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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Annie Frank Reaseach By Tyrese Baptiste

Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during The Second World War to escape the Nazis. She kept a diary while in hiding at Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Anne and the others in hiding were discovered and deported to the concentration camps. Of the eight people in hiding only Anne’s father, Otto Frank, survives. Otto Frank manages to set up a business in Amsterdam. Edith, Margot and Anne follow him to the Netherlands. They find a place to live on the Merwedeplein. The Franks feel safe and free again. The children go to school, Otto works hard on his business and Edith takes care of the household. But then World War 2 breaks out. On 10 May 1940, Germany invades the Netherlands. The Frank family is in danger once more.
After getting married, Otto and Edith Frank settle in Frankfurt. They soon have children: Margot in 1926, and Anne in 1929. Those first few years are happy ones, but the economic crisis empowers Hitler’s NSDAP. In 1933, Hitler takes over as leader of the German government. Otto and Edith Frank are deeply worried. Not only are they Jewish, the economic crisis causes many problems. They look for a means of escape.

Lisa Fernandez, Peace Principal


My experience in the Secret Annex- Mohammad Baig 4-305

If you want to have a 3D tour in the secret annex go here 

Hi, my name is Mohammad Baig I took a 3D tour at the secret annex. The rooms were small and there were secret passages from bookcases,

also something weird was known the bathroom only had a sink weird right? Also, I saw that Anne Frank wrote in her diary on her desk she had her stuff organized and neat. Also,her room had a lot of stuff but her room was small. I feel very bad for the Frank family. Also I have no idea how they survived in that place. We’ll alway’s remember them.

-Mohammad Baig 4-305

Want a free online 3D tour in the secret annex?-Mohammad Baig

Hi, My name is Mohammad Baig and because we are focusing on Anne Frank so why not take a tour in the secret annex?

So I was on the P.S. 119 Blog and I went to Mr. Jump’s post about Anne Frank with the following website, annefrank.org/en/Anne-Frank/Anne-Franks-history-in-brief/ and on the right you’ll see something called The Secret Annex online if you can’t find it here’s the link Secret Annex Online. Just for human verification I’m not a bot,cats have 4 legs.

-Mohammad Baig 4-305

P.S. Check out our coding club’s twitter page it’s called @PS119Coders don’t go to it if your not allowed on Twitter

Thank You enjoy your tour

Anne Frank~By Meyah World-Morgan 5-302

Anne Frank was born on June 16 1929. She was born in Frankfurt Germany. She and her parents lived in Amsterdam during World War 2. She loved to write about her experiences and wishes . When Anne Frank was only 15 she died at a camp. Anne made a book called The Diary of Anne Frank and has read hundreds of people. I hope you learned a little bit about Anne frank. Also i hope you take a great interest into her.

Donald Trump By Jennifer Escalona 5-302

Dear Donald Trump,
Im shocked that your the 45th president of the United States of America.I don’t understand how some people have chosen you to be the president because if I was 18 years old I would’ve chosen Hillary Clinton to be the president of the United States.

Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

Why do you want to send people back to their country.Many people came from the country to be free and to have there own rights.Many kids are being left without one family member.That is not helping the world people who you think that is bombing some place up is probably cleaning the bomb shells up.

from Soraya Garcia


Dear  Donald Trump I think you should not send back immigrants to their country because they came to  America to live a new  life . So they are people in the world that are upset  because you were selected to be president  and now there are many people in this world that are protesting because  you won.So you should  thing of way to stop this violent march because people keep throwing food at other peoples window in their car which is not good for the environment.  So what has been happening  in the white house there are many things that you need to know about the white house and the people in Isis who just lost their thins in this big flood you must think about many ways to help this country  because they are getting attacked.

Donald Trump By Jayden Gourgue 5-302

Dear Donald Trump

If i was older,I would vote for Hillary Clinton
Since you are the president,Then congrats on being the
President of the United States

Sincerely,Jayden Gourgue

Dear #45,-by Jude Dorema

President #45  may you please stop banning other country’s!We don’t like the things your doing to this country,the other presidents were helping this country but your not may you please stop.Donald Trump you are banning these contrys for no reason . We dont like this because some of these countrys go to this school and there parents are from that country and that parents kid probably doesnt know the language they speak in there parents home country and my not understand what the teacher says there.This school is a peace builder school,we dont want anybody out of our school unless they guadurate this school.Everybody should be able to travel to those places you banned. May you please end this ban this is very rude for these countrys you banned from traveling to this country. This Should End Now!


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