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SENRYU for the Paw Project by Genevieve Berretta

Definition of:SENRYU: sen·ryu noun \?sen-r?-(?)ü\

: a 3-line unrhymed Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku but treating human nature usually in an ironic or satiric vein


Defenseless cat perched
While predators are growling
No claws to defend

Revision of line 2: 

Defenseless cat perched
While predators lie in wait
No claws to defend

Which haiku do you prefer? Original first draft or revised version? Writers review and think about their writing quite a bit to make it “just write…I mean just right” as Goldilocks would say!

Who defines perfect?
Do we have the right to this?

Revision of Line 3:

Who defines perfect?
Do we have the right to this?
Declaw?Change the law!

Which haiku do you prefer? Original first draft or revised version? Writers review and think about their writing quite a bit to make it “just write…I mean just right” as Goldilocks would say!

Who are we to judge?
Man vs. Nature? Who wins?
Keep the claws in paws

Cornered by stray cats
Abandoned by its owners
Don’t declaw your cat

Hobbling in great pain
Robbed of nature’s protection
To please mankind’s whim

Claws define a cat
To claw…to knead…to hunt…pounce
Identity theft

What can a cat be?
When robbed of identity
To declaw is cruel

Define perfection?
Identity protection
Let cats live their lives

It’s how they feel…things
It’s how they feel us…touch us
To declaw? Senseless…

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Snow-etry Snowy Day Poetry by Genevieve Berretta

Snowetry Created by Gen Berretta




Snowflakes gathering

Reuniting on a tree

A weeping willow


Frozen teardrops fall

On rooftops across city

Creating a hush…


Like a lace blanket

Snowflakes cover homes…gardens

Winter Wonderland


Sway twirl spin and leap

Tiny dancers dressed in lace

Clinging to bare trees


An oak leave skitters

Across freshly fallen snow

Leaving not a trace


A flock of seagulls

Dive and dip and soar above

Freshly fallen snow


Waiting patiently

Seagulls sit on fresh white snow 

Waiting for bread crumbs


Not a bird in sight

Not a single sparrows sings

In this winter land



Evergreen tree sings

A symphony of sparrows

While the snow does fall


Furious snowflakes

Race across my city’s streets

Cling to bare branches



Evergreen tree sings

Filled up with chirping sparrows

As the snow does fall


Line 2 Revision: a symphony of sparrows

Line 3 Revision: While the snow does fall


Revised poem:


Bare trees scratch the sky

As a whistling wind does howl

Snowflakes fall to earth


Free verse






Fall upon this Earth

Giving us life and quenching our thirst

Never failing


So that we can

Prevail on this earth too


















Until the sun does come

Snowflakes gather and wait

For her sunshine

To shape shift

To melt

To vaporize

To reunite

In their home

In the sky

A cloud

Who waits patiently

For weather and gravity

To send her children

Hurtling towards earth

To give us life

Until the sun does come

Snowflakes gather and wait to…change




Until the sun arrives

Snowflakes gather and wait

For her sunshine

To shape shift

To melt

To vaporize

To reunite

In their home

In the sky

A cloud

Waits patiently

For weather and gravity

To send her children

Hurtling towards earth

Once again

To give us life

Until the sun arrives

Snowflakes gather and wait to…change







So delicate and unique

Returning again and again






A rebirth

A new chance

To water dance


A new place to land

On a tree or a snowman

On a lake,river, glacier,

Or…a child’s mittened hand?




Never ending


Life savers


Shape shifters

Spirit lifters



So delicate and unique

Returning again and again





The Paw Project By: Izhare Hussain

Dear Assemblywoman Weinstein,

My name is Izhare Hussain. I am a supporter of bill A1297. Declawing is harmful to cats. Declawing causes cats to have inappropriate habits. For example, biting, scratching, and not using the litter box. We watched a video called “The Paw Project”. It got me to go against declawing cats. Our school P.S.119’s goal is to stop declawing in Brooklyn.

