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A Snowflake Goes by Anijah T. Miller

A Snowflake leaves its home sad

I hope that its parents do not get mad

A snowflake sees houses left and right

It looks like it’s night

A snowflake goes here…and there

It goes everywhere


The wind blows

The snowflake goes and goes

Up and down

Left and right

A snowflake goes here and there

A snowflake goes everywhere

Hears the children laugh and play

Hears the children go, “Hip, Hip Hooray!”


The snowflake says

As she looks for a home

It twirls and twirls until he sees a good place

She goes…




Puts his head on the ice

and says, “Goodnight!”

Dinosaur Eating His Meat by Kara Leu 1-101


Harlem MagicMasters Visits P.S. 119 with a Message! CHEER

Who remembers what CHEER stands for??

We Used Some Cool Tools to Create Our Snowetry by Genevieve Berretta

To create our Snowetry we had many discussions about the various literary devices writers use such as: imagery, rhyme, repetition, personification, simile, metaphor and perhaps onomatopoeia.

We tried to use imagery for sure but then we sprinkled in other devices or tools to revise and expand our poems.

Enjoy reading our Snowetry and try to guess our literary devices or tools then…try to write your own SNOEM!

Snowetry Falls at P.S. 119

Snowfall like rain

Snowflakes fall down the gray sky

The cloud says, “Goodbye.”

