiz Marius  
The Effect of the Water Cycle in the Rain Forest

Mrs. Miciotta
First Place: Zaria Rollins  It’s Electric
Second Place: Brooklyn Mendoza  Egg Floating on Salt Water
Third Place: Jonathan Kennedy  Testing the Power of Electricity
Honorable Mention:
Dulce Aguilar  Water Going Into Air

Mrs. Heym & Mrs. Leonforte
First Place: Paris Salmon  Color Float
Second Place: Jeremiah Grant  Which Brand Pops the Most?
Third Place: Andrew Morgan  Do White Candles Burn Faster Than Colored Ones?
Honorable Mention:
Nick Antoine  Polymers
Brandon Clarke  Mentos & Soda

3/4/5- 301
Mr. Clarke
First Place: Allycia Austin  Rainforest Facts
Second Place: Marvin Guerrier  How Water is Used for Work
Third Place: Terah Sauveur  Gorilla Research
Honorable Mention:
Jaden Bartholomew  Green Slime

Ms. Davis
First Place: Jevon Holiday  Color Me Warm
Second Place: Jasiah Grant  Paper Airplanes
Third Place: J-Quan Spencer  Wine Glass Water Sound Waves
Honorable Mention:
Aniyah Reyes-Pierre  Slime 
Alyssa Rodriguez — Layers of  the Rainforest
Hamza Shafi  Energy Transferred Through Balls
Kimora Lee Hylton Grassland Habitat

Ms. Rivieccio
First Place: Reina Thomas-Mohammed  The M&M Survival Challenge
Second Place: Alana Todd  Hydropower Renewable Energy
Third Place: Hira Nasir  Blood Flow
Honorable Mention:
Ivan Sanchez  Water Bender
Hozifa Yagoub  Lemon Power
Izhare Hussain  Cooling Effects of Mint
Richard Lee  The Cooling Race Between Mint Leaves & Mentos
Kiara Melo  The Water Cycle
Madison Ramnath  Pulse
Mykai Kwesi – Oxidation Slowed Down

Ms. LaRossa
First Place: Alexis Cabrera  The Phases of the Moon
Second Place: Hannah Nelson  Rainforest Foodweb
Third Place: Malachi Vilfort  The Rainforest
Honorable Mention:
Sidra Qureshi  Can Vinegar & Baking Soda Blow Up a Balloon?
Zachary Pierre  Where’s My Water
Haily Payero  Global Warming

Be Brave and Be the Anti-Bully–Rhyming Lessons by Genevieve Berretta

When bullies start to bully

They may give you a noogie

What is wrong is to bully

And it’s so wrong fully

Please be brave

And just behave

When you don’t

They just won’t

When you start to cry

They pick on you and call you a fly—Jemel


Bullying is ruining someone’s day

This is not the way

It is not okay

This is all I have to say

You picking a fight

Every day a victim is in sight

No matter how far you go down

You can always turn back

We’ve got to share

And we’ve got to be fair

You don’t have to be mean like that

We are supposed to love each other

And work together—Crystal Montrose


A bully brings terror

Which is a big error

They are committing a crime

A waste of time

Which will bring them to jail

Which means they failed

And have to make bail

Their face turns pale

As they hold onto the jail rail

Can’t peace just prevail?

Can’t they share their peace with the world?

They bash for cash

And dash to smash

They flash and slash

It’s trash

Can’t they have a heart?

And share a part

Can’t they be smart?

Get a job and restart?

Stay in school it’s cool?


A bully brings terror

Which is a big error

They are committing a crime

A waste of time–? 305


Hey there bully

You are pulled like a pulley

If you are alert you could be an expert

You say: “this isn’t me

It’s your 3d picture

But you don’t read a real scripture

This is your future

Be a bully—your head will be sutured

It’s for you education

Your brain needs activation

I can see your face

You better pick up the pace

This is your century

Don’t spend it in a penitentiary

This is my speech

You can beat the heat

Don’t be a mess

I can help…here’s my address—Nicholas St. Fleurant


Yo bully why you so mad

Walking down the street making people sad

Why you so mean?

Making a BIG scene?

I’m walking down the street

With my friends on the beat

You can’t bother me

Please End you ways

It’s time to end your bullying days—Lenz


You shouldn’t be scared

I should care

You should be alert

This hurts

You don’t have to hide

I’ll be right beside you

I know it hurts inside

Why do you take their snack?

I’ll have their back

So get out of my way

You’re not gonna hurt anyone today


Why are you going to make somebody cry?

If you’re the one who’s saying lies

You’re putting up a fight

Giving others a fright

This is school

You’re acting a fool

It’s not cool

I know you disagree

But you can’t see

That we should all be free

And you’re small—you’re the flea

You’re cruel

But you don’t rule

Use your brain

That’ll bring you fame—Ivan Sanchez



Bullies are bears

They continuously blare

You cower in fear

While shedding tears

Don’t be scared

I swear I’ll stand

So you’ll understand

That you can be brave

And not a bully’s slave—Mykai Kwesi


What is the opposite of good but bad?

