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The Lantern! (Aaron 5-305)

       Bring In Your Material

Ladies and gentleman viewing this blog posting, I would like to notify you guys of the Lantern. The Lantern depends on  ME  You  AND I  to fill up the Lantern with poems or SHORT stories or news stories. The point I would like to get at is that if you can please post or write whatever poem or short story you would like to have published and send it on the blog or to Mrs. Berretta and she’ll have her skilled team of typists help her get all of your work posted. Happy Writin’! 😉

MOCK TRAIL BY: Stephane – Leigh Charles 5-305

We went to the FINALS and that is great. We did our best to get there. Well this is the story about  MOCK TRAIL.


Today was May 22nd, 2013.We went to school early.Then we left to take the bus. Some of our parents came. For an example Aaron’s dad, Hapreet’s mom Kenny’s dad and Diana’s Mom.

We took pictures on the bus and we had fun.Soon we arrive at the court. The court was so so BIG!!!! They took us to the room and then we got settled. There was three judges.

One was a women and two were men. They seem so nice.That was when we started. I thought that we were  last. But that did not happen at all.

We went first  and I was scared.After we did our MOCK TRAIL we ate lunch. We talked about how we did. We did 100 percent good.The the other schools were also great.

But both school missed the third count. They only had two counts. Soon we were done with MOCK TRAIL. Then they were giving the awards out. Can you guess who was giving the awards?

It was Charles J. Hynes the District Attorney.P.S.203 was first place, second place was P.S.221, and Last place was P.S.119. We said Good Job to everyone. Some of us were mad and my eyes was red. For overall we did good.

The court officer came to us and she had a surprise for us. She took us to the 15 floor of the court. When we got into the court it was in session. There was a real prisoner. That was so cool to see all of that.

There was also a real Judge. We got to wear his robe and use his gable. Everyone took their turn and it was fun !!!!!!!!!!!We also went to this other room. That room was where they put the  prisoner.

That was  a cell! Then we said thank you to the judge. We left to took the train. On the train we talk about our grows and glows.There was this Teen that told us to stay in school and go on the right path.

DO NOT SKIP ANY CLASS. That’s what he told us. Then we got to school. We had no Homework for two days. Then we went home.


Dear Councilman Jumaane Williams By Kenny Chris

Dear Councilman Jumaane Williams

I have heard about the unexpected news. What a surprise. P.S.119 are not having kindergarten and first grade anymore. Kindergarten and first grade should have an experience in the school of peace. Also P.S.119 gives children good education. P.S.119 prepares students from kindergarten, first grade, and second for the state test when they are in third grade.

Kindergarten will have an experience of 6 years in P.S.119. This may create a great friendship, while their here. Families or siblings can come to this school. It is going to be difficult for parents to go from school to school pick up their kids. Also I have heard that next year P.S.119 would be unzoning school. That means people from our district can’t come, but people that is not in our district can come to this wonderful school.

When we lose Kindergarten and First Grade classes we lose five spectacular teachers. Also when we don’t have those classes we lose money, and teachers get fired. I am very unhappy about this rule. This is unacceptable to leave the rule this way. P.S.119 show’s the kindergarten and first grade how to be peace builders. Peace builders are good for the community.

P.S.119 have community service to help the little children. When P.S.119 have community service, they’re going to be less people because we don’t have kindergarten and first grade anymore. If kindergarten and first grade can’t come to public school 119, our school can become a co-location school, Charter school can come and 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade would have little space. Charter school would have to share the gym with P.S.119, and that wouldn’t work.

If P.S.119 kindergarten and first grade are available in P.S.119 any more, classes will rise. Parents deserve a vote on this rule. Kids deserve a vote. All of us deserve a vote. This is not fair to parents, also not fair to the children’s that wanted to come to this special school

In conclusion do you still think that kindergarten and first grade are not aloud? Do you still think that P.S.119 should be an undone school? Do you still think that kids should come to p.s.119 when it is a testing grade? Jumaane Williams I have no further comments.


The Best Field Day Ever by Ayanna

The Best Field Day

On a sunny but windy day everyone at my school was happy. It was Field Day.   We got on line and  Ms.Mcguire blew her whistle like, one, two, three. We had music, the best song was” Trouble”  by Taylor Swift. We played hero. In this game one person had to rescue someone. After that we played more games. We played games like scooter hockey, I did not like that one. Also we had basketball dribble, I liked that one. Then we did the “Cha Cha Slide”. It was fun to do it. After that each class got into a small circle. On person had to run around the circle. Some people ran fast. Then Ms. L said:2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate? Ms. Mcguire!” Field day was the best day of my life. I LOVE FIELD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Councilman Williams By Davone Dawson

Dear Councilman Williams,

The choice of P.S119’S K through 1st grade is going fast.

P.S.119’s parents and teachers need choice and some zoned students need to come here.

It is very convenient for zoned students to attend P.S.119.

P.S.119 is a great place for parents to have choice.

It teaches the kids the true meaning of peace.

Students could be a bully at another school.

But, when they come to P.S119 they no longer bully.

P.S119’s goal is to spread peace around the world.

By taking away P.S.119 choice, you are taking away a step closer to world peace.

Zoned kids should have the right to attend their zone school.

Parents should have CHOICE to bring the students back to P.S.119.


Wonder by Kristin Williams


   This book is great. I would consider this book to people who feel bad about themselves. Also it is for people who are just going to school. This book is about a boy named August. The thing about August is that he was born with a weird face. He haves many pieces of surgery. Soon when he started school in 5th grade he was bullied but then people got used to his look and soon he was not being bullied anymore.  This book “Wonder” shows how a boy could fit into his school even if August was like the rest of the children in school. It also tells about how someone could go through school ignoring everything that was mean and that was said. This book is amazing and I truly recommend this book to anyone.