–Aamina Jabber


Gather parachutes

Fall upon chirping sparrows

Winter Wonderland

–Luis Marius


Snow falls on rooftops

As people sip hot cocoa

On cold winter nights

–Jonathan Demas


As the snow falls down

People rushing to work in

This cold heavy sleet

–Nia Williams


Snow falls on the road

With a white beauty

Color …spreads all around

–Moarvy Francois


Soft snow falls on me

I glide through the white soft snow

In my snowy gear

–Yasmin Minos


Snowflakes win the game

2015 Superbowl flakes

Each flake…a touchdown

–Christian Montrose


Falls hard to earth

Whenever stepped on…crunches

Humans call it hail

–Nicholas King


Snowflakes are falling

Snowflakes are falling on earth

A beautiful scene

–Amna Dildar


Snowflakes fall from clouds

Snow as white as the sky clouds

Snow ends…sun shines

–Honesty Jean


Make a snow angel

Make a snowman like Frosty

Let it snow…snow…snow…

–Kassidy Tucker


Groups of birds moving

All because of white snowflakes

It came with more hail

–Serina Khan


Beautiful snow falls

The white snow falls from the sky

Snowflakes gently fall

–Kahmara Lee


The snowflake’s life will never end

The water cycle will start all over again

Twril and swirl and blow miles away

From a cloud

It would be hoping to land on its own kind

It will blow and slowly

Fall to the ground



Snow by Logein Mukhtar

The sky is blue but not all day

As a snowflake will fall

Each and every day


Down to the river

Snowflakes arrive

More and more…

Fall from the sky

Hail, snow, sleet and rain

You never fail to entertain


Fall to the Earth

A cloud will give birth

Happy endings…

Happy Days

Make one for me one day


One day…oh one day

That snowflake…

Will be alive again as…

Hail, snow, sleet and rain

You never fail to entertain


Snowflake by Raymes Khalid


On a wintry night

A snowflake

Fell from the sky

Within sight

With six sparkly tips


Patterned bits

It’s falling

And…looks like a tiny diamond from afar

A snowflake

Just falling



Slightly calm

Not going too fast

Nor being last

Then it falls


Takes a break from falling

The sun rises


The snowflake becomes water

Sad but smarter

“Goodnight,” it wished to say

A snowflake


Snow by Abdullah Saleh


Snow the white sheet

Coming down as hard as sleet

The flakes as light as the blue lakes

All of that snow from one cloud

Looks like a snow crowd

This is Nature

This is life


Snowflakes fall gracefully

Fall beautifully

Playing tag with the wind

Swaying and swaying

Fall in front of my window

While twirling like ballerinas

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The wind goes

Snowflakes feel the grace in them

–Aqida Rama


Snow, Snow by Meyah World-Morgan


Snow, snow I love you snow

I think I will explode

A snowflake will be sitting there

Waiting for the cloud to let her fall down

Hopefully someone will open their heart

That will be my favorite part


Snowflake by Elijah Bennett


The snowflake is delicate

The snowflake is soft

It brings joy to people

Who play in it

On its way down

To the solid ground

It sways








Snowflake by Alissah Augustin


A snowflake can dance around

Like a pretty little flower

Landing on a tree shiny

We laugh too

Just to see something

Like a diamond in the sky


Life by Jahfia Horsford



We all start somewhere

Just like snowflakes

We all fall from the sky happily

Just like snowflakes

We expect to land in wonderful places

Just like snowflakes

Sometimes we end in places that show us incredible things

Just like snowflakes

In those places we become amazing things

Just like snowflakes

Then we float to places we

Never expected…that turn out

To be magnificent

Just like snowflakes

We drift around curiously

Just like snowflakes

We all share a purpose on the earth

Just like snowflakes


–Jahfia Horsford


Snow’s falling—it’s a parade

Snow decides to invade

We were told it would snow

We didn’t listen and now it unfolds


This is the best

You want to play? Be my guest

The weather is horrible

The snow is intolerable



Snow is falling it’s a parade

Snow decides to invade

–Kevin Belance


Look outside the snow is here

It is falling away

Grab you coat and books

We can play all day

Take a minute to admire the view

Take a minute to enjoy it too

–Hozifa Yagoub


Oh little snowflake

Gracefully landing from soft clouds

At night you glisten in the moonlight

Like a thousand diamonds

Glittering through the sky

What a scene—My oh my!


Little snowflake

Oh the places you’ll journey through

As the wind is blowing…howling everyday

The wind will take you far

Little snowflake you will learn from the wind

Only the wind knows where it will take you

–Ayela Janjua


It begins in a cloud

A gray cloud

A snowy cloud

The snow is falling

Falling like a frozen star ballerina

It falls on my head

On the roof

On a tree

On the ground

It was snowing everywhere

Snow, Snow, Snow

Pretty snow

I hope it falls

All day and night

–Aisha Amir


Once… by Jamison Dormil


Once you have a snowflake family

Snowflake friends



The wind takes you away

You say, “Is this it?”

“Am I ever going to see my family and my friends?”

“Is this the end…coming to a new beginning?”

“Is this the end of my happy snowflake life?”


A new beginning







My journey begins in Winter

The wind blows me all around

“Help me!’ I shout to

The people on the street

Waving from side to side,”

Catch me! Don’t move!”

I land safely

On the hands of a good person

On the hands of a child


He smiled



The falling snowflake

Falling with friends in the blue sky

Suddenly the wind blew me…

Side to side, ”Whoosh!”

It felt like a punch in the gut

When people walked on me

On the sidewalk

Thanks to the sun

I am no longer a snowflake

The sun gives me a chance

To be alive

In three other different forms

–Marvin Guerrier

Once… by Jamison Dormil

Once you have a snowflake family

Snowflake friends



The wind takes you away

You say, “Is this it?”

“Am I ever going to see my family and my friends?”

“Is this the end…coming to a new beginning?”

“Is this the end of my happy snowflake life?”


A new beginning






Where Oh Where Does My Journey Begin”

By Allycia Austin

I am a snowflake

I live in Antarctica

I love to go on trips

Today the wind will take me somewhere magical

As I go I will dance


I will twirl

As I travel…

I will “Woosh”

Myself with all my might

I am here…

It seems…

It seems…It seems…

The wind has sent me to Eqypt!

I don’t feel right

This place is too hot for me

I should—I must leave

as quickly as possible

The wind said, “I am sorry.”

Hop on! I will take you somewhere nice and cold!”

I am a snowflake and I am happy!


Snowflake by Marlon Blackman


I am a snowflake

My friends call me M0B4lLYFE

“Ahhhhhhh! Mom help me—I am falling!

The sun is coming out—I am melting.

The wind blows me from one place to another

A boy comes

I become part of a snowball!

“Yes, “ I say, “YES! Thank you wind”

I am so happy.


“Whoosh!” I fly into the sky

Trying to find a safe place to land

I see kids playing around in the snow

And I still feel the wind blow

I see where I am going to land

In a tree

With my friends right beside me

The sun comes out and…

We all die together

–Zaire Outlaw


If I were snowflake

The wind, “Whoosh!” me away free

Like I was part of a bird family

–Jaden Bartholomew


I’m patient in a cloud

Waiting to fall

I have to go soon

It’s my favorite time of year

“It’s sad to melt and evaporate into gas”

I’m feeling kind of low

I shouted to the wind, “Take me away!”

“Whoosh!” I will miss my friends

I wait in a tree

I disappear peacefully

I miss my home and my dear friends

Is this a new beginning?

