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Ms. Berreta’s homework Keshon Blackman 4-310

Dear David,

I  think your curious and humorous. I am going to tell you why you are a gift to the world.

Do you remember  when you were doing that dance to a song in third grade?  I think that was humorous. I think you should be a comedian because your the only person that can answer why did the chicken cross the road in a funny way. I think you are also curious. I think your curious because during a lesson you would ask a question that nobody thought of.

Did Betsy Ross Really Create The American Flag? By Christina 5-305

Many people think that it was Besty Ross who created the American flag. Other people think that George Washington created the flag. Others think that Besty Ross created the flag, and George  Washington took all the credit for it. But the question really is, are any of those rumors true?

During this time, I wasn’t here you wasn’t here, so we dont know if the rumors were true. I know that there are 5 myths of the American Flag. I found these on the internet. Those 5 are:

1. Betsy Ross made the American flag.

2. The red, white, and blue colors symbolize American sacrifice.

3. The Plegde of Allegiance has been said in the congress for a long time.

4. It is illegal to burn the American flag.

5. It is OK to wear a stars and stripes T-shirt.


So, this is the mystery that nobody can solve. Maybe you acn solve it, but I assure you that it is going to be the hardest case that you ever solved in your life. But just remember: these 5 myths are your first clue. Good luck! 😀

PAWS FOR READING: A LIFE Changing Program By Christina

From the beginning of September to December 14th scholastic.com creating a program called PAWS FOR READING. This was a program that includes donating one book to a homeless child for every 20 minuets that we read. There were two teams: Cats and Dogs. In the end, the teams who read the most minutes would win the competition. But there were also top readers. Those readers got a PAWS FOR READING wallpaper that could also be used as a gift wrap. Those top readers were:

Top Readers

Sara Brenda

Harpreet Kour Multani

Miryam Juarez

Stephanie Charles

Kensciana Charles

Sajjwal Choudhary

Christina Alexis

Kristin Williams

Muazma Hussain

The cats read 77,634 minuets and donated 3,881 books. The dogs read 77,148 minutes and donated 3,857 books. Altogether class 5-305 donated 7,738 books. Some of the kids in 5-305 had this to say.

Harpreet Kaur Multani- “I think PAWS for Reading is a wonderful opportunity for kids to receive books and for other kids to develop their reading skills.”

Stephanie Charles – “It is fantastic. Love is being shared out by giving books.”

Audrey Sanchez- “This is a good opportunity to help people and kids who need books. It was fun.”

Diana Khan- “The fact that every minute counts makes me jollier than ever.”

Muazma Hussain – “A book will make a great Christmas gift just by reading. It is overwhelming to me to see that many kids around the world will be overjoyed.”

Christina Alexis- “Considering the fact we just had a Pajama Drive, and that the nation donated over 100,000,000 books, I dont think that anything else would warm our hearts.”


A Thrilling Masquerade Parade!

Pajama Party! Folding, Packing, Eating Nachos & Delivering the PJs!

Class 5-303 with Genevieve Piturro @ Pajama Drive Headquarters with Mrs. Berretta, Mrs. Slack and me (the guy with the funny tie).

PJ People Party!

And here is all the fun (and hard work) leading up to the PJ Delivery! 521 Pairs of PJs for NYC area kids in need. We came in first in NY State and third in the country after NJ and PA for raising funds and buying PJs! Awesome work Mrs. Berretta, Ms. Davis, 5-303 and ALL of the little people who helped – seriously I do mean little people.


Contest – First to solve this gets…


… ask Ms. Snow.



This is Amazing! Math is Cool!


Hurricane Sandy By Christina 5-305

Everyone in P.S.119 is alive after the tragic storm Hurricane Sandy. Sure, we have power, homes,clothes, and other things of that kind. But think about the people who dont have what we have. They are still suffering from Sandy, with their homes torn down or burnt to the ground. That is what we need to think about. So OK, you dont have any TV for a few weeks, but you have a home, you have a family, and you are also lucky that you have a life! Many people dont have what you have once agian. There are reasons that people lost their lives. They didnt evacutate when told by the news, some people stayed outside DURING the storms. Also many people left out candles when they lost power. The candles fell, and that is what started the fire.

In conclusion, there are reasons why these things happen to people and there are reasons why we should be grateful about what we have in life. If you have food, and you dont want it, dont throw it away! Save it or give it to someone else. That shows that we care for the people without food.


Ireland suffered a terrible disaster which caused Irish to emigrate to America for a better life. It  was the Potato Famine.Potato crops were being wiped out by blight. Blight is a plant disease caused by insects or rain, which causes the plant to rot. Irish were famous for their potatoes and and they ate potatoes each day.They also emigrated because of religious prosecution. Most Irish people were Catholics. At that time Great Britain was the ruler of Ireland. Soldiers were commanded to kill Catholics. Irish heard that in America there was freedom and glory. They also heard  there was plenty to eat in America. Irish were really poor so they had few money to make the trip. They barely had money for the trip. When they arrived in America they begged on streets for money. This became a bad expression on Americans. When job advertisements came, at the bottom of each advertisement it said does not apply to Irish. But the Irish grouped together and became stronger. They started constructing and showing off their skills. They didn’t give up. Irish tried to learn from the Americans the way of living.They were forced to live in cellars. There was no other way to make money then have Irish women work as maids in wealthy American houses. The boss was always ruid and didn’t let the maids take a break. Irish weren’t surprised to see the new life in America.

Watch The Colors Disappear! By Mamunur Bhuiyan class 4-203E

you will need:

.colored crayons,




.jam jar lid,

.wool needle, [the wool needle should be about a meter long].

First, draw a circle on the cardboard using the jam jar lid, and then cut the circle out. Secondly, find the center by cutting a similar sized circle in papers and folding it into quarters. Open it out and the point where the lines cross is the center. Then, mark the center of the cardboard circle. Divide the circles into 6 parts and color each section differently using red , orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet or make a pattern of your  own patterns. , After that, with the needle or the point of the scissor, make 2 small holes in either sides of the center of the circle, one centimeter apart. Thread the wool through both holes and then, knot the ends together to make a loop. Finally, put one finger  in each loop and twist up the wool by spinning your hands together.


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