Poem By: Lourdenie 5-305

Why Why Why

All she wanted to do was stop racism and segregation

She and her husband wrote news papers

No need no need to bomb her house

What did she ever do wrong?

She was even president of the NAACP

Daisy daisy daisy Bates did nothing wrong

Why Why Why


Math Problem By: Sasha Moore 1-110

Once upon a time 2 pretty girls and her friend played.
Then they saw a ball and started fighting over it.
They saw one of their moms and she made them gingerbread cookies.
The girl gave her friend 3 ginger bread cookies,
How much cookies does she have left?


Dear Councilman Williams,

I just want to say thank you. Why? You ask. That is because you come to school PS119 for our PTA’s. Now you are coming to PTC. Parent teacher conferences. You want to help parents have choice again. We do not want to loose kindergarten and first grade.

PS119 should keep kindergarten and first grade. That is because since PS119 first opened we had kindergarten through fifth grade. Why let children k-first grade go to school that’s not in their zones. Then, that school would get a bad report because that child that is not in their zone would be late a lot of times because it would take the child or children a lot of time to get to school. Today you are coming to our school so you can talk to parents. When you do this you bring all the arguments from parents to the rest of the council people. Parents should have the choice to stay at PS119 or a un zoned school.

You have helped us a lot in many ways. I just want to say thank you for all the help you have given school PS119. Thank you very much for your support.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristin Williams

Community Service Essay by Noura

The Legacy Award 2012

Paula Held and Howard Teitelbaum graduated from PS 119 in 1950 and felt that PS 119 really set a wonderful foundation for their future. A few years back they decided they wanted to give back to our school and they created the Legacy Award. This award deals with your Community Service work in and outside of school. Finalists will be chosen from all of the essays submitted and will be interviewed by Paula and Howard in early June and receive a lovely certificate at the Senior Awards Breakfast on June 26th. The top essayists will receive a $100 check on that day and their names will appear in the Final Assembly Program. No matter what though, everyone is a winner when you choose to be a part of something that will advance you and your future. Keep the essay for future reference and share the essay with your Middle School teachers so they can get a clearer sense of your Community Service work. Please read below Ahmad Asif’s essay and start thinking about what your essay will look like. Special thanks to Paula Held, Howard Teitelbaum, Aaron Cohen, Marty Teitelbaum, Mr. Leibel and the Class of 1950.

My Community Service Work at PS 119

Performing Community Service at PS 119 is a pleasure. It is a great pleasure to help my school community. My contributions are important because not only are we helping our school but we are helping other people or animals in need.I have participated in many service projects at my school.

For example, I am a Recycling Intern. Every afternoon at 2:00, I visit classrooms to collect, and make sure that classrooms are recycling properly. This is important to my school community because instead of wasting paper we are recycling so the paper can be reused. This service also helps to save a lot of trees and this helps us because trees give us oxygen.

Another service I perform is a service during lunch time. During lunch I work with my teacher. I assist her with filing of student papers in folders. I also hand out notices to go home if needed. This is important to my class because this gives my teacher more time to check the student’s work.

In addition, I have been a Penny Harvest leader for two years. Being a leader means that I make posters to convince people to participate in the Penny Harvest and bring in their pennies. The Penny Harvest pennies we raise go to support organizations such as: St. Jude’s Research Hospital, two local food pantries, animal rescue organizations and more. I also visited classrooms to collect pennies and speak to the classes about how important the Penny Harvest is. One night I even spoke at the Parents’ Association meeting and shared my poster to convince parents to send pennies with their children to our school. Last year we raised $1,500 and this year we raised $2,000 to give back to our community. My Penny Harvest work changed people’s ideas and persuaded them to help our school help others.

Two other smaller projects I have worked on was the Daffodil Planting Project. I worked with my classmates to plant daffodils in our school garden. This is important because it makes the nature around our school even more beautiful. It is also important because the daffodils give us oxygen, food for insects and a home too. I was also asked to be a 5th grade leader when a 1st/2nd grade class went to meet Clifford at Scholastic for his “Be Big in Your Community Project”. As a leader I helped supervise the children with their materials to design bandanas for dogs in the animal shelters who needed to be adopted and I even created a bandana for the animals too. This service was important because maybe our bandanas will help a homeless animal find a home.

Finally, a big class project that I worked on was a fundraiser for the Pajama Program. The Pajama Program helps children who don’t have a clean and warm pair of pajamas to sleep in at night. These children may be homeless and live in shelters or orphanages. I made posters to encourage children to support the Pajama Program by attending our five- day Nacho Cheese Café, with a $6 donation. At the café I had a job to help my teacher to set up for the Café and to read with the younger students so they could be good readers. After the five-day café we raised enough money to purchase 521 pair of pajamas and I worked with my classmates to fold, package up and deliver each pair to the Pajama Program Distribution Center in Manhattan. This project was important because it helped many children in shelters and orphanages to have a nice clean pair of pajamas to sleep with. They also received a book from Scholastic Books for every pair of pajamas donated. My service was important because it helped the children in my school to be better readers. Plus it gave pajamas and a book to help children in orphanages and shelters. Importantly, I learned to thank God that he gave me nice clean pajamas to wear to bed every single night in my nice, clean home.

In conclusion, from my service work at school, I learned that everything we do helps our community. I learned from all of my service work that many people need help and that I can help them. It really wasn’t hard to do. I learned that helping others is the most important thing that anyone can do in their life.


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