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Garden Poetry Inspired by Common Cents and their Fall Daffodil Donation

In the fall the Common Cents Organization a/k/a the Penny Harvest people donated 1,000 daffodils to PS 119. We worked with many classes and the results are in…they are poetic. Students all over the school are writing poetry and songs and essays dedicated to the beauty of daffodils and the importance of the Community Service it took to plant them around the school. Enjoy our daffodils, oh daffodils…

Nature Poem by Hira

We are out in the garden
Hearing the sparrows “CHIRP!”
The wind blowing
We take a seat
While the sun comes
Kisses our cheek
WE sit down quietly to watch
We see tulips, crocuses and daffodils too
We see tall trees with long branches
Sit there blowing back and forth in the wind
Once before we leave the sun says:
She kisses us on the cheek once more
We walked off hoping
To never forget that day
We promise and we still and hopefully always will
Remember to this day being out in the garden
Where sparrows “CHIRP”

• “Nature is precious gift It will make your spirits lift.” – Hira

Poem for the Peace Garden by Cihan

The Peace Garden
The Peace Garden
How lovely it is
A garden with plants growing
Delicate daffodils
Dancing in the wind
The breeze
How lovely it is
They stand straight and tall
Like soldiers
“Peace is the best!”

Poem 18 by Mark
Crocus, oh crocus
So beautiful
The first flower of Spring
Please never die…

Spring by Mildred

Spring, Spring
Popping Spring
So bright
Bright as can be
Sun is shining
Plants popping
I love Spring

Daffodils Rise by Jahfia
Daffodils rise on new water
The gentle wind blows along
It’s time for Spring
Come Along!
All the pollinators come to cheer
Because Springtime is finally here
Music fills the air
Birds and bees everywhere
We all dance and cheer
Daffodils rise on new water

If I were to be Blind by Tiffani

If I were to be blind
I would miss…
Looking at my beautiful Mom
I would miss her smile
I would miss
Watching her in the kitchen
Cooking lentils
With a little bit of spice
I would miss looking at the rest of my family
I would miss…
I would miss looking at the nature
All around me
I would miss the Peace Garden the most
With daffodils growing so beautiful
in the sun’s light
I would miss…
Looking around so that I don’t fall
I would miss …
Looking at my teacher
And his smile
These are just some of the things
I would miss
If I were to be blind

Daffodils by Damany

Daffodils, daffodils
They will stay with us
Until our last breath
You are my nature
Forever and ever

Daffodils by Alana

See daffodils
See them dancing in the wind
See the leaves dancing about
See the petals sing in the breeze
See the beauty in the air
See the pollen flying in the breeze
Smell the sweet honey
Like rivers of sweet
Slow and smooth
Plant more
So we see more
Sweet dancing from beautiful daffodils

Oh Daffodils by Izhare

Oh daffodils
Oh daffodils
You’re all over the world
You smell like sweet perfume
When people look st the garden…
It looks so beautiful
We will keep you safe daffodils
WE will keep you safe…
In our garden of beauty

Daffodil, Oh Daffodil by Madison
Daffodil, oh daffodil
Watch the water splash on you
In a flash
So yellow
As light and as bright
Like the sun
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet and…
So are you
Daffodil. Of daffodil

Sun by Ayela

Sun, sun you shine on me like grace
Across the meadows
I lover your bright color
I love when you light up everything
I love how you make my day happier

Clouds by Ayela

Clouds, clouds
Sweet cotton candy
Freshly made
Soft, puffy, and sweet

Sprout by Ayela

Sprout, sprout
You will soon grow
Into something very beautiful
Like a miracle
Turning into beauty

Beauty by Ayela

Beauty, beauty
I can see it wherever I go
I see it in the sky the grass and
A smiling daffodil
And nature
Beauty, beauty
I love beauty
I mostly see it in my head

A Flowers Beauty by Ayela

A flowers beauty is my everything
A daffodils beauty is like
a peacock’s feathers flowing gently
in the soft sweet breeze
Swaying elegantly
A big bouquet of sweetness
Daffodils rise in a sunset

The Peace Garden by Kevin

Flowers grow,,,flowers die
Flowers make me want to cry

Another day passes by
I always say “Hi!”

