P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Salehe Simms class 2-110: My Weekend

My Weekend by Salehe Simms class 2-110

At home I have things to do. On Saturday I do whatever I want but on Sunday I have chorus. I don’t like chorus. On Monday I go to school and have gym.

I do the same thing too Salehe.

Good Job! – Jessica Verly



Little Helpers Collage by Furqan Khan 5-305


Yoga by Jessica Verly class 5-305

P.s.119 has had yoga over the past three days,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.Yoga helps to relax the mind during the while of the state ELA test.This yoga program was directed by our esteemed principle, Ms.Lisa Fernandez who is a great leader to our children’s future.

Ms.Fernandez has been teaching us the very relaxing ways to do you and prepare ourselves be for the state test and coping with everyday challenges.


Pre-School Being Enrolled In P.S.119: Deniya Heath


Dear Ms.McCray,

Do you know what P.S.119 Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies is about? We are about learning. Do you like the idea about four year olds attending the school?

I’ve been here for six-years (from kindergarten to now). Imagine if I was here for seven-years. I could have been even more aware about this school. This school has been like a home away from home. However, at home I don’t learn as much. They have supported my learning for a long time. If four year olds came they would learn even more here than they would if they were anywhere else. One activity that we have is magnet club. In magnet club the teachers are helping the students understand what they learned even more. For example, they will learn how to read even better than before.

To conclude, Ms.McCray please consider about pre-school in P.S.119. It would make parents and the student happier with their lives.


Deniya Heath

School: P.S.119

Class: 5-305

State Test by Kearah Thompson

1 q

The test was beginning.

Every thing felt different.

90 minutes left.

Day one: multiple choice

My hands are shaking.

It feels like its been 45 minutes.

But yet only 2


Now 30 minutes left

What is the answer to the question?

15 minutes left, 18 questions left.

I am almost there..

2 minutes left.

Time to check my work.

Time is up


Butterfly by Salehe Simms 2-110: typed by Jessica Verly class 5-305

Orange Black,

What a pretty painted lady,

I see you and you,

See me I hope you go,

Safe in the nice blue sky,

With all your friends,

In the woods the place,

You like with the tree,

I hope you stay well


I hope that you are able to learn many new things as you grow older. Good luck.

-Jessica Verly class 5-305


Nine Eleven by Hira Nasir Typed by Courtney Bentham

It was nine-eleven. A regular day (we think). Suddenly, the alarm went off. My heart pounded like big drums. I ran as fast as a cheetah and grabbed my suit and put it on. As I looked to my right and left, I saw other fire fighters having the same feelings as me. Then, all of a sudden our walkie talkie rang. “THE TWIN TOWERS HAVE CRASHED!” Once we heard that we rushed to the truck. My hands held tightly on the pole. As I looked u at the sky, it was clear blue. But once we reached toward the twin towers, the blue sky disappeared because gray smoke filled the sky. We all knew the truth. The truth was that there was not a 100% chance we will come out like heroes. “It’s time to go.” said a fire fighter. We all agreed that we would walk in like heroes and hoped we would come out like heroes!

Spring By: Mamunur Bhuiyan


The weather was chilly

It was freezing with

The wind blowing

It was a perfect day

Birds tweeting, flowers blooming

Colorful sky, so interactive clouds

Making me wish I could fly

Magnet Expo Revised by Keshon Blackman with Conferenced Suggestions by Genevieve Berretta

Dear Keshon,

I am always proud of how you take the bull by the horns and get things done. You took on this task on your own and I call that “ownwork” as you do it for “you” and “you take ownership” of the work and your future. You are a highly motivated writer and I am impressed with how you organized the writing into the countries and as such individual paragraphs. I made some simple revisions and you can compare and contrast your original to this piece but I want you to give this piece a deeper look. Please notice that many of your sentences begin with the word: “There” or the phrase: “I learned.” Writers work to engage the reader and make the writing interesting by using different words. Try to change this piece up. Also, remember reporters report from the 3rd person. Try to take the “I” out of this report.  Great effort as always.


—Mrs. Berretta


It was Friday May 16th. Not an ordinary Friday. It was Expo Friday and it was amazing!

First stop…the Netherlands. There were delicious treats from donuts to crackers. Then we viewed a powerpoint presentation of Vincent Van Gogh. It told us about his life and what he did. Across from that were students painting in front of a background of The Starry Night. There was also an easel set up where visitors can paint and find their own inner Van Gogh. . I witnessed Ms. Snow the Assistant Principal draw a wonderful tree.

Next up…Brazil. There was the ‘Wall of Fame” which showed the essays made by Fifth Grade students about a Famous Brazilian. Then there was “Carnival”. Student’s from Ms. LaRossa’s class were dancing and singing to Brazilian music. After that was a powerpoint presentation by Zuri Kwesi about the rainforest and chocolate and justice. There even was a rain forest where students explained what goes on. Finally, there was “The Chocolate Project”!! There were chocolate bars with wrappers that were created by students. Across from that was a picture of the global value chain of the chocolate industry.

Further down the hallway was Australia. There were pictures of the “Sydney Opera House” made by students. Across from that, there was pictures of Australian animals. They had animals such as: koalas, squirrels, and birds. After that there was the Coral Reef.  There were many beautiful pictures of sea creatures. There was a picture of a mermaid sitting on a rock next to a goldfish that jumped out of the water. There were pictures of fish bodies with student’s faces instead of the fish’s face which were sweet. Students also made informational books about Australia.

On to the second floor which featured South Africa and Tibet. These countries were the most interesting to me.  In South Africa I saw and learned many things. First there was Pictures about South African Civil Rights leader “Nelson Mandela”.  There were also quotes about him too and a play put on my Class 4-203. There were Ndeble houses and instruments and there was South African bead art. I learned that South African Bead Art is important to many South African tribes. There was also the South African safari. There were animals from lions to zebras.

Haiku Through The Savannah was featured and Hawa of 4-206 was kind enough to tell be about the exhibit. She told me about the savannah. I learned from her that there are not many trees. I learned that there is tall grass. The most interesting thing she told me was about the baobab tree. It is the strongest and oldest tree on the savannah.

Finally, there was Tibet. There were Tibet brochures and dioramas. Also, there were these beautiful Mala Bracelets and necklaces that the students were creating through finger knitting. Creating a mala is a peaceful meditation. There was also a bulletin board about famous Tibetans. There was Pema Cholaron and Dalai Llama. I saw mandala making. I learned about Tibet prayer flags. I learned that they are hung outside and when the wind bows the blessings are sent to heaven. Isn’t that cool?

To sum it up, The Expo was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!! I hope it is like this every year.


9/11 by Miles Johnson

As my best friend Carl and I were talking in the fire station, all of a sudden we hear the alarm ringing off the hook. We rush to the fire truck and hopped in. Carl said, “This is our biggest fire. I don’t want to do this.” I reply, “We’re firefighters and we fight fire and if we don’t make it we’ll still be friends.” As we got to the twin towers we saw people running away next to us. I walked up to the door on the first tower and opened the door. As I looked at the door I wonder…. what was going to behind the door I was going to find what was behind the door. I opened the door and saw people screaming and running. It made me cry to see all those people scream and cry


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