I hope so

–Daniel Costello


I am a snowflake

As I am falling from the sky

I don’t die

I float down to the surface of the earth

I hope there are more snowflakes around me

I can’t see

I hope I hit the ground safely

I just hope the sun puts me in a good place

–Isaiah Liverpool











–Taylor Charles


Another Chance

Another Life

The wind blows me from

One place to another place


Fall in a pile of snow



Another Chance

Another Life

                  –Ethan Payero

Snowetry! By Hira N.

When the clouds turn gray in the winter

Everyone knows what’s coming

Right before you know it snowflakes are falling down

It is time to build a snow man

The time to have snowball fights

It’s time to make

pretty snow angels

As far as you can see is piles of snow

So fluffy!


This is what winter is about!,

But we all know what happens when the

Clouds turn gray in the winter


Snow-full Dream By Tiffani Germain

Look outside

It’s snow white

The sun shines bright

Off the ice

It looks so nice

I can feel the

breeze in my hair

As day dims

The lights turn on

And the snow is



Poem By Mykai Kwesi

The clouds vomit snow

Jeff says ” Ready Set Go”

Throwing snowballs at his friends

Making it seem like it’ll never end

Left and right snow is thrown

Wildly like a snowball brawl

“Make it stop! Make it stop!”

The snow makes a final roar

And closes its door


Snowetry By Reina

White next to me

White above me




That’s what it’s called snow!

My friends and family

Snow wonder?

I wonder

I see big giants

Play with us in the air

Like they just don’t care about snow

Why did I leave home to a place

I don’t know Mama Cloud

Whoosh and swoosh and you’ll be fine

Snow that’s me!

I am snow

That’s what I really know!

That I’m snow



Poem By Miles Johnson




Side to side

Dodge those snowballs left and right

Now it’s time to grab some snow

Throw it at your friends,

now go



Look out

When your friends get hit by your snowballs

They are going to scream and shout


Animals and Plants Snowetry By Imani

Clouds rolls in

The weather became cold

The wind whistles

The cats meow

The dogs bark

The mice slumber on a

Cold winter night

Snowflakes fall

Like glistening flowers

On a warm summer’s afternoon

Tigers sleep for winter

Bears hibernate

Groundhogs go to sleep until spring

While children dream

of candy canes and sugar plums

Clouds rolls in

The wind whistles

Snowflakes fall

On a cold winter night


Written by: Ivan Sanchez
I was in the middle of the snow
When all a sudden there was a blow
It was a snowflake
As cold as a milkshake
I was scared
And unaware
That I fell on a mitten
And was eaten by a  baby kitten

I’m different from the others
I have a different shape
I have a different meaning
Something that you couldn’t make
Blowing through the air
In the breeze
I make you sneeze
So I beg you please
Don’t destroy me
I’m softer than a cupcake
I’m a snowflake
Woooosh I fled through the wind

Let It Snow
Written by: Madison Ramnath
I never wanted it to be
A nasty one like hail or sleet
All my life I just wanted to show
My beauty to everyone

I just wanted to be snow

But then I drop 32 degrees
And it began falling
White crystals everywhere
This was it, my chance
We are just snowflakes

Snowing so heavenly
Being the best we are
We come in all shapes
And sizes

Falling down quickly and slowly
No matter how we turn out
We just end up on the ground
Causing trouble every where
But turning into joy
Soon we will melt away
Written by: Tiffani Clark
Snow is falling
Snow is a miracle

Snow is falling
Snow is rushing down like rain

Snow is falling
Snow is sparkling in the sky

Snow is falling
Snow is a surprise

Snow is falling
Snow is a present in the sky

Written by: Lenz
Snow is falling out of the sky
Can’t you it is so high
I like to play in the snow

I’m writing to let you know
Snow is so white
I mean it’s out of sight

Dear dear snow
I promise I’ll be here

Because roses are red violets are blue
The sky is beautiful
And you are too








































Golden Pagodas of Burma

Kabuki Theatre Studies with Second Grade


kabuki samurai



Josh Levasseur 2-102



100th Day Centenarians

Perfect Parachute Pictures! – Kathleen McGuire, Phys. Ed. Instructor

photo 1 photo 2

Winter Concert 2015 – Mr. Johnson Captures Backstage & Onstage Magic

The Suez Canal – A Modern Technical Wonder Transformed From an Ancient One

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.45.25 PM

Screenshot of Egypt from Satellite images on Google



  1. Who built the Suez Canal?
  2. How is the Suez Canal being developed?
  3. What is the importance of the Suez Canal?
  4. What is the Suez Crisis of 1956?
  5. What are the advantages of the Suez Canal?




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