P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Anne Frank~By Meyah World-Morgan 5-302

Anne Frank was born on June 16 1929. She was born in Frankfurt Germany. She and her parents lived in Amsterdam during World War 2. She loved to write about her experiences and wishes . When Anne Frank was only 15 she died at a camp. Anne made a book called The Diary of Anne Frank and has read hundreds of people. I hope you learned a little bit about Anne frank. Also i hope you take a great interest into her.

Donald Trump By Jennifer Escalona 5-302

Dear Donald Trump,
Im shocked that your the 45th president of the United States of America.I don’t understand how some people have chosen you to be the president because if I was 18 years old I would’ve chosen Hillary Clinton to be the president of the United States.

Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

Why do you want to send people back to their country.Many people came from the country to be free and to have there own rights.Many kids are being left without one family member.That is not helping the world people who you think that is bombing some place up is probably cleaning the bomb shells up.

from Soraya Garcia


Dear  Donald Trump I think you should not send back immigrants to their country because they came to  America to live a new  life . So they are people in the world that are upset  because you were selected to be president  and now there are many people in this world that are protesting because  you won.So you should  thing of way to stop this violent march because people keep throwing food at other peoples window in their car which is not good for the environment.  So what has been happening  in the white house there are many things that you need to know about the white house and the people in Isis who just lost their thins in this big flood you must think about many ways to help this country  because they are getting attacked.

Donald Trump By Jayden Gourgue 5-302

Dear Donald Trump

If i was older,I would vote for Hillary Clinton
Since you are the president,Then congrats on being the
President of the United States

Sincerely,Jayden Gourgue

Dear #45,-by Jude Dorema

President #45  may you please stop banning other country’s!We don’t like the things your doing to this country,the other presidents were helping this country but your not may you please stop.Donald Trump you are banning these contrys for no reason . We dont like this because some of these countrys go to this school and there parents are from that country and that parents kid probably doesnt know the language they speak in there parents home country and my not understand what the teacher says there.This school is a peace builder school,we dont want anybody out of our school unless they guadurate this school.Everybody should be able to travel to those places you banned. May you please end this ban this is very rude for these countrys you banned from traveling to this country. This Should End Now!

Science Fair Winners 2017

5-303E   Mrs. Davis
First Place – Lemon Battery – Aqida Rama
Second Place – Rainbow in a Jar – Daisy Garcia
Third Place – Corrosiveness of Soda – Gabriel Barometre
Honorable Mention:
How to Make Gak – Tayshawn Clement
The Truth Behind Soda – Alissah Augustin
Soil Erosion – Logein Mukhtar

5-302 Mrs. Heym/Mrs. Leonforte
First Place – How to Build a Solar Oven – Ishmael Toussaint
Second Place – Pollution Catcher – Meyah World-Morgan
Third Place – Mirror Reflection – Joshua Alexis

5-310 Ms. LaRossa
First Place – Homopolar Motor -Sharia Pasha
Second Place – Lightning Strikes – Joshua Thomas Mohammed
Third Place – Can a Robot Draw Like a Human? – Arianna Gonzalez
Honorable Mention:
Water Bridge – Jackelyne Martinez
What Makes a Plant Grow Upwards? – Victoria McKinney
Types of Landforms – Darrion Inniss
The Water Cycle – Salehe Simms

4-202 Mrs. Stampp
First Place – Food Electric Energy – Gumana Elrufaie
Second Place – Negative & Postive Charges – Suleila Clarke
Third Place – Can You Inflate a Balloon with Baking Soda & Vinegar? – Madisyn Scott
Honorable Mention
Classifying the Earth’s Movements – Keyon Fleurjuste
Informational Research – Ariel Palmer

4-305 Mr.  Fields
First Place – Can Water Conduct Electricity? – Alexis LaCrette
Second Place – Do Artificial Sugars Make Rock Candy? – Samara Petrus
Third Place – Magnetic Slime – Mohammad Baig
Honorable Mention:
Can Milk Soothe Spice? – Seerat Jabbar
Moldy Soup – D’Metryus Harvey
Corrosiveness of Soda – Duah Alkhtry

4-210 Ms. Waldron/Ms. Schacker
First Place – iPhone Sound Amplifier – Roxanna Cabrera
Second Place – Vortex – Brandon Blue
Third Place – Tsunami in a Bottle – Jasaya Norris
Honorable Mention:
Why Do Plants Change Color In Seasons – Citlali Lopez

4/5-301 Mr. Clarke
First Place – Lemon Battery – Eden Grey
Second Place – The Solar System – Joron Brown
Third Place – Static Attraction – Taylor Charles