When I am sad, I look down
Remember you are my friend

A Poem by Kermentz

The grass is green
The sproutlings are coming
You wait…
The next day you see them growing
You pour water and you see
Rain falls and you see
All of the leaves
Then you look up…
Why? It’s a tree…

Plants: A Poem by Akeryah

Oh, Oh, Oh
Plants you grow
With sunshine in the way
You have a beautiful color
In your face
You hug my heart
I hug you back
I love the beautiful blooming
In the ground

Magic, Magic by Tiffani

Magic, Magic
In the air
What a beautiful glare
Magic, Magic
From the wand
What nice “stuff” comes
Magic, Magic
I wonder how long
It took them to grow?
In the garden
Magic, Magic

The Bright Flowers by Alana

Flowers came
I saw them
But in seed form
They were very tired
They slept for weeks
Then woke up
In flower form
I thought it was magic
But it was just nature

AAAAH! M-M-Mock Trial Is Here!! By Harpreet Kaur 5-305

On April 19, 2013, Mrs. Anita Thorpe came to 5-305 to give some advise about the Legal Lives project, Mock Trial. We were all pretty good. In fact, one student named Kelan Archibald even received a round of applause. (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!) He had everything (confidence, expressions, and hand gestures.) Anyway, class 5-305 is working even harder this time because Mock Trial is going to be here in no time.

Even after the State Test, class 5-305 has to work hard for other events. For example, Final Assembly, Magnet Expo, and just regular learning. Guess what? We still have to do regular math lessons! When Ms. Rivieccio told us that, I was like “WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NO….NO REALLY, LET’S NOT FOOL AROUND, MAN!” I just couldn’t believe it! “We still have to learn, you know. We don’t only study for the State Test..” AWKWARD…!

Anyways, Ms. Rivieccio has already chosen the fourth- graders who will be participating in Mock Trial. Those people are Aila Choudhary and Gurpreet Multani. (Hope I spelled their names right!) However, it might change. So, BEWARE and BEHAVE! Lol! Just kidding! I don’t want to scare you.

Let’s get back to business. Everybody was doing pretty good when Ms. Anita Thorpe came into our room. We were all pretty good because we are afraid of Ms. Thorpe. Ms. Rivieccio and Ms. Wilson told us about her. (She does seem nicer than how much they exaggerated.) (NO OFFENSE!) However, when Ms. December Francis (our music teacher), came in, everybody was even better. (WHAT A SURPRISE!) She said that we were good but some people still needed to work on their acting and moving. “The people need to feel your pain.” said Ms. Francis when Staphane- Leigh Charles was performing as Ms. Jane Brown. Did you know that at some part during her performance, she has to cry? (Well, fake cry..really.) Nobody can stop laughing when she pretends to cry. IT IS JUST SO FUNNY! LOL! Guess what? Her crying even makes Ms. Rivieccio laugh!!!

Well, I don’t think you know but, did you know that my teacher, Ms. Rivieccio keeps in touch with my last year’s teacher, Ms. Waldron? They talk on the phone EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!! I know what you’re thinking: ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS?? Oh, yes I am. And I don’t know what Ms. Rivieccio told Ms. Waldron but Ms. Waldron is coming up to our classroom during her prep so that she can watch us perform Mock Trial. I got that news from my friend, Christina. She said that Ms. Waldron said that me and her are going to good in Mock Trial because she liked our play that we created last year.(And yes— ME AND MY FRIEND WORKED VERY HARD ON THAT PLAY!) (BTW, MS. RIVIECCIO, I COULDN’T PARAPHRASE WHAT CHRISTINA SAID SO I DIDN’T WRITE A QUOTE!) X(

That’s all I had to say for this week, folks. BTW, we did have to skip Mock Trial practice to study for the State Math Test. Anyway, stay tuned for my next blog posting. I don’t think that that will be anytime soon because we have a lot of work to do for the Magnet Expo. (SORRY I USED THE WORDS ‘A LOT’!) BYE! 🙂


Dear Councilman Williams by Shawn

Dear Councilman Williams,
I would like to thank you very much to coming to P.S.119’s parent teacher conferences. It is very good to see you. I was wishing that you could help accomplish a goal that parents and children want. This goal is that these parents need choice. It’s only fair.
P.S.119 needs choice to help kindergarten and 1st grade stay because many affect can happen on us. You know they are taking away the smallest children in P.S.119. Well they would be automatically sent to P.S.326. This is until 2nd grade. Then when they are done they come here to a grade with state tests. They are not prepared. They all are new. So they only have a couple of months. It’s a poor struggle for them. Another big thing that will happen to them is that those little children won’t have great role models for them. They can’t learn from each other! It’s foolishness. Here at P.S.119 we have 5th graders. They are old and pretty mature.

You know Councilman Williams I don’t have time to explain how bad it will be. Students Take Action Today! Children are signing petitions, making slogans, drawing posters, and writing letters. We are not stopping until we get what we want. I am saying this in the nicest way, but P.S.119 is strong and can’t be defeated. If it was your school, “what would you do?”

