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The Louisiana Purchase by Furqan Khan of 4-203E


A major figure involved in the Louisiana Purchase was Thomas Jefferson. Also, there were people that were sent to buy the Louisiana Territories like Robert Livingston. There was also his partner with him, James Monroe. Robert and James were going to buy the Louisiana Territories from Napoleon Bonaparte.

         What happened was that the Louisiana Territories were being bought by Thomas Jefferson. Something else the USA did was paying fifteen million dollars for the Louisiana Territories. What happened because of that? What happened because of that was that people got angry at Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon, however, was okay with this. He had enough money to pay for his damages. He had got in to lots of fights.

This amazing event was established on July 4, 1803. This event was disestablished October 1, 1804. This happened for a little more than a year. This event took place in the United States. It also took place in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. The United States of America was growing rapidly. Then they heard about the western territories. They heard about how it produced crops and livestock. So, people expanded to the western territories. Then Thomas Jefferson thought “these people are leaving to the western territories and I need some people”. Then he had an idea. He could have bought the Louisiana Territories. Then, he could gain back the people who he had lost. Even though he had to pay fifteen million dollars, to him it was worth it.

  In conclusion, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, James Monroe, and Napoleon were major figures of the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territories. This event was established on July 4, 1803. The event was disestablished on the first of October 1804. This event took place at the United States of America, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. The Louisiana Territories were bought because the USA was growing rapidly, but people found about how well the Western Territories were. Then the people expanded to the Western Territories. Thomas Jefferson wanted more people, so he bought the Louisiana Territories. Then he finally had more people in his country, which is the United States of America. Thank you for reading this. I hope you learned something new!

Penny Harvest Edited Work by The One and Only Furqan Khan of Class 4-203E

This is a report of the analysis the amazing class in P.S. 119. The class is 4-203 E. They are the fourth –grade class. This happened either in November, December, or January. This happened because the poor needed wealth. They barely or didn’t have any money.  During this report, reporter Furqan Khan will be telling the analysis of week 1,2,3,4, and 5.

       Week 1- The first week of penny harvest class 4-203 E had made 16 pounds/lbs of pennies. Furqan Khan of 4-203 E in his head said” This is alright; I think we can do better”. The class 4-203 E was complaining a little. I thought it was good anyway, even though they only had 16 lbs. “Oh, well, nobody is perfect.” Furqan Khan of 4-203 E had to say.

        Week 2- Furqan Khan had brought in 261 pennies. Also Muhammad Husnain also had brought in tremendous amount of pennies. 4-203 E dropped by 4 pounds/lbs. The score was like a part of a rocket that broke and went down, down, down. Looks like less people bought pennies in week 2.

         Week 3- Class 4-203 E only had 2.5 pounds/lbs of pennies. Can you believe that?!! Furqan Khan thought he was going to faint when he found this shocking news. Now this was unbelievable news for some kids in 4-203 E. If you want to start having a queen as a teacher, 203 should bring in more pennies because if all of this added up class 4-203 E would know that they would need to work hard to have a queen and a delicious munchkin and pizza party.

          Week 4 –This was a really shocking to Furqan Khan and to the rest of the class. Class 4-203 E had 0 pounds/lbs. The class would just never believe it. Furqan Khan’s stomach growled when this shocking news appeared. It wasn’t a hungry growl. This time that rocket fell down.

           Week 5, – The last week for penny harvest was good. Class 4-203 E woke up and made 18 pounds/lbs for week 5. The total was approximately 60 lbs. This time 4-203 E fixed that rocket and skyrocketed all the way to the most pounds of pennies in all 5 weeks. Furqan Khan said” The other classes, I bet have more than 60 pounds/lbs”. 4-203 E knew that they still had helped the world become wealthier.

         In conclusion, week 1 4-203 E had made 16 pounds/lbs. Week 2 they had made 12 pounds/lbs. Week 3 they have made 2.5 pounds/lbs. Week 4 they have made 0 pounds/lbs. Week 5 they have made 18 pounds. In all 4-203 E had made approximately 60 lbs.

Slavery By: Aliyah Carswell 4-203

Slavery  was that people were treaated like property. They were bought and sold. Most slaves were seperated from there families. Slaves had to work hard for there slave owners. They did not get paid for that hard work. This is about slaves and what they had to do.