Trying to make others feel sad

Being the bigger one you have an advantage

The other one seeing you as a savage

Take a book and try learning

You will start earning

The people’s trust

Being nice is a must

Stop being a bully—Alana Todd


Pick up a book

And look

You can agree

That you can oversee

How to not be a bully

Bullies can behave

So just be brave

I guarantee

Don’t disagree

Don’t attack

We’re not pint sized snacks—Kiara Melo


Bullying is bad

It makes people feel sad

And more that occasionally mad

Can’t we talk about it over tea?

Instead of you being such a bully

To the people of earth

You need to have a rebirth

Of kindness

Instead of this blindness

Start seeing that you are hurting people

And sometimes you even cripple

Instead of you being such a bully

To the people of earth

You need to have a rebirth–? 305


Bullying is bad—egad

What a sight

Two kids having a fight

Such a fright

So why don’t you apply

Cause other kids are leaving you behind

But you’re so blind

Take some time

And you will see that bullying is a crime

Courts hasn’t been adjourned

Now it’s your turn

Earn your way back

Fight the good fight

For your life—Kermentz


Don’t bully can’t you see

Your just being mean

Look at reality

All the kids that you bully are not filled with glee

AS soon as they see

You they flee

You should goo to school and follow the rules—Kevin Belance


P.s. Shout out to the victims: Stay Brave!


No matter how far you go down

You can always turn back

Don’t ruin somebody’s day

By not getting your own way

We’ve got to share

And we’ve got to be fair

We are supposed to love each other

And work together

Bullies you can be nice

Thanks for listening to my advice

—Crystal Montrose


Wrong is wrong and right is right

Don’t be a bully

Don’t create a fight

Just be polite

Be a Peace Builder and

Stand up for someone

Who’s in a fight

–Melissa Foster


Let’s all make bullying come to an end

Why don’t we all make a friend

Don’t talk trash about one another

Why don’t we all be friends with each other

You don’t know what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes

So don’t give that person the blues

Bullying is the worst so why not put friendship first

–Brian Phillip


Here’s my advice just try to be nice.

Just follow the rules, go to school,

you’ll still be cool like a diamond jewel.

It is no picnic trying to fit in,

but you gotta break through

and be the real you.

Don’t follow no one else,

be true…be yourself.—Kayla


Don’t be a negative

Look for an alternative

How about a positive?

Go out and get active




Bullies do the math

Stay on the right path

Stay in school

Follow the golden rule

Be cool

Make an alliance with Science

All you need is a little guidance

You have a date with destiny

That’s my rap: You just got the best of me

–Shawn Golding


Bullying is bad

It makes people sad

Listen and go to school

Follow the golden rule

Instead of being a social bully

Do social studies

Do math

Stay on the right path

Look at the time

Bullying is a crime

Be bright

Don’t start a fight

Bullying is not a game

Be in the Hall of Fame

Just be nice

It’s my advice

I’ll buy you lunch

We can munch

With a bunch…of friends

–Jasmin Martinez


School is not to bully

That’s why there’s security

You should learn about social studies

Instead of being a bully

So lets fully stop the bully

–Sidra Qureshi


Someday you’ll stop being cruel

And see that trying to be cool

Doesn’t come from being a bully at school

–Anneneika St. Hilaire


We’re talking bullying prevention

Please hear my suggestions

Bullying is wrong

Do I have to say it like a sing

Why don’t you sit down

and clear that frown

You can stop bullying and start seeing

You can change the world and be brave

Start to crave that

Bullying is bad

Don’t be sad

You changed and saved

Thanks for listening to my suggestions

On bullying prevention

-Raymes Khalid


If you know bullying is a wrong thing to do

Then just stop it

If you ever think about giving a punch

Try thinking about giving someone your lunch

If you really are that negative

Then think about something positive

Don’t be a fool

Cause it’s not cool

Don’t go to the pool

Go to your school

Think about doing math

Instead of following the wrong path

Look at the clock

It’s time to rock

–Neidjh Senatus



This rap is about bullying prevention

Sit back, relax enjoy and have a listen

How about you have some lunch

With a big bunch

Without one super duper big punch!

Bullying is not cool

Let’s not have it at our school

I son’t want to see anyone bullied in our school

Sullies should learn about geography

It rhymes with history

They should also learn some chemistry

This rap was about bullying prevention

I hope you sat back, relaxed enjoyed and had a listen

–Jahmari Bradshaw



Interview with Flo Larsen of the Mary Queen of Heaven Food Pantry

P.S. 119 Wins NYCDOE Respect For All (RFA) Award Four Years in a Row and Stands Side by Side with P.S. 222

P.S. 119 teacher Mrs. Berretta stands proudly beside P.S. 222 Principal Oliveri and Assistant Principal as both schools display their Respect For All (RFA) banners at the fourth annual RFA celebration at John Wayne Elementary School in Williamsburg. For P.S. 119 this is their fourth year as an RFA school and P.S. 222 was honored to be a first time winner. This year fifty schools were celebrated and P.S. 119 was one of twenty five schools who earned special recognition for winning multiple times.During Respect for All Week, students learn how to fight cyberbullying, harassment and discrimination. The program launched in 2007 in an effort to make students feel safe, valued and respected. When the pupils feel bullied, they can talk about their issues with a staff member. P.S. 119 and P.S. 222 which are neighboring schools both agree that at their schools “Respect for All” is lived every day at their schools.