Respectfully submitted,
Nicholas Jhagroo

Anti-Bully Rap by Stephane -Leigh Charles 5-305


BY: Stephane – Leigh Charles



Bullying is not cool

Not even at school.

Bullying is mean

It makes people scream.


Bullies think they have fame

But they are just lame.

They say mean words

They call me a nerd.


Bullies grab my lunch money

They think it’s funny

Family members cry

When bullies make children die.


Seek a wise

Even though bullies tell lies

They call me freak

They call me a geek










Dear Councilman Williams by Shawn


Dear Councilman Williams,

Thank you for helping P.S.119 in a number of ways. Now we really need help. P.S.119 is losing choice. Please help us through drastic measures.
P.S.119 is a great choice for young kids hoping to aspire in education. Here at P.S.119, we are not only ethical, but we are great. Not only can you learn, but you can also establish great friendships. P.S.119 is a great learning society.
Even kids are trying to help bring back choice. They are going around with petitions asking many people to sign it. Maybe you can, too. Please use your voice to bring back P.S.119’s choice.
Thank you in advance for your efforts in helping us bring back our choice. Once again, please use your voice to bring back P.S.119’s choice. Thank you.

Shawn, 5-305

AAHH! Mock Trial Is Coming! By Harpreet Kaur 5-305

As you all know, the State Test is about to come. I hope you all are studying! You don’t want to get left back! Well, you might be nervous. However, class 5-305 has more to worry about. Don’t believe me huh? Well, just a little fact to tell you is that the Legal Lives project Mock Trial is a WEEK after the New York State! Class 5-305 has DOUBLE the tension! AAHH!

It’s been a while I haven’t made a blog posting. One of the reasons is because there is nothing new going on besides Ms. Rivieccio saying ”The Mock Trial is coming! You guys better be studying to memorize your parts!” You guys wanna know a secret? After hearing that, I start thinking that it is not really ‘serious fun’ anymore. Also, I freak out because I start thinking about when I reach the Supreme Court and I mess up. THAT IS SO HUMILIATING! I will let my whole class down! However, Ms. Rivieccio does encourage us most of the time. She says “Working hard and losing is one thing. That I will let go. However, not working hard and losing I will not bear.” In fact, my friend Christina asked a graduated student from P.S. 119 how it feels to participate in Mock Trial. He/she said “One thing. If the class doesn’t make it, Ms. Rivieccio will FREAK out.” I thought ” HA! LOL!”

Most of the students in 5-305 memorized their parts. OOO LA LA! I know a person in the class who didn’t memorize their part! I’m telling! Oh man! That person is me! (Ms. Rivieccio, if you are reading this I’ll say “I’M SORRY! I’M TOTALLY WORKING AS HARD AS I CAN!”) Anyways, EVERYBODY is working as hard as they could. By the way, the whole class is hoping that they will get a PARTY after we hopefully win first place. Hopefully, our dear teacher Ms. Rivieccio WILL give us a party after our HARD work! Pwetty pwease?

SORRY TO EVERYBODY since this blog posting was very short and their was barely any information. Again, there is nothing fun or exiting going on that is related to the Legal Lives project Mock Trial. My teacher is preparing us SO much for the State Test that all I can hear in my ear is Ms. Rivieccio ringing a bell in my ear that keeps reminding me of the brain- sucking State Test. Again, I’m really sorry. All I can tell you right now is to stay tuned for my next blog posting, which will probably after the math State Test. I hope Ms. Anita Thorpe or Ms. Jessica Wilson come and tell us something exciting about the Legal Lives project, Mock Trial. BYE!



Testing by Furqan Khan 4-203E

Testing, it’s a pain in the butt

It gave me a cut.

So much stress

I need to rest

This is hurting me in my breast.

1 minute left.

I’m up to my long response.

This is my only chance

Then on April 23, its ballroom dance.

So i’ll make this good.

Then all continue with my brotherhood.

I’m tired and 13 seconds remain.

What will i do.

I hope it rains.

I need to know the main idea

I hope I don’t get diarrhea!

I am sick of

All this testing.

To end – in my mind I’m begging.

Oh why.

Test – please die.

I hate this test but I did my best.

It has to hurt my brain.

This is not a game.

TESTING!!!!!!!     PAINFUL!!!!!!!




Yoga at PS 119 by Ms. Laurie Basloe




In the fall of 2012, Ms. Fernandez expressed her interest to fellow yogi, Ms. Basloe, about wanting to start a yoga program for the students of P.S. 119. Ms. Basloe was thrilled about the idea and contacted yoga guru and world renowned teacher, Elena Brower, who put her in contact with yoga mat company, Manduka. Anyone who knows about yoga knows the incredible quality of Manduka mats! The company was incredibly accommodating and agreed to donate 50 yoga mats to help us kick off our yoga program. We are eternally grateful for their generosity! Check out the fabulous pictures of our students practicing on their brand new Manduka mats.

