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Happy Halloween by Gabas Yagoub 3-102


Why do leaves change color in the fall? Using Paintbrush to create autumn leaves and pumpkins.

leaf leaves jack fall leaves

Create three sentences that explain why fall leaves change their color. Use the following websites to create your sentences and drawing.


I’M BACK!! Fifth Grade Suggestions! (This not my LITTLE STORY) Aaron Dorsainvil Former 119 student

First off I would like to say that I seriously would’ve been okay if this school went up to high school. It was such an enjoyable experience.

Second, I would like to tell all of those fifth graders to get involved during their last year. I was in recorder, violin, boy steppers, and photoshop during my last year and those (mostly) happy experiences stayed with me.

Thirdly, for all of you students with Ms. Rivieccio, be prepared for her to go completely insane during Mock Trial. And never forget that Ms. Francis will help with the acting and you better listen to her suggestions or else bad things happen 🙁 … She won’t kill you (she’s a vegetarian) but she can and will yell, but remember it’s because she loves you.

Fourthly,all of you fifth graders going “I’m not gonna miss this school!”, buy a box of tissues on the last day of school because you will be crying your eyes out. I didn’t, but I just spent my day eating pints of ice cream and repeatedly watching the winter concerts, spring concerts, and rock concerts.

Fifthly, apply deodorant! This is the year when your bodies begin changing get ready for pimples, and lots of sweat. You can try to avoid pimples by washing your face often, and sweat by applying anti-perspirant deodorant.

Sixth, be nice to your teachers. This is your FINAL year of elementary school. This is the year your going to get labeled. Think of every day as Judgement Day, because if you’re a trouble-maker that sticks with you in middle-school. Do I even have to warn you about teacher recommendations and parent-teacher conference?

Seventh, be nice to each other. Once again, this is your final year, a year to keep friends. I’m still in contact with most of my friends and we’ve been friends for five, or six even seven years. Some of you may feel you only need friends for school, but you need friends for life in general.

Lastly, when the last day of school comes, don’t forget about 119. Try doing what I did right now, give information to the children  pre-teens. It’s been great blogging, and I miss anyone I know at that school.

Creating the Netherlands Flag with Facts & Phrases



  • Using the rectangle tool and selecting “fill only,” create the flag of the Netherlands by making a red horizontal band on top – one third of the way down.

  • Select blue and then create the blue band starting from the bottom and going one third of the way up.

  • The white band is made by leaving the background white.

  • Select the text tool and write your name and class. Place this in on the flag.

  • Select the text tool again and write your favorite Dutch phrase and translate it in English.

  • For extra fun, find an image of something Dutch from Google Images and put it on your flag!

  • Save the flag in your name folder.

Second Grade Flag Rubric:

1) Correct usage of rectangle tool
2) Red above, white middle, blue below
3) Correct usages of the text tool for label
4) Includes a correct Dutch phrase of fact


Essential Art Question: Is it PRODUCT or PROCESS?


Are these painted papers “finished art products” or are they still “works in process?” YOU DECIDE! LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!

Are these painted papers “finished art products” or are they still “works in process?” YOU DECIDE! LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!

Art Definitions:

Product: A finished work of art that is completed and ready to be shared.
Process: The way something is made but not finished. When some steps are taken but the work is not complete. When we are in the middle of learning how to do something, like learning how to use paint.

How is Fifth Grade? by Furqan Khan 5-305

Hey it’s me Furqan Khan. I’m hitting you with my blog power again. Anyway, how is your [knew] school year. Mine is going great. Put blogs about your school year adventures too. Let’s speak about me right now.

           As I said my school year is great. I’m learning everything and understanding it too. The first day went well. I already made a blog about that day so let’s skip around. Ah yes, the second day. What a day. Ms. Rivieccio was coming around to check everyone’s homework. That day everyone did their homework. No one did their reading response right because Ms. Rivieccio did not explain what she wanted. All she said that day was that she wanted two paragraphs.

             There was only one person who did it right that day. Who you ask? ME! I’m not bragging. It’s the darn truth. I did it with a little help from my brother. He was in this school before. He graduated when I was in third grade. Anyway, The question was “Where and when does the story take place. How do you know? If this story took place a different time or place how would the story change?”

Should I write what I wrote. No, you don’t want me to. Yes!? Okay then. I wrote ” In the story Who Was Franklin Roosevelt? the story takes place high above the Hudson River in Hyde Park, New York. The story takes place on January 30, 1882 up to April  12, 1945 because this is the life of Franklin Roosevelt. I know that the story takes place high above the Hudson River in Hyde Park, New York because in the story it says ” In a big house called Springwood, high above the Hudson River in Hyde Park, New York a baby was born on January 30, 1882.” That statement explains something else too. This statement also explains when this story took place, January 30, 1882. Franklin also lived in a farm and a boarding school.”

“If the story took place in a different time or place Franklin might not have polio. If the time was 2013 when Franklin was born there might be more cures for polio. If Franklin was president in 2013 he would have only two terms. At his time he had four terms. That time the people did not have a rule saying you could only be president for two terms. If Franklin’s father was in his fifty’s in 2013 and had health problem he could get better medical care. That would help him live longer.” That was my reading response.