Declawing is amputation and cruelty. 82% of cats are declawed because of household reasons. 76% of cats are declawed before they are 2 months old. Cats need their claws for protection and climbing. To declaw a cat you cut there fingers off until the first knuckle. After cats get declawed nails grow under the skin. For example, three mountain lions died because nails were growing under their skin. When nails grow under a cats skin they can’t walk properly because of the pain. Over 22 million cats in the United States are declawed. Some cities in the United States such as Berkeley, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood don’t declaw. These are only eight cities. They’re a lot of cities in the United States. Declawing also causes crouching.

   If people don’t want your furniture scratched just put on soft paws you would have to change these every three weeks. This is one way how a cat can stop scratching furniture. Another way is they could train their cat. But they don’t have to declaw them. The declawing surgery cuts through many bones, tendons, nerves, and lots of skin. It cuts a lot of fur also. Cats could die easily after the declawing surgery. There is something called nail clippers to cut the cats nails. They would have to cut them every two weeks. If they can cut their nails every one-week why not cut a cat nails every two weeks? A lot of cats cry because of the pain. When you declaw a cat it is almost like robbing them. The claws belong in the paws!!!!!

   To sum up, I hope I have convinced you to make bill A1297 a law. This bill is important to me because if humans do what is better for them, they should do what is better for their cats also not for there furniture. I wish you were convinced after you read this. If you are thank you so much!

Izhare Hussain P.S.119

Dear Lantern Supporters: A Call for Support and Funding! Please Keep the Light of the Lantern Glowing

Dear Lantern Supporter,

I am writing you this letter to tell you about P.S.119’s magazine, the Lantern. The Lantern is a biannual publication. Please lend us funds to help. It costs over $3000 to publish the Lantern. The Lantern is special to us. The Lantern contains children’s work. See other children’s work can inspire other kids. For example, a news report can be contained and could inspire other kids to write their own news reports. In addition, I could read something and say, ‘I’d like to write something like that.’ Since second grade I’ve wanted my work to be seen in the Lantern other than just my awards. Also, I read about some kids that win awards. If you were one of us, wouldn’t you want to still have the Lantern? Wouldn’t you want inspiration from other kids? In conclusion, please help us with the Lantern. If we don’t have support the Lantern will die!


Mykai Kwesi

Dear Lantern Supporters,

I am sending this message to you to ask you to help my school, P.S. 119, fund more Lanterns. The Lantern is one of our most special sources of learning and we would like its light of knowledge to keep shining on us. The Lantern has done many things for us such as giving us a fun source of reading. It has inspired us to write bigger and better. It has made us become better writers and make us feel happy inside. It could help our Pre-K and Kindergarten learn like the fifth graders and maybe be inspired in the future to do something for the world.

I know all of this because I have my own connection to the Lantern. It has inspired me to write all the poems that kids can see in the Lantern and maybe start writing their own poems. The Lantern has made me happy since second grade when I first came to P.S. 119. Mrs. Berretta has inspired me to write all these poems and from second grade to fifth grade I’ve made a goal to write 10-20 poems each year.

Our school would like to make at least $3000 for the Lanterns. It does not matter how much money you give us; with anything you give just know it’s for the children, not the adults.


Mark Meertins

Dear Lantern Supporters,

Do you want to know why P.S. 119 needs $3000? Well, there’s something we have called the Lantern, and in the Lantern kids write about activities taking place at P.S. 119. There are pictures that tell you more about the activities that are going on. The pictures show you the faces of P.S. 119. The writing tells you about how the kids feel. If there was a Lantern, kids would not know about the fun activities that took place on the days they might have been absent. Sometimes parents can’t go to the activities and have only the Lantern to read about them. If there wasn’t a Lantern, this wouldn’t happen. There are about 500 students, so $3000 is enough. The Lantern started in 2000. Don’t let the Lantern go out! Please donate.


Ivan Sanchez

Dear Lantern Supporters,

Lanterns need to stay lit. Our Lantern is our school newspaper. It is very special to P.S. 119. These newspapers are fun and spectacular. It means so much to our school. The Lantern is made of special text made by the students! When students read other student’s work and they think they can also make it in the school newspaper. It encourages students to write. The Lantern helps anybody’s mood. This helps their mood because there are lots of funny stores and there is poetry that will make you smile.

