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Hershey’s Chocolate Meeting by Courtney Bentham 5-305

Dear Hershey’s Company,

Did you know that you are buying your chocolate that is made by slaves in Africa? That is right, you are buying chocolate made by child slaves. African children are tortured and whipped to make chocolate. African slaves have to work very hard  to make it. I want a meeting to talk about the chocolate products you buy. You should not buy products from Africa because children are making chocolate when they should be in school learning. In conclusion, you should not buy chocolate from Africa anymore so slaves might be released because the owners are not making any money.

From, Courtney

The Past, Present, and Future of Harriet “Moses” Tubman By: Zuri Kwesi 5-305

This essay is a response to a DBNA question on African American who made a difference  in our lives as a celebration of Black History Month.   

 If I could describe Harriet Tubman in two words those words would be fearless and determined. Anita Harriet Ross was born in Maryland in 1820 with a dream to free all slaves. A woman like her stands out. She was a hero, a spy, and a Civil War nurse. What this woman did makes people celebrate the past, present, and future.                                                                                                                     

         How did she influence the world? In the past when she was a young adult, she stood up for slaves who got yelled at by a slave owner. The owner then threw a brick at her head and she was wounded but she kept fighting for freedom. Kids always think about her now when they stand up to bullies. Because of her now millions of black children get to go to school and aren’t in the sun all day being beaten. She freed 700 slaves and says “I could have freed 1,000 more if they knew they were slaves”. What this quote means is that those other slaves would have left with her but they thought they were working like a regular employee. When I was in second grade, I wanted to help my friends  with their math but they wouldn’t let me. They had no idea that what they thought was right was wrong and I couldn’t do anything to help them. “Moses” is in our souls and will continue to show us the railroad to freedom to make sure we all have our equals rights.

        In the future, I hope to be successful actress with a dream as big as hers. I hope that kids look up to me and say “Mommy, I want to be like her when I grow up.” Like Harriet Tubman would say, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet helped us achieve our dreams for the future.

The Life Of Ben Carson By Ethan Garnett 5-305

There are many famous black people dead or alive who have done many things and are heroes. One of my favorites is Ben Carson. He did many heroic things which earned him to go to the place he is in.

He was the first ever surgeon to separate connected twins. He got very rich and famous because of the happy and successful surgery.He wasnt just a surgeon but a neuro surgion to be precise. Also he worked at John Hopkin’s Hospital. Amazingly at the age of 33 he was the director of the pediatric neurosurgery division at the hospital. Life for him was hard out there. At age 8 his parents divorced and he and his older brother were raised by his mother only. Without a father sadly.

In addition I would like to say, without many of the famous black people life would be a struggle. No freedom in some places. Laws wouldnt be in the places they are today. So its great to learn about and thank you black history month


Celebrating the Past,Embracing the Present,Creating the Future-Contest by Jessica Verly 5-305

I would like to honor Harriet Tubman for African – American Black History Month .She was a slave who was very courageous and strong. She had helped other slaves escape to the North. Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland around the years of 1820 or 1821.Her hope in her showed that no matter what had happened she would still survivor.She was born a survivor.No matter what had happened she never back down and never gave up on her peers.

Harriet Tubman had followed the North star which had led to freedom.Fredrick Douglasshad made a newspaper about the North star and it wounded being really popular.To me Harriet Tubman was a woman who I thought could’ve accomplished any goal she wanted in her life because she stood up for herself and that is what is most important,knowing the fact that someone can stand up for their own selves without anybody helping them because just knowing that you are brave for yourself you know that any goal in like can be accomplished with just one little itsy bitty touch.When you are born a survivor you stay a survivor.Unfortunately,Harriet had to die at the age of 93 in the year of 1913 but her bravery will never be forgotten.

In conclusion, these people are extremely important without them we would be slaves right now working for whites.It is now a free country thanks to these Black African Americans.Their memory will always be here within us.


Chocolate Slavery Is It Preventable? by Aliyah Carswell 5-305

Dear Hershey Company,

The chocolate that you have been making is great ,but where you’ve been buying it from isn’t so great. I would like to tell you that you’ve been buying this chocolate from child labor. When you buy this Chocolate many children are living in poverty. Children can spend their lives working on cocoa farms. At a young age kids abused and hurt from working in the cocoa  farms. As you are buying this chocolate children are going through child labor. Many kids who are working as slaves in these farms wanted to leave but as they are escaping it is very hard to do that because they get hurt by the slave owners. One of the children who work as a slave in the farm says ” The people who are eating chocolate are eating their flesh”. By this they mean it takes blood sweat and tears for these kids to make the chocolate that we eat. A question that many chocolate owners ask Is Slave Free Chocolate able to be made? Well I’m here to tell you that it is. Let me tell you how, the government of Ghan and Ivory Coast are investigating more about child labor. Another way is not buying chocolate from West Africa. When people eat this chocolate and look on the label on the chocolate it doesn’t mention if it was made from child labor or not. So my recommendation to you is to be careful about the chocolate that you buy for people to eat.

