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On The Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me…

In the comments section, list them all!

Penny Poem by Rabia

Pennies, nickels,dimes, too.

Are pickles allowed?

No. But green is too.

We count the pennies right on time,

That is why I call it penny time.

One penny = Difference


The Amazon by Mohamed Abas 5-310

1.How is technology used to create the world a better place?

Technology is used to make the world a better world is because 100 years ago people had to use there hands to make things. But now people use machines to make things. For example things like cars, metal, and more things. Also people had to work hard to do things. For example they had to work hard because they had to hunt for food, when is cold they had to make fire. That’s why technology is used to make the world a better world.

2. How has technology positively affected the Amazon

technology effects the amazon because people are use tress to make things. so that effects the rainforest because the rainforest need the tress. Also people in the rainforest are using tress to make fire. If there is no rain forest animals and the people that live there are going to die because the animals needs it for homes and oxygen also people need oxygen to live and they need the trees for food.

Chaos Chronicles by Furqan Khan 5-305 E

Narrator- Itauske and Nichigo Ikamaru one day had a dream a scary dream the same dream and it felt way too real to be just a dream. They had to find out if it was real or fake.

Itauske – Dad, I have a dream a nightmare that feels too real to be fake to me do you no what I should do?

Dad – Itauske, don’t you think you’re too old to be thinking dreams are real?

Itauske – But it feels so real!

Nichigo – Mom, I have a dream a nightmare that feels too real to be fake to me do you no what I should do?

Mom – Nichigo, don’t you think you’re too old to be thinking dreams are real?

Nichigo – But it feels so real!

Ami – Babies! Babies!

Nichigo – Saying a four year old.

Itauske whispering to Nichigo – Anyways I think we should sneak away from the house for a couple of days. I really need to find out if this dream is real.

Nichigo – Good idea!

Dad – What’s a good idea?

Itauske – Um. Um. Oh you know we were just thinking maybe tomorrow at 4:00 we cold make brownies.

Narrator – Itauske and Nichigo go to Itauske’s secret lab that only Itauske and Nichigo know about.

Nichigo – Oh so now were going to make brownies before we leave.

Itauske – No were going to leave at 4:00. I know were going to get caught at some point but at least we are going to get caught while where gone. If we tell mom and dad for sure they wouldn’t let us go and would keep an eye on us.

Narrator – Sunday 4:00 p.m Itauske and Nichigo sneak out from the window and begin there trip.

Itauske – I got to use the bathroom.

Nichigo – Me too. Let’s stop at Yaxlix and Goru’s house we’ll let them come a long because they’ve been dieing to get out of the house and we’ll use the bathroom there so try to hold it.

Itauske – All right.

Narrator – They go to Yaxlix and Goru’s house.

Itauske – Hey Yaxlix you want to sneak out your house for a couple of days? How bout you Goru?

Goru and Yaxlix – We are in!!!!

Yaxlix’s mom – You are in what?

Goru – Nothing.

Goru’s dad – But we heard you say ”we are in”.

Itauske – You’re probably hearing things.

Nichigo – What he said.

Narrator – Yaxlix and Goru both sneak out along with Itauske and Nichigo.

Itauske – I found him.

Nichigo – Me too.

Goru – Fond who?

Itauske – the person in our weird dreams. Yaxlix watch out he’s on top of you.

Yaxlix – Huh!

Orion – Raging strike.

Itauske – Ultimate Kalibaster.

Orion – Huh. Why you little.

Nichigo – Why are you in our dreams?

Orion – Long story. But I have time. When I was young everyone thought of me as a person with know talent. I was a lonely kid. onne day then I saw you two kids Itauske and Nichigo Ikamaru when you two were kids. You two were still very strong you two had talent.

Itauske – Not to brag but yes, yes I do have talent.