For the future people who are going to be in Ms. Rivieccio’s class, use this as an example. See how I wrote it. I think it will help you a lot. I was saying there were also other things cool things that day. We had Ms. Berretta who made us write about the first day of school which she always does. I was kind embarrassed when she asked me why I barely did the blog know. In third grade I always did blogs. I told her that I was busy with homework and I went to the mosque doing my prayers. I rarely had time. In school last year we were studying science so we did not get to go on the blog. This year will be different. Oh just to tell you, you will always have competition blogging with me because when I get out of this school I will keep on blogging ’till the day I die. In the next paragraph you will hear about the third day. I will write about the first three days so the third one is the last one.

The third was our math lesson that was cool. Our essential question was: How can you use properties of operations to solve problems? I thought I was going to get the wrong answer in our assessments. Ms. Rivieccio said that the new curriculum was going to be harder. I still got the right answers. I also did not have to worry about going into groups because we did not go into groups then. We normally sat on the rug. Until we used slates we had to do work on the desk which I preferred more.

I still needed to get used to Ms. Rivieccio. She wasn’t like any other teachers. She was extraordinary in a good way. She said she was mean. She gave us  a reason. She said that she was mean because she cared. She said in junior high if you didn’t cooperate you would just stay in the same classes. Fifth grade was a good grade. After all this my mind is made and I say fifth grade is a good grade. It’s a start of a new beginning.


Word Press by Furqan Khan 5-305

I have made a blog on word press. The website is vegetafan80.wordpress.com. Please go on this website. Type nice and have fun. Do not write inappropriate things

How does technology affect the Amazon rainforest? Amaya Mayers 5-305

Did you know that technology could effect the amazon river in bad ways and good ways? I will tell you more in my paragraphs. Well first I will tell you how technology effects the amazon rain forest in bad ways. One way technology effects the amazon rain forest is by machines that cut the trees down. Also by phones I say phones because when people go into the rain forest it scares the animals. Also by lighters which burn down rainforest and by this big truck that cuts down the tress. Technology also effects the rainforest by deforestation. Deforestation cause floods, soil erosion and more. Also the roots and stems of a plant creates an intricate network that makes is harder to get dirt swept away by forces such as wind and water. That is how technology effects the amazon river in bad ways.

Now I will tell you how technology effects the amazon river in good ways. One way is by using hot plates. Instead of using fire and wood to make their food. Another way is by using cars instead of walking. Also you can use boats with engine instead of using boats with paddles. Also we use tools instead of making tools. For example instead of making pencils, pen,screw driver and plenty more. That is some good ways technology effects the amazon rainforest.

In conclusion, those are some good and bad ways technology effects the amazon rain forest. Also it is good to save the amazon rain forest becuase it is our air lungs. That means we breathe in air from the oxygen the rain forest gives off.

The Positive and Negative effects of Technology on the Rainforest by Taariq Joseph – 5-305

Technology can have both a positive and negative effect on nature .But I am going to write about the way technology in the Amazon forest .The Amazon rainforest is often called the earths lungs because it produces twenty percent of the earths oxygen . Technology positively effects the Amazon by providing homes for wildlife . It can also provide food, warmth, and homes for wildlife. Technology can also provide easily accessible water for hunter to catch fish and drink and wildlife to bathe in and drink.  Technology can also provide homes for people who live in the Rainforest.

Technology can also have a negative effect. One effect is drilling. Drilling as in drilling for oil. Technology can also create dams making water harder to collect. If the dams are built they can kill animals by stopping the flow of fish / food to animals. Also they can use technology to cut down and or burn the forest. This can kill the forest also stopping one of the earths most needed resources oxygen. This is because the Amazon creates 20% 0f earth’s oxygen. These are some of the many terrible uses of technology in rainforest.

In conclusion technology can be used for good and bad especially in rainforest. Did you learn anything from this? Please if you did leave a comment responding. I hope you enjoyed!

How does technology affect the amazon river positively and negatively? ShanjitaPasha 5-305

Technology affects us in many ways. It affects us most importantly in a very important river. This is the Amazon River. It affects us in both negative and positive ways, but 1st lets began positively. So lets get started.

Some positive affects of technology would that it produces 20% of oxygen on the planet through the scientific process known as, photosynthesis. It helped Native Americans survive. It provides them with fresh fruits, trees, and fish from rivers. It helped native Americans through the years with there survival. It gave them shelter with all the trees, food you had read about earlier, and the image below showing how nations needed crops, meat, and electricity to grow and improve.

The Amazon River is now endanger. It is endangered to the people who call it home. Trees are being cut down, and the amount of oil is decreases. And the communities there are decreasingly like the oil there. We need to help people, we need to protect the world, , and we should start by protecting the amazing river that helps us with our everyday lives for example- oil for food, cars, planes, and scooters. What do we do about this situation help!!!!!



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