3-205 Mrs. Fields
First Place – Fighting Floods – Reshard Haynes
Second Place – Potato Chip Science – Amina Arif
Third Place – Which Foods Contain Starch? – Kameron Tucker
Honorable Mention:
Water Freeze –  Jaylen Emilcar
What is the Effect of Bleach on Mold ?- Subhan Choudhary
Eucalyptus & Koalas – Kara Leu

3-204 Mrs. Santella
First Place – Motion & Electricity – Zaviel Johnson
Second Place – The Irrawaddy Dolphin – Aneil Youmans
Third Place – Magic Glass of Water – Tristan Duplessis
Honorable Mention:
Traveling Food Colorings – Hamna Qureshi

3-203 Mrs. Miciotta/Mrs. Calderon
First Place – Gravity Free Water – Victoria Sanon
Second Place – Conditions for Germination of the Bean Seed – Kyle Gaisie
Third Place – Can A Barometer Predict Weather Conditions? – Cameron Fredericks
Honorable Mention:
Floating Lemon – Basit Qureshi
Balloon Car vs. Battery Car – Tiwjuen Hawkins

2-110 Mrs. Berretta/Ms. Gilmartin
First Place – Natural Resources – Olivia Laguerre
Second Place – Soapy Situation – Abdullah Choudhary
Third Place – Circling Black Pepper – Amina Qureshi
Honorable Mention:
Mood Swings of the Anoles – Kasmira Eastman
Facts About Helium – Jonathan Leandre
The Lava Lamp Experiment – Jayla St. Saveur
What’s Poppin? – Deshir Grant
Earthworms – Elhassan Elrufaie
Photosynthesis – Madison Johnson
Hydrophobic Sand – Muhammad Hanif

1-102 Mrs. Rivieccio
First Place – Tap Water vs. Bottled Water – Brenden Johnson
Second Place – Can Some Solid Things Turn to Liquid? – Zariya Heaven
Third Place – Solid Liquid Gas – Kaila Marius
Honorable Mention
Swimming Raisins – Mark Mitchell

1-101 Ms. Marotta
First Place – Osmosis Celery – Shiloh Barometre
Second Place – Do White Candles Burn Faster Thank Colored Candles? Jayden Rivera
Third Place – The Bouncing Egg – Jasmine Crawford
Honorable Mention:
Negative Charge – How to Separate Salt from Pepper – Zara Baig
Which Paper Towel Holds the Most Water? – Josiah Davis

2/3/4-207 Mrs. Sullivan
First Place – Which Potato Chip Has the Most Grease? – Kiana Davis
Second Place – The Disappearing Eggshell – Dominic Krouser
Third Place – Oil and Water – Moneeb Yagoub

K-103 Mrs. Saby
K-105 Mrs. Diaz

PreK-104 Mrs. Mann & Ms. Ramsay
Shadows & Light
PreK-106 Mrs.  Moran & Mrs. Martini

Our Fight by Akeelah S.J

Dear America,

We have a president who doesn’t think like us. Yes we need to fight for our rights, however we have to use our words. Donald may never get it but always use your words no  matter what. He wants war, he wants to go back to the time of ; war, slavery, and cruelty. We have been through it once we already how know it ends. So why he wants it again who knows.

“Let’s keep america the way it is and improve it. Things are in the PAST because we defeated them.NOT because we want them AGAIN. Its COMMON  SENSE.


Akeelah Sutton Jackson


Donald J. Trump’s Letter -by Emily Persad

Dear Donald J. Trump,

(I know you will not read this but please do if you are)

 I have hope you will “Make America Great Again” as you said on your political speeches. I want America, the home of diverse people, have equal rights. Those rights have to be fair to the people, and even a child like me. Children that are 9 or 10 can speak and maybe, just maybe, those little words can change you. I want you to know that you need to discontinue you work of the wall because if you continue you work you will cut the Colorado River and you will then run into marsh lands so, then how will you build your wall? I want you to stop the wall and be fair to others like the Muslims. Not all of them are bad. And who knows? Maybe they might be fleeing from the battles and crimes to start a new life or to come back home to their children.
                                                                                                                                 Emily Persad

Melania Trump is an immigrant by Bradley Chalumeau 5-310

A friend told me this and didn’t believe it so I searched and i found out that donald trump’s wife is an immigrant! Donald Trump himself is also not letting IMMIGRANTS come back into America. Donald Trump sir,I’m starting to believe you are a traitor. But i don’t have any real proof about this.I only have this little information about your wife.NOW BEFORE YOU CLOSE THIS LETTER I AM NOT TRYING TO BE OFFENSE NEITHER IS THIS LETTER,so before you click close just finish reading this letter cause I know your are not a reader but please read my letter ok.Mr.trump please let immigrants back into America to show that you will make America great again.I may not know how not letting immigrants come to america got through the branches,but I know this is not right Donald Trump and you know this too. So please don’t be unfair,because I am sure Melania Trump isn’t a bad woman neither is anyone else anyone in your family.


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