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The starry night show (Poem) By Keshon Blackman 5-305

There was a Whoosh and a Whoosh from the wind

The mountains and houses wondering what happened

The stars began to brighten

There was a sudden surge of excitement

The waves began to rumble

The moon put on his banana suit and said

“Welcome to the Starry Night Show!”

The winds began to circle each other

then WHOOSH! the match has begun


This poem was based off of the famous painting “The Starry Night”  Vincent van Gogh.  It kind of looked like there was a fight between to fist of wind and the mountains and building were watching.

[This was discussed in Class 5-305 with Mrs.Berretta.]








Yoga by:Jessica Verly class 5-305

P.s.119 has been doing yoga for the three days of the ELA state test and it was very relaxing.This yoga exercise has been directed by our esteemed principle Ms.Lisa Fernandez.Jessica Verly had this to say: “I think that Ms.Fernandez is a great leader for our children’s future.”

In yoga we learned about the downward dog pose and Jessica Verly had this to say: “It takes a lot of strength to hold this pose.”

As the three days have gone by (Tuesday ,Wednesday, and Thursday) we have been taking the state test to represent our entire school.Yoga is a relaxing and calm excersise for everybody to join in and even teachers can join in too! Anyone can do it of they believe in themselves and have faith in Ms.Fernandez.

Some yoga poses taught are:Warrior 1, 2,downward dog and tree to name a few.

Ms.Fernandez has been working hard in this school and so she has us do it from 7:45-8:11a.m,

To sum it all up,Ms.Fernandez has been teaching us yoga because she wants us to relax for the state ELA. She an amazing principal of our esteemed school P.s.119.

RE: You buy your cocoa from farms that use child labor. This is wrong. Iqra Khan 5-303

March, 27,2014

Mark K. Pogharian
Vice President, Investor Relations
The Hershey Company
100 Crystal A Drive
P.O. Box 810
Hershey, PA17033-0810

Dear Mr.Pogharian,

RE: You buy your cocoa from farms that use child labor. This is wrong.

I have just read an article called “Hershey Accused Of Using Cocoa Suppliers That Employ Child Labor.” In that article I found out that you are going to make us eat the sweat and the blood of the poor children for the next six years. This means in 2020 you are going to stop making us eat the sweat and the blood of the poor children. That is child labor. I can’t believe that child labor (slavery in the chocolate industry) is still going on in this generation. You have to stop this right now. And I mean that. Africans themselves are making there own people work as slaves. However, I thought slavery was over.

Chocolate is a product of the cacao bean, which grows in the tropical climates in West Africa And Latin America. Well, the farmers are making children work for them. They deliver the children. Therefore, if you do fair-trade I will buy your Hershey bar because for fair-trade there are some rules for the farmers. One of the rules is that the farmers are not using child labor. If you stop getting cocoa from the farms that use child labor I will eat your chocolate. Well, I will find out that you are using fair-trade when on the wrapper it is going to say, “Fair-trade.”

Most children start working at a young age. They work to help support their families. Most farmers take an advantage of this and make the children their slaves. In addition, their own relatives are selling their own children. Once the children are delivered they might not see their families for years. The children do dangerous work. The children are supposed to be educating. Unfortunately, the relatives do not realize this.

In conclusion, please don’t get cocoa beans from farms that use child labor. The children have to do dangerous jobs. The children need to be educated.


Iqra Khan

Is One World Enough For All Of Us?

Iqra Khan 5-303

qureshi-Earth Day


PeaceBuilders Morning Meditation

IMG_2422 IMG_4978 IMG_7723 IMG_5174IMG_1524

April Award Winners: Congratulations!


dear ms. McCray

Kearah Thompson,



Dear Ms. McCray,


P.s.119 is a great school .We have a lot of loving teachers and a lot of loving staff. We also have a lot of loving kids. We want you to add more kids. Will you please help us add Pre-k kids to this loving group.

Ms. McCray, I was at this great school for four years. Those four years proved to me that it really is a great school. It taught me about topics that you do not learn until junior high school.  Yet what if I was here longer? What if I was here since pre-k? I think I would have understood these topics more. I could be more socially aware at such a young age. If you help us these kids would not have to wonder they would experience these topics and become more socially aware.

Everybody has character. Some have good character and some have bad character. P. S .119 teaches students to have good character. We celebrate this idea by   Character Day. Character day is when celebrate good character. We do this by being createive and  representing our talents artistically on t-shirts.

This school also teaches us about social awareness. This is because we learned about how Hershey’s uses child slaves. They use child slaves to make their chocolate. This is apart of social awareness because we are being aware of our society. We can teach the Pre-k about this and they can begin to change the world.

In conclusion, this is why you should help us add Pre-K to our school. If they could just stay at P.S. 119 a little longer then the world would be a better place.


Kearah thompson

The First Day Of Spring by Jessica Verly class:5-305

It was the first day of spring,

Birds chirping,

Sun shining,

What a beautiful day,

Never seen anything like it,

That’s why I gotta shout hooray!,

The trees were beautiful,

Especially since the garden was dedicated to Mrs.Berretta’s husband,

There were 3 trees standing,

Two types of birds chirping,

Never seen or heard anything about it,

What a wonderful day!

The type of poem this is,is a type of rapping rhyme but has a great melody!



Best Friends By ??? Typed by Courtney Bentham 5-305

Best Friends by ? 3-102

My best friends are Olivia, Honesty, Serina, Cameron T., Jada, Kassidy, Aisha, Aamina, Nia, and Jayda in second grade. Olivia is my best friend because she loves the same things I love. Olivia is also funny because this one time she asked me, “Can I  have your little brother?” Honesty is my best friend because she tells funny jokes. Serina is my best friend because she shares with me. Cameron T. is my best friend because he always plays with me when I go over to his house. He is also my cousin. Jada is my best friend because she is loyal. Kassidy is my best friend because she helps me with things I don’t understand sometimes. Aisha is my best friend because she never gives up on me. Aamina is my best friend because she is playful and speaks her mind. Jayda in second grade is my best friend because she is very nice. Yamiley is my best friend because she is funny. Dalia is my best friend because she is nice and cute. But the main reason they are my best friends is because all of them are nice to me.

*I want this to be published in the Lantern because this talks about friends.


Dear Mrs. Beretta by Justin 2-103

Dear Mrs. Berreta,

My little sister Jayda is fun. We dance, and we play basketball .She is a crazy one year old girl. Sometimes she is bad and gets angry. She hits my sister who is 6 months old. Jayda is always running and playing around. She is not happy all the time but she is a adorable little sister. She has a lot of skills. She loves me, my mom, my sister, and my dad.


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