From Aliyah From Ps119 5-305

Child slavery in Africa BY Shafayet Tohid 5-305

Dear Hershey’s,

                    People around the world eats your chocolates every day. Your business is the largest chocolate factory in north America. The workers in your factory are children aren’t they? You should not have  children as workers. That is considered as child-slavery.  Children should be going to school learning their shapes and numbers. kids need education in order to have a bright future. There are numourous reasons child-slavery is indequate. Lot of children gets fired if they don’t obey. Then they are homeless and often dies of hunger. If one gets fired, another person will take his/her place. That way, if THAT person gets fired also, then likefully, the same thing will happen with him/her. Plus, if , kids are slaves, then kids often don’t know what it’s like to have a family, live a normal life.

In conclusion, I think you should not have children working in your factory. I am fully against Child-Slavery.

Child slavery free chocolate (how to prevent it) by Mamunur Bhuiyan 5-305



Not long ago, Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery. It was only been about 148 years and 3 months since slavery ended. To some that is a really long time and it actually is.  But scientifically speaking, about 148 years is actually is a small amount of time. I heard that you guys, WONKA, have started making chocolate bars. Well I have decided to tell you where the chocolate actually comes from ad who makes it. I believe you heard about child slavery. They actually make these chocolate. And I do not think this is fair to those little kids. They should get education just like us.

Did you know that there is a way to stop child slavery? There is also a way to make slavery free chocolate. I have a really grade idea to prevent child slavery. You can stop purchasing chocolate from the places where child slavery takes place. Then maybe, they will run out of business. Or maybe they will earn less money. Next, they will have no choice to close their business. They will also have to stop child slavery.


Mamunur Bhuiyan


Hershey’s Company Guilty or Not… by Jessica Verly 5-305

Dear Hershey’s Company,

It has come to my attention that you are using your customers to give them smooth milky delicious chocolate and that is utilizing child labor.

Why is this happening you ask? I don’t know but I do know it is very wrong.Do you know the fact that there are children starving after hours making your chocolate and barely get enough sleep.According to the article”Slavery in the Chocolate industry”it states that.” In the farms of  West Africa supply cocoa to international giants such as Hershey’s Mars and Nestle revealing the industry’s direct connection to child labor and trafficking slavery.”This means that you are forcing children to get beaten and getting scars and having to work everyday and not being able to go home and are slaves to the people working for the  company.You expect that the children are supposed to waste their time doing work for you if all you expect is just giving the bars.

If I was older I would sue your company and complain to your manager about this.You are lucky that I am only 10 years old.According to the article“Slavery in the chocolate industry” it states that”Children of West Africa are surrounded by intense poverty and most begin working at a young age to support their family.”That means that the children are never able to go and see their family.Never has one child been able to take a rest because of you.

To conclude think before you act because not everybody can be treated the same.Especially if it’s children because trust me,even though it’s a free world we are all supposed to be treated fairly and equally.It is always something to use someone but another thing to use them and even children.


Jessica Verly

Valantines Express by Mamunur Bhuiyan 5-305

Happy Valentines Day! Valentines Day is almost here. Everyone is really excited. Class 5-305 of P.S.119 are the most excited. They created 4 valentines day cards each. I believe it was for their one hundredth day of school project. Mamunur Bhuiyan quoted that ” I made my mom a valentine’s day card and she was happy with whatever I gave her.” He made his mom happy. Parents will like anything you give them. But, it has to come from you. It can make you smile if your parents smile.

Hershey’s: Guilty… or not Guilty By: Zuri Kwesi

Dear Hershey’s Company,

It has come to my attention that your company utilizes child labor so that you customers can get rich, smooth, milk chocolate.

Why you do this, I don’t know. Because of you, instead of children going to school to get a good education, they are working day and night to produce your chocolate. According to “Slavery In The Chocolate Industry” by  Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.), “The farms of West Africa supply cocoa to international giants such as Hershey’s, Mars, and Nestle – revealing the industry’s direct connection to child labor, human trafficking and slavery.” This means that you are connected to kids being beaten, getting scars from knives, and being abused. On February 7th,2014, class 5-305 learned about this and most of the class got upset to find out that their ancestors had been making the chocolate that they love. The kids got even more upset to find out that this still happens today. I for one almost screamed to find out that one of my favorite chocolate companies uses child abuse to keep their customers. On top of that you kept it a secret so that you wouldn’t be shut down. Your lucky I’m only eleven years old, or I would become a lawyer and sew you.

How can you sleep at night when  children  are taken away from their families and may never see them again? Two words: Cruel and totally Selfish! Did you know that your hard working children  are surrounded by really intense poverty where they could die easily? Most of these children are between the ages 12 – 16, but start working at younger ages like 7 and 6 and have been filmed working on these terrible farms. According to “Slavery In The Chocolate Industry”, “… cases have been documented in which children and adults on cocoa farms were retained against their will and forced to work.” Cases have been documented where adults and children were locked in at night to prevent them from escaping. According to “Slavery In The Chocolate Industry”, a former cocoa slave, Aly Diabetes told reporters “The  beatings were a part of my life. I had seen others who tried to escape. When they tried they were severely beaten.” How would you like it if you were taken away from your families, abused, beaten, and forced to work against your own will? You wouldn’t like it right? So then why do it to sweet little kind hearted children?

To conclude, if you want to keep your business running, get rid of the children and let them free or else you will lose a lot of your customers since now they know your big dirty secret. I’ll tell my family and friends and they’ll tell their family and friends until a lot of your customers stop eating your chocolate and you’ll be forced to close down and those children will be set free. Don’t be cruel… let those children go to school.

Sincerely, Zuri Kwesi


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