The president at this time was Abraham Lincoln. He refused to have slavery.He thought slavery was a bad thing. There were slaves in the South. So all the Southern slaves went to the North for freedom. This is about slavery and the president at the time.

Abraham Lincoln one day took a paper and started to write the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation was a writing that stopped slavery. Abraham Lincoln was proud of that and also all of the slaves. This is about the Emancipation Proclamation.

In conclusion, slavery was  bad. There was a civil war against the North and South but it stopped when slavery was over. Abraham Lincoln died in April 15, 1865 at 7:22.He was 56 years old. The reason why Abraham lincoln died was because he got shot by John Wilkes Booth in the back of his head because Wilkes disagreed with president Lincoln about slavery. This is about slavery and how it ended.


Derek Reviews Winter Concert (Aaron 5-305)

 Hey it’s Derek, and I’ll be reviewing the Winter Concert at P. S. 119. It was amazing. Haven’t seen anything like it. The perfect recorder playing, the amazing singing, and the STEPtacular steps, to the dancers. And let’s not forget that rhythm beat. I now see why Aaron spent a large part of his free time making this collage, and spent more time figuring out how to post it in the media area. Made it at pixlr.com/editor/
Winter Concert

Series 1. Help P.S.119 with the Kindergarten and First grade classes


I have heard about the unexpected news.We need help for our school. If we dont have kindergarten and first grade what are we going to do now.P.S.119 MIGHT BECOME AN ONZONE SCHOOL. Once again we need your help.This is not good.Parents deserves a vote, kids deserves a vote as well. We all need a vote.EVERYBODY HELP US PLEASE.IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT FOR P.S.119? 


Mr. Fields Class Goes to The Old Stone House with Mr. Johnson

Located in a reconstructed 1699 Dutch farmhouse that was central to the Battle of Brooklyn, the Old Stone House is a museum and community resource that explores the American Revolution, colonial life and Brooklyn.

First Day of Spring! Breanna King 4-210


Winning Science Fair Projects 2013

Honorable Mention: José Melo – Color Splash
Ethan Palmer – Plants Grow From Seeds
Khalil Matthews- Can A Bean Turn Into A Plant?
Class Project – Creating Colors

First: Roxanna Cabrera – Color Star
Second: Hardeep Multani- Salt & Pepper Separator
Third: Ariel Palmer – Plants Grow From Seeds

All Honorable Mention
Suleila Clarke – Counting Chocolate Chips
Aaron Palmer – Plants Grow From Seeds
Class Project – Can I Change the Color of Bubbles?

First: Emily Persaud – What’s More Dense?
Second: Elijah Bennett – How Do We Remove The Shell of An Egg?
Third: Hanfaa Abdul – Which M&M Color Melts the Fastest?
Honorable Mention: Logein Mukhtar – Can Plants Grow Without Water?

First: Je-Reis Johnson – My Homemade Lava Lamp
Second: Honesty Jean – Rainbow Celery
Third: Aiden Canery – Grape Juice Chemical Reaction
Honorable Mention: Harry Louis – Floating Egg

First: Kassidy Tucker – Which Toothpaste Cleans Best?
Second: Sklyar Mayers – MOLD
Third: Dulce Aguilar – Soggy Potatoes
Honorable Mention: Clinton Mayers – Making An Egg Float in Salt Water

First: D’Andre McRae – Is Homemade Glue as Strong as Elmer’s Glue?
Second: Reina Thomas Mohammed – Density Column
Third: Janell Bartholomew – Homemade Glue
Honorable Mention:
Jahmari Bradshaw – Density Experiment
Malachi Vilfort- All About Electromagnets
Alexis Cabrera – Super Strong Eggs

First: Aniyah Reyes – Balloon Test
Second: Matthew Plaza – Potato Clock
Third: Rimaz Elmosbah – Dissolved Gas

First: Ayela Janjua – Suspension Bridges
Second: Mark Meertins- Polymers
Third: Richard Lee- The Effect of Air Pressure on an Object
Honorable Mention:
Hira Nasir- Enamel Testing
Jahfia Horsford – Static Electricity Actions
Madison Ramnath- The Water Cycle

First: Randy Umana-Sanchez – Which Liquid Can Break the Bond Between Copper & Oxygen?
Second: Sidra Qureshi – How to Mix Food Coloring with Soap
Third: Kayla Nesbitt – Potato Battery
Honorable Mention:
Keyla Rapalo – How Long Does It Take To Stain Teeth with Coffee, Tea or Coke?
Jaden Bartholomew – Jaden’s Dehydrated Potato
Tatiana Jean – Magic Milk Swirl
Marlon Blackman – Oobleck – Solid or Liquid?