Manduka Yoga Mats
To quote the Mission Statement found on Manduka.com:
Manduka is more than eco-conscious yoga gear. Manduka is LOVE. 
Love for what we do and love for the teachers and students we do it for.
Your passion inspires ours.
With a little love (and some sweat) we can
Create amazing things together.
LOVE takes practice.


Rest in Peace Boston by Harpreet

Rest in Peace Boston by Harpreet Kaur Multani

This poem is dedicated to those lost during the Boston Marathon.

Ready, set, Go!
The whistle that signaled
the start of the marathon blew
I was running as fast as I could
My eardrums felt like bombs popping
I didn’t know that would really happen
All of a sudden I hear people screaming
And a sound that totally freaked me out
I tried to concentrate
toward the finish line
I thought that I would see:
my family members
flowers waiting for me
Instead, I see smoke, fire
and people running
I suddenly stop
12 seconds later,
Another bomb explodes
This time I see blood floating in the sky
Instead of tears of joy or natures tears
Or cherry blossom petals
Blood floats in the air
I ran as fast as I could
I guess this was a marathon
However it was not the marathon
I was expecting
It was a marathon of danger, loss
and my own survival

It has been five hours after the bombing
The incident
All I can say is that WE, the PEOPLE
Need to find a solution to everything
Whether it’s bullying, terrorist attacks bombing and random, senseless attacks
They all cause loss
Ready, set…LIVE!

The First Day of School by Dulene with Glow and Grow Letter by Mrs. Berretta



The First Day of School by Dulene Pierre

It was a sunny day and it was the first day of school. I took a shower and put on my uniform with my new purple shirt. I love purple.

At exactly 7:30 I started to walk outside. I wondered what the first day would be like?

I ate breakfast at school and I saw Dania. I gave her a BIG hug. She was so glad to see me.

A few minutes later, I walked to the schoolyard and waited for my teacher. It was a woman. Her name was Mrs. Pierce. I wasn’t surprised. For all my years in school, I always had a woman teacher. Mrs. Pierce was so nice.

I walked up to the classroom . She gave us our seats and my name was not spelled right on the nametag. It was spelled Duleen but my name is spelled Dulene. Since it was the first day, I didn’t get sad, I stayed cool and just told Mrs. Pierce and she changed it right away.

Mrs. Pierce took the attendance. She took one look at me and said, “You look like your brother Yveemira.” I thought to myself, “Well that’s the truth. I do look like my brother Yvee Pierre”

Mrs. Pierce talked about everything like supplies and the things we are going to learn in the fourth grade.
Later in the day, we worked on some math.

At 12:00 it was lunchtime and we lined up to go to the lunchroom. When we sat down for lunch I was sitting between Tiara and Ailhuce.

After lunch we did a little more work and copied our homework in our planners. All we had to do was show a letter to our parents.

That day I did all of my homework, played a little bit and told my mom and dad about my day.

That night I went to sleep and thought to myself…I had a great first day of school.


October 3, 2012
Dear Dulene,

I love your story “The First Day of School” for many reasons. Here is what glowed/shined in your writing:
• Vivid details which put pictures in my head.
• Very specific with time. For example you said you left your house at “7:30”.
• Nice use of dialogue by giving Mrs. Pierce a voice.
• Your story had a clear beginning, middle and an end.

Here are some of my grow comments. Grow comments are comments I make to help your grow your writing to be the very best. I hope you understand that. My job is to make you a great writer. Here are my grows: I want you to know that the bolded text is where I made some suggestions to make the writing better. For example, you used the word, “Then” quite a bit to begin sentences and I tried to show you different ways to move time along such as: A few minutes later; Later in the day; and That night. These phrases make the reading interesting for the reader. Also, I bolded text when I thought you could have been more specific. I did what I could but perhaps you could tell me exactly what type of math you were doing and we can revise and add it on. Or you could tell me what exactly you ate for breakfast on the first day of school so I can taste it too. I would also like to know what you played when you went home. I love to get pictures in my head. In addition I added some internal thought when I included that your “wondered what the first day of school would be like”, as you walked to school. Finally, I thought I would help you with a nice ending where you were in your bed and you are thinking to yourself that it was a great day. Internal thought is a nice way to end any story and it shows that we are being reflective or really thinking deeply about our personal experiences.

In conclusion Dulene, do not take any comments personally. We are all here to work together to be the best we can be. Love yourself and never doubt that you are the hardest worker I know.
Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Berretta


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