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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Passwords!!! By: Aila Choudhary 5-305

UHH!! I can’t stand passwords! Just yesterday, I was logging on to my G-mail and guess what it said ” We are sorry, but we cannot track your password, please click HERE for help.” I was like “WHAT”. But still, I clicked HERE. Then guess what happened, they gave me a bunch of questions like ” What is your mother’s nickname?”, ” How old is your oldest sibling?”, ” Does a cow produce milk or does a chicken?” , ” Are you five feet tall or four feet tall?”,” Are you married?”. I don’t know, maybe I was adopted and I don’t know my real mother’s name! Besides, her nickname is her personal information! I don’t know my sibling’s name, he lives in California! How could milk fit inside an animal! I don’t know if I’m five feet or four feet, maybe I’m both! How can I be married, I’m only nine! Maybe I should make a new account. * Goes to new account page*. * Questions show up again*. * Me: I need a life. *

Another Blog by Furqan Khan 5-305

I made another blog. Please don’t get annoyed. Aaron Dorsainvil has inspired me to right stories. Thank you Aaron and I must say his first story on his blog was amazing. I don’t think it is a good idea to make a story in a same blog. I made another blog. It is http://chcrblog.wordpress.com/. I have a reason to name this, this. C stands for chaos. H stands for the h in chaos. C stands for chronicles. R stands for the r in chronicles. Please go to the website and read my stories. My prologue is up and ready. I also might have copied that picture thing

Revised Version of the Oat Meal Bars By Deniya Heath 5-305

Dear Students and Teacher’s,

So today was the day my dad and I Made Oat Meal Bars. At first we were improvising with a few things. For example, we put oat meal. When we made it the oat meal had no granola. Next, we put some flour. After that, we added baking powder. Also, you shouldn’t put so much baking powder in that bowl. The final ingredient was peanut butter. That should make it really sticky.  Finally, you mix it. After you do that you don’t have to put it in the toaster oven. You can also put it in the oven. When you put the bars you HAVE to put butter on the pan. That should make it easier for it to cook. So try them it’s really good. Your parents will like the bars too. You HAVE to cook because if you don’t you may get sick.

Deniya Heath

95% By Keshon Blackman 5-305


I am doing great with decimals. I am 95% finish

I scored a high three on mid chapter 4 and 4 on my chapter review test.

I scored a 3 on my mid chapter 5 test

IM RISING TO THE TOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WPIX Visits P.S. 119 & Asks What We Know About Thanksgiving

BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Depending on who you ask, the backstory on the first Thanksgiving could be told with one too many spins.

So what happens when you ask children about the real story behind the holiday? Surprising accuracy, that’s what.

PIX11’s Andrew Ramos went to PS 119 in Brooklyn where students broke down the “Turkey Day” facts, teaching him a thing or two.

Read more: http://pix11.com/2013/11/27/children-spit-the-facts-about-thanksgiving-katy-perry-was-not-there/#ixzz2lx43IXoS

Penny Harvest Jingle By Keshon and Emad 5-305

Penny Harvest x2

Penny Harvest time

Donate a penny and help a kid

You don’t have to be rich

Please be considerate and

And feed someone a dish HAY!!!!!!

Note: Still in progress

Jingle Bells melody

Now I’m Here by Arham Hanif 5-305

Now im here, in Pakistan sialkot.

A Story Part 3 by Furqan Khan 5-305

Things were not going well for me. I couldn’t DIE in the sixth grade. NO WAY! That’s right. Both fighters would DIE. I still was confident for a reason. It was like I was ready to die. I was feeling like I would never even die in the battle. I snuck from home and I went back to Venus. Even if there are eight people only they’re still people and deserve respect. I was hoping no one was dead. I was too late.  No one was there. I looked around and found that they were being threatened by the monsters. ALL EIGHT. “FIRE SMASH!” I shouted. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Itauske Ikamaru and I’m going to be called that NOW. I am the king of the flames. Humans are cool too. They are the king of the… Anyway, the monsters were gone but where was the wind beast king. That’s when he approached. I shot fire at him nonstop. Fire was not my only power though. I used levitation and picked the monster up with my gravity control levitation. Then, I threw him into the Sun where wind was not produced.

    I was about to leave and then I realized something. I looked at the people. AT ALL EIGHT. Thats why one looked familiar to me. It was my cousin. I ran to him. I didn’t even know how he survived or how I knew him. We were only babies. He knew me too. We hugged so hard. “ You want to come to Earth with me”. I said. “Only if my friends could come. This is Melo, Branden, Singin, Justice, Hope, Penelope, Courage, and me Agis.” he said. “ Of course your friends can come. I never stopped them. If you want to go to Earth right now you could or if you want to help me defeat all the enemies in EVERY planet you could. OH and just in case you didn’t know I am Itauske Ikamaru. Unlike you I didn’t make my name.” I said.

    Agis decided to come help me but his friends died instantly. I tried to see what happened. That’s when I saw the Taurus from Jupiter with his arrows. I checked to see if Agis was alive. He was but he was injured in the ankle by the arrows. Isn’t that how Hercule died in the myths. He became mortal they said. Agis on the other hand was special. He could survive that. Agis was so mad. Ignoring the pain…

    I didn’t kill the monster. Agis did and this is how. Agis released a wave of anger. He was so furious. I watched in anger. I let him take the fight. His hand became a sword and it went right through the stomach. I was impressed. I expected to see some wind.

No More To be Continued by Furqan Khan 5-305

You know why story right. Well I decided I will make a page of work every time. I really want these to be posted. I really cannot wait. I won’t throw you a big story step by step but it is not a to be continued story even though it is to be continued. It is not to be continued but I don’t know how to explain it all.

My Revised Penny Harvest letter by Keshon Blackman 5-305

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

What time is it? It’s Penny Harvest time. DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!. This would help a lot of people.

Last year we raised $2,ooo thanks to you guys! That was a 33% increase from 2011. This year we are asking you guys to help us again but this year we are hoping to exceed that goal. Although it might be hard since we have 50 less students this year we or going to work really hard. Your money will go to food pantries. It will go to mainly these food pantries ‘Mary Queen of Heaven” and “Our Lady of Refuge‘. These food pantries   have two things in common. One thing is that they want to combat hunger and poverty.  Another thing is that these food pantries are nonsectarian. This means that they help you no matter what faith or religion you are. Mary Queen of Heaven supports about 300 people monthly. Our Lady Of Refuge serves about 300 people weekly. That’s about 1,200 people monthly  since there are 4 weeks in 1 month. Ms.Fernandez supports the Penny Harvest. Here is a quote from her “Thank you to all the students and families of P.S.119 for raising pennies. You helped a lot. Think locally and globally.” Your not just hearing it from me your hearing it from one of the best principals in the world Ms.Fernandez. We need all the support we can get.

If we can get 100% participation from the parents of Ps119 it would mean a lot. Here is a quote from a student at Ps119″ Love Makes Cents’ Remember a bag of pennies can change a person’s life. Would you please donate to  PS119 an their Penny Harvest  so we can try to fight hunger and poverty?



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