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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Chichen Itza – Yucatan Peninsula – Mexico

chichen itza2

The First Day Of School by Muntasir Bhuiyan Class 3-204

At the first day of school I was happy to see my teacher was Ms. Santella because she is really nice to me at school. She never screams at us. I felt happy because some of my friends were in my class. I also felt sad because most of my friends were in Ms. Miciotta’s class. Even my best friend, Ahmed went to Ms. Miciotta’s class. Third grade is kind of easy so far. But, reading and writing is hard for me. That is what is easy and hard about third grade. At the first day of school I did not understand what compatable numbers are. Then, I got the hang of it. Later in the day, it became easy to me. I was so excited, after lunch, we did math and played a game called 7-up. School was fun in the first day of school. I was wondering if the Brooklyn Knight was coming or not. That was my first day of school.

Let’s Classify Organisms: by Kelli Hicks

The word amphibian comes from the Greek words for both and life. Amphibians have two lives.

Chichen Itza’s El Castillo by Kara Leu

el castillo

In the Garden with My New Class 1-101 by Mrs. Berretta

The Garden Visit

by Genevieve Berretta

On a bright and sunny day with a bit of a chilly breeze, Class 1-101 visited the Peace Garden. We were on a hunt for seeds.

Mrs. Berretta showed us the milkweed plants that are growing tall in our garden. Milkweed plants are the only plant that the Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on! They have little orange and yellow flowers on the tippy top. They also have long stems with leaves and the best part is that the milkweed plants have seedpods! The most amazing part is that in the seedpod there are hundreds of tiny seeds. Jayla noticed that each seed had a little feather attached. This little feather helps the seed pod fly into the wind to find a new space to grow. Seeds are to plants like babies are to humans. When they get too big for the plant it is time to find a new place to grow and make more plants of their own.

Each child in Class 1-101, received their own seed to blow into the wind. Some children made wishes. Abdul whispered, “I hope you have super powers!” I smiled and said, “I hope with the: sun, rain, oxygen and our love they grow to help more humans and more Monarch butterflies live!”


Stories from Class 1-101: Mrs. Berretta’s Class

Sometimes by Kasmira: A Spelling Word Story

Sometimes, Mom gets really upset with me. I DO NOT like vegetables and beans. I look at the black beans and I say, “Eww!” But Mom says it is healthy for me. I still think it is gross!

My Weekend by Abdullah

I enjoyed my weekend. On Saturday my cousin came to my house. We had fun. On Sunday we went out to eat dinner. It was yummy. I had a good weekend.

In the Garden by Doyena

In the garden we saw lots of beautiful things. We saw a butterfly. The color of the butterfly was orange and black and white. It was a Monarch butterfly.

In the Garden by Muhammad

One sunny day I went to the garden and we saw milkweed flowers. We saw seeds and we touched them and we let them go. We made wishes on the seeds. We had fun. I Learned to be nice to the garden.

The Peace Show by Andre

At the Peace Show I liked that Ms. Fernandez was standing on top of the car. I like that we walked around the school. We shouted, “What do we want? Peace!”

When I was Little: A Song by Doyena

When I was little I didn’t know words. But now that I am bigger I know words. Why? Because I went to school to know words and that’s all I know.

A Sunny Day Spelling Story by Jayla

One day it was sunny and my mom and I went to the park. When we got there my mom pushed me on the swings. It sent higher and higher and higher. It made my stomach feel good. I ran to go on the slide and I slid down fast. Then it was getting late so Mommy and I went home. I told my mommy, “I had a great time. Can we go again? I really like the park!”

A Kind Note by Abdul

Jayla did a beautiful thing in her notebook. She started all of sentences with a different word. Not even I did that.

I Like by Kevin

I like to play with my dog.

I like to play with my basketball.

I like to play with my football.

I like to play with my ball.

I Like by Abdul

I like to play football. My team is USA. I would like to be a quarterback. My team is USA vs. Japan. I will try my best. I would like to be the best football player in the world. I would be the best football player on the earth. I would like my mom to be at the game. I hope I win for my team USA.

Doyena the Princess

I like …pretending. I like to pretend I am a Princess. I would like to be a Princess because I will live in a castle. I would be the prettiest Princess in the worls. My name is Princess Doyena and I have a wand.


I like by Andre

I like to build sandcastles at the beach. I like to play with my Legos at my house. I like to play with my ball.


I Like by Muhammad

I like to play.

I like to read.

I like to run.

I like to jump.

I like to dance.

I like to talk.

I like to play and run!


I Like by Mariana


I like to paint my family. I like to play with my Barbies. I like to play hide and seek at my house.

I Like by Jeremiah

I like to play basketball. I like to play basketball in the backyard. I play by myself.

I Like by Sebastian

I like to play basketball in the schoolyard. I like to play soccer too,

I Like by Andrew

I like to climb. I like to climb on the gates at home. I want to climb on the gates again.

I Like by Kasmira

I like to play with bugs. The bugs crawl on my finger. When the bug crawls on my fingers hand it tickles. I have two snails. Long Neck likes to play with me. Stripe always crawls away. Stripe is always crawling on Long Neck’s shell.


I Like by Abdul

I like to play Sonic with Lenz. I love to play with my brother Lenz. I love to play Power Rangers with Lenz. I like to play boxing with Lenz too.

The Longest List of Likes by Andre

I like to:

  • play with my brother
  • play with my sister
  • swim
  • build
  • I like to play Sonic on my TV
  • play Mario on my TV
  • hide and seek in the dark and in the light
  • play on the computer
  • play outside
  • watch TV but not too much
  • watch movies
  • eat rice and chicken
  • to draw


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