Orion – I was nothing but I was very smart. Nobody thought that as a talent but nobody knew that I also had powers. I said if I destroy you  two everybody will remember the name Orion!! I knew when we battle people would see smoke and news reporters would come and vedio this and nobody will every forget me because if they do lights out for them.

Nichigo – Okay, the first solution, peace, just stop this now and never come back.

Orion – No way!.

Itauske – I don’t get it how does this relate to the dreams we have.

Orion – Since, I was super smart I made a device that sends you a message in your dreams. I made it like a nightmare to get in your filthy heads.

Itauske – Hyah!

Orion – Bad move. Hyah.! Pow! Raging strike!.


Nichigo – Look here!

Orion – Someday you will learn. Hyah! Raging strike!

Yaxlix- So now it’s all raging strike.

Nichigo – (Turns and looks at Itauske.)

Itauske – I see where this is going.

Itauske and Nichigo – Combine!!!!!!!!!!

Itichigo – Fight me now! Itichigo has arrived.

Goru – Drama King.

Itichigo – Hey don’t ruin my entrances. You got that.

Goru – Ok! Ok! Sorry! You’re giving me the creeps with that look.

Dear Ms.Ross, by Emad Khan

Dear Ms.Ross,                                                                                                          12/18/13

        Thank  you for the note.I think you made a good donation to the  pajama drive.  Me and my classmates think your kind too. For instance I think that know they have more pj, than last year because you helped us with it.I think my first letter to you helped or the other letter ‘s helped you understand about the pj drive.


  In conclusion , Thank you very much. I wish you support us more.



                                                                                              Emaduddin Khan

Penny Harvest so far WEEK 3 UPDATE By Keshon Blackman 5-305

Dear Parents/Guirdians,

It is now week 3 of the Penny Harvest. We are getting a little closer to our Goal.

The Penny Harvest is going down hill this year. In week 3 last year we earned 140 lbs. This year we earned 104 lbs. That is a 36 lb decrease.Total earnings from 2012 in week 1-3 was a total of 900 lbs estimated! Which is about $1,350 earned in the first 3 weeks of the P.H. This year we earned 430 lbs. This is about 400 lbs estimated. That is about $600 earned in the first 3 weeks this year.

 The earnings have decreased by $750. This is not good. We only have 6 business days left! In order to reach our goal we need to raise about $1,400. This will be extremely hard. Not only because of the time we have. It is also because we have less students attending P.S119 this year.

At least, You guys participated. We had 100% participation from all 16 classes. Give yourself  a  pat on the back for being so generous. If was not for you guys we probably wouldn’t have even gotten close $750.

Thank you, For your tremendous donations. In first place we have 201 with there donation of 24.25! That is rounded to 20 lbs. In second place we have 206 with 21.75! That is rounded to 22 lbs. Compliment to 206 for their big improvement. They had a 21 lb increase! In 3rd place we have 104. With 18 lbs! We appreciate the tremendous 85 lb donation received from 104 in week 2. Congratulations to the top 3 classes.

I am very disappointed in classes 5-301,5-303,K-106,and 1-10. You guys were doing so  great. But,in week 3 your donations really went down. I hope you guys do much better in week 4.You still tried. Rise to the top! You can do it!

That goes to my class 5-305 too. We were on top. 1st place for week 2! But this week only 12 lbs ?! Come on guys  we need to step our game up. I could tell Ms. Rivieccio was a little upset. When Rabia asked for her crown she said What?!. Come on guys. Ms. Rivieccio must be the queen! Im playing. 😉

To sum it up, Thank you everyone for your tremendous donations! I am hoping we can bring in more donations. Your generosity is going to help us fight hunger and poverty. You guys are the key to helping us reach or hopefully exceed our goal.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                 Keshon Blackman 5-305

Penny Harvest Remaining Edited/Revised and Week Three Added by Furqan Khan 5-305

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

    Three weeks of Penny Harvest has been completed and the stats are amazing. We can help a lot of people. Last year we made it all the way up to $2,000. Let’s try to make more money than last year, this year. There will be difficulties achieving that goal though. Seven teachers have been cut out of the P.S.119 school. There was a cut in the school budget. Mr. Warfield, one of our greatest penny producers was one of the seven. This year try to bring in an extra amount of pennies to make up for our lost students and teachers. Let me give you a week by week overview.