First: Crystal Montrose – Plants’ Tolerance to Solutions
Second: Darren Moulate – Does It Dissolve?
Third: Nafeesa Islam – Changes in Matter
Honorable Mention:
Ahamed Ali – How Matter Changes

First: Sateen Rambharose – How To Inflate a Balloon With Vinegar & Baking Soda
Second: Khuspreet Kaur – Floating Egg
Third: Isiah Baez – Color Changing Fizz
Honorable Mention:
Denika Roberts – How To Make Sugar Water, Salt Water & Fresh Water
Andyann Ellis – Creating A Gas – CO2
Damone Miller – What’s The Matter? Solutions & Suspensions

First: Sheldon Kemp – Salt Water Density – Zuri Kwesi – Which has More Sugar? Rock Candy or Honey Cake?
Second: Furqan Khan – How Static Electricity Affects Water / Aila Choudhary – Filling a Balloon with Air Using Mentos & Soda
Third: Gurpreet Multani – Brushing Time – Nathaniel Silva – Is Cabbage Like a Chameleon?
Honorable Mention:
Ethan Garnett – Can You Bend Light?
Rabia Asif – Checking The Dyes in Candy
Shanjita Pasha – Which Liquids Produce More CO2?

First: Jushawn Seales – Pop To The Top
Second: Kiland Bharath – Animal Habitats
Third: Cierra Bowles-Louis – The Temperature of Water and How Fast It Will Freeze
Honorable Mention: Josephus Brown – Lift a Book with Air

First: Sabrina Berquin – Osmosis of a Potato
Second: Kayla Layne – Food Chains and Food Webs
Third: Shane Lewis – Your Planetary Age
Honorable Mention:
Juliana Lewis – Sugar Crystals
Aneesa Zaragosa – How to Make Plastic Out of Milk
Emaddudin Khan – Bouncy Egg

Honorable Mention:
Dennis Morgan- Water Cycle
Christian Hernandez – Earth’s Movements
Keaton McNichols – Friction

First: Tristan Holder – Electricity Through Lemons
Second: Fady Aziz – How to Make a String Phone
Third: Steward Cantave – Light for Growth
Honorable Mention: Nyles Adams – Collecting Micro-Meteorites

First: Asim Ali – Relationship Between Depth & Pressure
Second: Sarah Ahmad – Which Fruit Juice Has The Most Vitamin C?
Third: Shakira Baksh – Electromagnet
Honorable Mention: Teresa Juarez – Glowing Water
Carlos Martinez – Rising Heat
Shanaya Whiteman – Ocean In A Bottle

First: Josiah Thorpe – Effect of Length, Mass & The Arch on the Frequency of a Pendulum
Second: Kyle Walker – Water Tornado
Third: Sobia Afzal – Molecules
Honorable Mention: Damani Martin – Earth’s Movements
Monica Delaluz – Mixture of Baking Soda & Vinegar
Jaden Bien-Aime – How to Make Your Own Rainbow

First: Jania Robinson – Glow in the Dark
Second: Lincoln Mayers – Shaking for Suds – Which Type of Water Cleans the Best
Third: Justin Joseph – Current Electricity Procedure
Honorable Mention: David Mareus – Which Battery Works Better for Toy Cars?

First: Ethan Labady- Cold & Heat Insulation Project
Second: Kelan Archibald – Spinning Motors
Third: Muazma Hussain – Mint’s Cooling Effect
Honorable Mention: Sajjawal Choudhary – Screaming Balloons
Aaron Dorsainvil – Do Sunspots Affect Temperature?
Aaliyah James – Exploding Candy
Stephane-Leigh Charles – Dancing Raisins
Diana Khan – Dissolving Solutes
Starr Brooks – Blind Spot
Christina Alexis – Can Liquid Be Squashed?


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