Check out the link below for the News 12 Story:





Two Sides to the District Spelling Bee by Kermentz Bernaud and Mekhi Steele

The District Spelling Bee by Kermentz Bernaud


January 15, 2015. P.S.197. District17.District18.District22.58 Children…Spelling Bee! 

“Come on we got to run, we were supposed to leave the house before 3:30.” My brother shouted. I looked at my phone “3:38” It didn’t seem like much of a big deal to me.

We entered the shop “One metro card please” my brother said. “What do you want?” I looked through the drinks looking for something to drink. “Just take some Arizona and get me some too.” I took 2. We left the store. OK let’s go. We stand and wait for the bus. I look at my phone “3:48” 12 minutes left. SCREEEEEEECH!!! We get into the bus.

We enter the school. “Ok wait for everyone else to get their things.” I walk up to the lady giving things out. “Hello.” “Hello what’s your number?” “5. Kermentz Bernaud” “Ok here um 5” “Here’s your dog tag…. and your pamphlet. Good luck.”

I enter the room the Spelling Bee has started. After a few rounds I had made it to the last round but spelled a word incorrectly and was put on the bench. But later on the people didn’t have ten people to go to the state so they needed one more person to win. They chose the people from the bench that did the best, which included me. Close to the end of the spelling bee the only kidsstill in the Spelling Bee were an eighth grade girl and I. “Your word is Afghan.” “A-F-G-H-A-N” The other player answered correctly also.” Your word is Peaceable” “P-E-A-C-A-B-L-E” “That is incorrect.” The other player got both words correct and I lost.

When I game back to my mom and brother I was cheered on; I took a few pictures with Mykai and Ms. Snow. I was proud of myself for getting to the District Spelling Bee. Maybe I lost the Spelling Bee, but I was victorious at heart.


The District Spelling Bee by Mykai Kwesi


On January 15, 2015, I was at P.S. 197 sitting in their auditorium. The day of the District Spelling Bee was here. At first, I wasn’t fired up because I thought I left my gloves on the bus I took. Luckily, they were in my bag. Since I was a competitor, I was given a number, which was 32.

My mom was very proud of me and before I went on stage, I joined her and my sister for a prayer. I looked back a few times to see if Kermentz or J-Quan arrived.

Later on, the moderator called for competitors to come on stage. When everyone got on stage, he explained the rules. “Two spellers will stand at one of the microphones,” he began. “I will ask you to spell a word. If you spell incorrectly, one of the judges will ring a bell. You will then get the correct spelling of the word and you’ll exit the stage. Odd number people exit on the left side and even number people exit the right side. Any questions? Good. Let’s begin.”

Then he faces the audience. “Welcome to the Spelling Bee. Kids, give a round of applause to the people who brought you here!” So we do. “While kids are spelling, please don’t cheer. They need to stay focused. Without further ado, let’s begin.” The first few kids spelled correctly. Kermentz correctly spelled “galloped.” Later on it was my turn.

“Speller number 32,” the man says. “ The word is, ‘bustling.’” I thought, “ I’m going to get this wrong.” However, I took all my chances. “ Can you please say that again?” Sure,” he replies. “The word is ‘bustling.’” I start, “B-u-s-c-l-i-n-g. Bustling.” “Ring!” “I knew it,” I thought in a groaned way. Hearing that bell made even more annoyed. “Judges,” the man said. “Bustling,” says a judge. “B-u-s-t-l-i-n-g. Bustling.” The man says, “Thank you speller. Take your seat” When I get back to my seat, I decide to cheer on Kermentz.

In round Two, he misspells a word. But he wasn’t out for good. Nine spellers remained, and there has to be ten spellers to go on. So, the people from round two that lost were able to come back on stage. When it was Kermentz’s turn, his word was “peaceable.” I thought, “I know he’s gonna get this.” However, he spelled, “P-e-a-c-a…,” as soon as it went from c to a, I threw my head down. I thought he’d backtrack because we were allowed to, but he didn’t. He continued, “b-l-e. Peaceable.” Ring! From where I was sitting, he looked very disappointed.

So we’re both out. However, we both got certificates when we exited the stage. That didn’t cheer me up one bit.

Snow Falls by Victoria McKinney

As the wind whips with a whistling “WOOSH!”

A snowflake falls to the ground

Sadly and slowly

Saying, “I’m lonely.”

She met another snowflake face to face

Together they discovered

A whole new place

FAlling down to the icy river

The snowflakes started to shiver

on that icy stream on a cold river

As the  wind whips with a whistling


Snow Rap by Kevin Belance

Listen Up Bro

This is how it goes

WE play in the Snow

Let’s go

Our time is awasting

the snow’s awaiting

Don’t keep it waiting

When it gets really hot

There’s no more playing

the sun comes out

There’s no more snow

All of it is going to go


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