    Week One –  Many people decided to help. In class 5 -305 there were 28.6 POUNDS! That was more than any other class made in that whole week. The first penny producer for 2013 was Sheldon Kemp and Aila Choudhary both in 5-305. P.S.119 was going to be great in helping people gain things such as clothing and food. The total for week one in pounds was 130.  That was 300 pound decrease from last year. Last year, the total of week 1 was 430 pounds! That’s why P.S.119 needs Mr. Warfield back.

    Week Two –  Unfortunately, 5-305 only made 10.5 pounds in week two. This was an 18.1 pound decrease in pounds from week one! There was only three days of school that day anyway. However, that was not the case for Ms. Davis of class 5-303.  In week 1 she only gave in 3.75 pounds of pennies. In week two, she gave in 31 pounds of pennies! She wanted that crown so badly. There were still two classes in front of Ms. Davis. One was 5-310 which made 39 pounds. Listen to this though, 104 GAVE IN 85 POUNDS!  That was 77 pound increase since last week! The total amount pounds for week two were 200 pounds. Keep it up everyone!

    Week Three – For week three, P.S.119 made a total of 104 pounds. The stats here were not really that good. We had a 96 pound decrease from last week and a 130 pound decrease from week one. However, class 206 really improved. They had 21.75 pounds in week three. In week two they had made 1 pound. That was a 20.75 increase from week two. They made one pound in week two. From week one it was a 21.75 increase. They made 0 pounds in week one. We can help many people. Let’s keep bringing pennies and make increase in the total weight. Try to bring more pennies so we can reach our goal of making $2,000 or more.

    In 2012 the total pounds of pennies we had for two weeks was 640 pounds. The first two weeks for 2013 did not go so well compared to last year. The total pounds for two weeks was 330 pounds. That was a 310 pound decrease. That was about a 50% percent decrease in pounds. Again, it would be hard with less students and teachers. Less people will be supported this year and many people would still need help.  With your generosity we could help. If every one brings 150 pennies you will make a pound because every pound is worth $1.50.

Genevieve Berretta, coach of the Penny Harvest and P.S,119’s Language Arts Teacher , had this to say: I am truly concerned about the 50% percent decrease this year, but I am always grateful for your generosity.” Since, some teachers and students have left this school less pennies are being produced. Ms. Beretta really wants for people to help the poor. She is very generous for this act. She is quite upset though, for this amazing (not in a good way) decrease. However, she still appreciates the help everyone is providing to the poor and needy.

To sum it up, please help us with the next two or three weeks of Penny Harvest. Let’s still try to meet the goal of $2,000 or more. Even if you already have brought in pennies please collect and raise more. If you have not made a donation yet please do. Together we can fight hunger and poverty. Everyone would appreciate your help because you are supporting us and the needy. Once again please bring in pennies for our Penny Harvest month.  Everyone will love your efforts and your heroic acts. Bring one penny and you are grateful to the world. You won’t have fame but you will always have our love and our hearts.

Furqan Khan 5-305

1st is the Worst by Josephus Brown 5-303

Mom: Joey,get up.

(I hide under the blanket)

Mom: JOEY!

Joey: O_O

Joey: Shoot! Its the, the, gulp, first day of school! 

(runs to the bathroom and gets dressed)

Dad: Are you ready for school?

Joey: No. I don’t have supplies.

Dad: You’ll have them tomorrow.

Joey: Well at least I have no homework!

(runs to class)

Mrs.Davis: Hello class. I am your teacher. I bought you guys some supplies.

Joey: 🙁 Well that sure was a mood killer.

