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Getting Ready For The Spelling Bee By Nicholas Jhagroo 5-305

Every year  at my school p.s.119, the fifth grade always has an annual spelling bee. Well this year I, Nicholas Jhagroo was in it. At first I was a little bit worried about it because then i knew i would have to study a lot for this big event. Then, at the end of November 29th, 2012, the ‘big day’ I went through the whole thing and got a big win!

During the time I had to study I was not wasteful and studied. This was not really hard though because I looked at the definition and was tested by my parents. Eventually, after time passed I was ready for it. Then I noticed delays happening with the spelling bee with the hurricane that had passed us which was Hurricane Sandy. We had to postpone it a few times. This made me now worried because I just wanted to get it over and done with. After a while, me and my friend were finally going to do it. When I saw the whole crowed watching me, I was astonished. It was smaller than I thought it would be. I lasted for a couple a rounds and then my partner got out. I was alone and that’s when I got really nervous.

Soon, there were only two people left and that’s where I won. The other person got the word ” auditorium” wrong but i got it right. Then came the final word. It was “valuable”. I spelled it like ” VAL-U-ABLE.” Then I learned that being prepared was the right thing to do because the at the end my hard studying payed off.

Christmas is Here!!!! by Starr Brooks 5-305

Hy everyone Its that time of year . Gather around  christmas here  . Jump joy, play around ,holiday season is super near . Faraway  now totally here .tree’s presents come  our   way” fun and exiting”is what i  say.video games and all sorts of things once i got a rock and roll guitar.my brother told me to rock hard.snow may come yes or no.wouldn’t it be nice to see just plain white snow.its here now ,the parents are probably scared.so now we know christmas is here.

The Great Lakes by Gurpreet Kaur Multani and Amaya Mayers

        Did you learn about the Great lakes, well if you don’t know about the Great lakes I will tell you in this informational essay. If you learned about the Great lakes please still read, ENJOY.                                                                                                       There are five great lakes.Lake Superior is 31,700 miles in surface area and lake superior is the widest lake in the u.s. . Lake Michigan is 22,390 miles.Lake Erie is 116 miles wide and is the smallest lake from the five lakes.Lake Huron is 3,827 miles.Lake Ontario is 712 miles.


Great lakes were  made by glaciers making holes in the land which made the great lakes separate .

This is a painting of the great lakes.

Great Lakes by 4-203E

The Great Lakes are Superior, Michigan, Ontario, Huron & Erie. Superior because of its name suggests this is the largest. This is true. Lake Ontario borders the Canadian province with the same name. Which is your favorite?

PS 119: Amersfort School of global & