P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez!!

chavez jennelle cesar-krishauna CESAR-honesty chavez-jada cesar isabella

Peace Builders Rule!


The First Day of Spring by Rabia

The First Day of Spring

by Rabia Asif

The first day of Spring

Temperatures are rising

Sun is shining

A northern breeze is blowing


Fluffy clouds are moving

On the first day of Spring

The crocus is the first flower

My eyes meet

Fully grown,

Standing in that northern breeze

Soil is moist

Daffodil stems are green

Tulips are sprouting

Sparrows and starlings are chirping

Ants are marching

Worms are crawling

In that moist soil all enjoying

The first day of Spring

It is the first day of Spring


Nature is awake

This Earth Day Poster is Out of the World!! Go Hamza! Go Hamza!




Earth in Orbit Around the Sun by Hamza Shaukat 1-105


The 100th Day of School By Aliyah Carswell

At PS119 Amersfort they have been writing Valentines Day cards to Senior Citizens. Genevieve Berretta the language arts teacher at Ps119 Amersfort says”Class 5-305 made Amazing cards but what is unique about these cards re that the are heartfelt cards will fill the Senior Citizen’s heart.”  This is true because all the students in class 5-305 had a minimum amount of time to finish these cards ,but had great things to say in their cards. This is how the school Ps119 Amersfort celebrated their Valentines Day/ 100th day of school.

NYC Council Member Jumaane D. Williams PRESENTS: Shirley Chisholm Women of Distinction Celebration- Honoring LISA FERNANDEZ!

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When When I Went to Coney Island BY Yamiley Pierre- Louis

Yamiley Pierre-Louis                   3/12/14

P.S119                                          2-103


 When I was standing on the line and I was up next. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. I was sitting in the back row. I sat next to my sister. The roller coaster was turning, flipping, and also moving in a fast pace. Everyone on the ride was screaming on the roller coaster. After I came off I took a big gulp. In my head I was thinking to myself, “I hope no one can see my fear on my face.” I went on another roller coaster. It was really fast. I screamed really loud and  at the end of the ride I didn’t feel too good. I told my mom, “I never want to go on another rollercoaster.” So we got some cotton candy, but after the cotton candy we got on another rollercoaster. Even though I told my self not to;I couldn’t help it. It was called the “Cyclops” it was the biggest ride in Coney Island. I was scared but it was so exciting. I conquered my fears and I even went on it two more times. I said, “I hate rollercoasters.  I never want to go on it again.” But …maybe I  will go back on a roller coaster again. To be continued…

My Brother By Haider Typed by Taariq Joseph 5-305

Me and my brother play beyblade together.My brother helps me with my homework.I love my brother so much.If my mom does not get me ice cream my brother does.

Dear Mrs. Berreta by justin 2-103

Dear Mrs. Berreta,


My little sister Jayda is fun. We dance and we play basketball. She is a crazy one year old girl.  Sometimes she gets angry and she hits. Jayda is always running and playing around. She is not happy all the time but she is an adorable little sister. She has a lot of skills. She loves me, my mom, my sister, and my dad. I love my little sister Jayda. –Justin 2-103

stand to make a better change CHOCOLATE by Adrianne Cid

Dear Hershey,

You should know that what you are doing is wrong.Your business is going well because of these helpless kids that are working for you every second of their life.What if you were these kids? Would you like it?No.

Well you should think about what they are getting from you.  They need a better life. Are you giving that to them? My question is: Why are you buying chocolate from these companies in West Africa? You only get one chance in life. Why not take a chance on the lives of children to be better? We are only asking you to help us put a stop to this injustice. Farms shouldn’t be using child labor to produce chocolate and you shouldn’t be doing business with these farms. I’m only a kid and I could see a better life for these kids. You should try to buy your product from farms that don’t use child slavery.

Please try to put a stop to this terrible practice.  I am not trying to mess up your business but iIam trying to make a difference for these children. Here is a tip: be wise and help the children.Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrianne Cid


Dear Adrianne,

YOu really have a very strong personal voice. I made some revisions to make your points clear for any reader who needed to understand the problem clearly. I am thinking perhaps you could elaborate more on the daily lives of these children as they labor tirelessly for the profit of Hershey. Make is clear to them how they suffer and how they live in poverty. Also, think about elaborating on your dream for these children if Hershey could work to use their profit to make their lives better so that they have a bright future. finally, I like to sign off all official letters with the closing: Respectfully submitted. Keep on writing from the heart and mind.


Mrs. Berretta


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