Matthew: So that means homework,right?

Joey: Unfortunetly, yes.

Well, today was 12/11/13, and everything turned out fine. Its not all that bad.1st may be the worst,but 2nd can be the best. Bye!


Get Well Soon Mr. Jump and Jump Back to Us…Carefully

Dear Mr. Jump:

We miss you and hope you return soon. Please check out the link below for our Joymaker podcast to you. Through this project for every Joymaker task we take on joyfully, Hasbro will donate toy to:  Toy for Tots to bring joy to a child and need durint this season of “Thanks and Giving”.


What a Surprise by Furqan Khan 5-305

It Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013. I was sleeping but I woke up hearing my brothers talking to each other. It was two hours before going to school. Okay, maybe three, but that was not the point. What I heard him talking about was my baby sister. My mom was at the hospital. The baby was kicking it’s way out of that stomach.

I asked if my brother was joking but no such thing. To check I wandered in the house to see if my mom was anywhere. My brother was right. My mom did have a baby. Another way of proof was when my dad came back from the hospital and had a bracelet on and it said gender girl and other private things on it. My beautiful sisters name was Maryam. My dad showed me some pictures on his phone.

I was sad for something though. My brother said that my mother wasn’t going to be home for three days. When it’s something exciting, three days would feel like three million years.  On Thursday, Nov 28, 2013 it was afternoon and me and my dad were eating some spinach. I asked my father if I could go to the hospital at night time with him. He said yes. He also said “You can’t see the baby though. She is in a box and know one except me, your mom, and the hospital doctors can touch her or see her. We don’t want to spread the germs.” I was very sad but I said yes since I could still see my mother.

My brother had just left somewhere for four days. He went to a mosque in Long island. Me and my dad went in the car to the hospital. First we stopped by a coffee shop to get coffee for my mother. Then we went to the hospital.

Unbelievable! The security guard said that kids can only visit at a certain time. I was bummed out. I thought I couldn’t see my mother. However, my father said he will bring my mother to the center where I had to wait. I was happy then.

I forgot to mention the name of the hospital. It was the Miamonides  Hospital. It was a Jewish hospital. I think they served Baklava and they definitely served flavored cookies. They gave it to the people who were waiting. I just said no thank you. I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted to see my mother and my sister. Nothing more, nothing less.

I waited for what seemed like an hour even though it was not. It was a long time. I tried my best not to cry since there were so many people. I’d be embarrassed. I couldn’t take it. I let out a few tears but luckily no one saw.

That’s when my dad called me over. I saw my mom. I ran there even though there was a rule there saying no running. Who cares! You people don’t let me see my mother, that’s what I am going to do. I rampaged at my mother and hugged her. I was between my mom and dad.

My mom asked me how everything was going and if I were playing around. I said a little bit. I told her I was just excited. She also asked me if my brother left yet. I said yes. I thought how sad it was for my brother though. He had to wait even longer to see my sister in real life. I asked her if she was coming on Friday or the week after. I asked the week after because my dad said the baby might not be very healthy and would be taken there for a while.

My mom’s reply was tomorrow. I was so excited. I could not wait. Then I asked her some private questions and then I said “Allah Hafiz” ( Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu and more for saying Good Bye). Then my dad and I stopped a Pakistani gourmet store. We ordered forty to fifty boxes of sweets. We were going to give them to people and tell them about my little sister. I was finally a big brother. I hid the fact that I already knew my mom was pregnant. The surprising part was that she was born that time. My brother said everyone knew that I knew.

It was Friday Nov 29, 2013. I video called my family members in Pakistan and told them how excited I was. Finally, it was three to four hours when my mom came home. I asked her where the baby was. She said in the car. My dad was bringing her in. When Maryam came in she was sleeping like a baby would do. She was adorable. That’s when I knew that my life would never ever be the same ever again. I was a big brother now and it was time to act like one.


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