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Find the error in the index that results in the broken image link. (in DOCS folder)

Create a third page that links from the second page (follow the pattern) in the Omega-Oil folder.

What is the difference between black and white ? By Tayshawn Clement

What is the difference between them? Its not even fair. Lets say a (white man) committed a crime and got sentenced to 2 years of jail. Then a (black man) committed the same crime and got sentenced to 5 years in prison. They both committed the same crime and yet the (black person) gets a longer time in jail. That is not right at all. If one person did it then the other person should get the same amount of time, not a different amount of time. This needs to change because this isn’t what freedom is all about. This is the United States of America.

What Happens To A Dream Deferred – Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
Like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Why do you think Langston Hughes wrote this poem? What may have occurred in his life that made him have to put off a dream?

Omari martin luther king dream came true

hi my name is omari and i want to talk about martin luther kings history.martain luther king was a good man. He made a very special speech a long time ago.AND his dream came true. 

black people sat at the front like how the whites did and people sat at the same resturant like the same people did.And best of all no police brutialty. This is how his dream came true

Madagascar by Amritpal Singh


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Animals that live in Madagascar live no where else in the world. Madagascar broke away from Africa 165 million years ago. Madagascar used to be apart of Africa. There is red water in Madagascar. People in Madagascar are called Malagasy. Malagasy eat shrimp,birds,and more. Madagascar is a huge island nation off the Southeast coast of Africa. Its home to thousands of animal species, such as lemurs, found nowhere else, plus rain forests, beaches and reefs. Near the busy capital, Antananarivo, is Ambohimanga, a hillside complex of royal palaces and burial grounds, as well as the “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a dirt road lined by massive centuries-old trees. Madagascar has two seasons, a hot rainy season which starts in November and last until April and a cooler dry season which starts in May and last until October.


One of the most interesting Madagascar facts listed here is that almost all oF the animal and plant species found on the island are unique to the island. These plants and animals have evolved into some of the oddest forms found on Earth. Madagascar was home to the largest bird in the world, the elephant bird, until it became extinct in the 17th century. It is believed to have been over ten feet tall (3 meters). There is a tropical rainforest on the eastern side of the island The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. It is also the islands most populated city. The population of Madagascar is approximately 21,281,844 (2010 estimate).Madagascar is a poor country. The people face many problems including malnutrition, poor health care, and a poor educational system.


The Island has a narrow coastal plain which gets higher as it gets inland. In the center of the island are mountains. The Islands highest mountain is Maromokotro. It is 2,876 meters high (9,435 feet). Most of the population [52%) maintain their indigenous religious beliefs, 41% are Christian, and 7% are Islam. The Island has two official languages, Malagasy and French. Millions of years ago Madagascar was part of the African continent. Over time it broke away and reached the location it is in now (about two million years ago).


In a website called Interesting Africa Facts, I read that Madagascar has lost an estimated ninety percent of its original forest land since humans arrived on the island about two thousand years ago. From 1895 until 1958 Madagascar was under French rule. Madagascar has gone by many names. Upon gaining its freedom in 1958 it named itself the Malagasy Republic, it renamed itself the Democratic Republic of Madagascar in 1975, and changed its name again in 1993 to the Republic of Madagascar. Madagascar has rickshas.

My opinion counts to Donald J. Trump by: Aqida Rama

Dear President Donald Trump,

You have won,you are the 45th president and people do respect you but, I have a voice and my opinion counts.People can respect you more ,you can change I have some disagreements such as banning Muslims from the U.S even if it is not a full muslim ban but, we have feelings too and we came here for the reason to pursue our dreams. I am a Muslim and a reason my family came here is because they knew this is a free country.Even if I am not from one of those seven countries we all are muslims and also refuges the U.S is a country of Immigrants . Vikings and explorers came and built up America. . I am also confused and have some fear about what you might do. From , George Washington to Barack Obama they made America better , you can also make it better. Also I disagree with the wall along Mexico which they have to pay for but, now we have to pay for. My question is why? It’s not their idea ,they do not want to do it,and we dont want to do it.You said one thing but, you did another.I hope you understand what makes the United States special. The United States is comprised of different people of religions and freedom for all. It is called the United States, so unite us. Please take the time to read this.


Aqida Rama

Jordan Burton

America can be a great country if people weren’t always blinded by their actions. On July 17 2014, Eric Garner was put in a chokehold by a New York policeman after being accused of selling drugs. I want to live my life to the fullest by following my one true dreams to become a basketball player thats looked up to by kids around the world.

Donald Trump by Sterlin Boisrond

Listen! People! We are entering a new era. We are entering a new presidential administration. We need to know the truth. We need to be alert. We need to keep on driving toward the truth. Donald Trump has his own meaning of  “the truth.”  We as children need to be aware. We need to be alert! We need to speak up. You have a VOICE so use it. Use it to your pleasure. Use it for peace. Use it for awareness.

MY FEAR OF DONALD J .TRUMP BY: Alissah Augustin 5-303

Dear Donald Trump,

I want to be as fair to you as I expect you to be to me. Do you think it is fair for you to “hate” black people, Muslims, Mexicans and many other groups. Let me answer that for you “no.” You have no reason to be rude, upset, mad, or sad at us. My dream is for all races to have equal rights.

You also need to think once or twice about what your gonna say before you say it, because some things you say can be very offensive. For example, I don’t like the fact that one time you called a lady ‘MISS PIGGY.” Did you call your mother “MISS PIGGY?” I don’t think so, so think about your actions. When your being all rude and mean and disrespectful to women you know your being rude to your wife and your baby girl Ivanka,and Tiffany trump.So, I advise you to STOP.

Donald Trump by Barrington Bennett

LISTEN TO ME! We have a new president, Donald Trump. He says that he is going to make America great again. America is already great because of our freedom and Donald Trump only cares about what people say about him and his social media presence. If he really cares about America, he wouldn’t care what people say about him. Also, we need a president that needs to tell the TRUTH. We also need a president that needs to love all people, like Obama does. Donald Trump doesn’t like Mexicans. Freedom and acceptance are all that matters.

This goes out to you, Donald J. Trump.


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