To publish the Lantern is takes more than $3000. If you help us it will be worth it. You would be saving student’s inspiration, dreams, soul and maybe even their hearts. With the new addition to our school, the young minds of Pre-Kindergarten, the Lantern is needed to inspire them too. If the Lantern were gone where would the Pre-Kindergarten kids get inspiration to write more at P.S.119?

My opinion is and forever will be that we need to save the Lantern. The Lantern for me is a very important part of me; I have been in the Lantern before. Every time I see myself in the Lantern, I know I’m doing great work. The Lantern has a flame that burns so beautifully and brightly. I do not want it to be burnt out. If the flame were extinguished I will be too. So, please show your generosity and donate money to the Lantern. Remember, if you do this, many souls of inspiration will continue to blossom.


Alana Todd (A girl full of hope)

Dear Lantern Supporters,

Hello. Do you know about the Lantern for school P.S. 119? To make the Lantern we need you to donate. The Lantern needs $3000 to be created. This school has been making Lanterns for at least 15 years. Mrs. Berretta has been making them She tries to make two happen each year but we need events and money to make this happen. If very good events happen they go into the lantern. The Lantern is a kind of newspaper. The Lantern is important to us because if you miss an important event, you can see how it was in the Lantern. If you’re in a different class and want to see other’s writing, you can see it in the Lantern. The Lantern is very important. Please donate money for the Lantern! It creates peace and so do you!


Damany Barton




The Glowing Shoes: A Play by Patrice Morris

The Glowing Shoes                  Patrice Morris

Characters: Jenny. Rick. Katie. Crazy Janitor. Alien #1. Ms. Honey. Alien #2. Bus driver. Jenny’s mom. Jenny’s sister (Penny). Principal (Ms. Fernandez).

Scene 1

It is Monday morning at 6:50 am. Jenny is rushing to get ready for school. Her mom is glued to the large TV screen. Penny is taking a bath. At 7:00 am the bus is ready to pick them up.

Bus Driver

All aboard!

Jenny is sitting next to her best friend Katie on the school bus.


It is Monday (rolling her eyes)


You’re happy?


No way. Don’t you remember that Monday is gym day? I don’t like to get sweaty.


Ok then.

Scene 2

The school bus stops at P.S.119, the ‘Magnet School of Global and Ethical Studies.’ The principal comes running out.

Ms. Fernandez

Good morning peace builders! (waving) It’s Monday!

Jenny (to Katie)

(Whispering) I don’t like Mondays.


Jenny, relax. (Rubbing Jenny’s back) you will li-

Rick and Jhon


Jenny and Katie

Hi boys.


Jhon and I would like to know if you girls want to play with us at recess.


I would love to.


I, I can’t.


(In a weak voice) Why not?


Because- we have to go to class before Ms. Honey gets mad. Talk to you later during class okay?


(Sadly) Okay

Scene 3

Jenny is home and Penny is talking her eyes off. Mom is cooking dinner.


Did you know that 1+1=2 and that 6844+48=6892?


Yes, I know, and stop bugging me!

Jenny’s mom

Kids, time for dinner. I made pork, brown rice and black eyed peas. Hope you like it.

Jenny and Penny


Jenny’s mom

Jenny, how was school?


Umm, uh, it was good, but I didn’t like the gym part.

Scene 4

It is 6:50 am on a Tuesday morning. Today is a half-a-day at school. Jenny is rushing like always. Penny is in her room getting dressed. Mom is watching TV. Jenny decides to walk to school.


(Out of breath) I-I m-made it. Ahh.

Jenny is by her locker alone in the hallway.

Crazy Janitor

The glowing shoes are going to be in your bedroom at 9:00 pm. Better watch out! (Laughter)


(A confused expression and a pause) I should go to class.

Jenny is walking very fast

Ms. Honey

What took you so long? Never mind that. Sit down and let’s start.

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Stop Declawing Cats! More Paw Project Responses

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Paw Project Documentary Trailer










meow 2











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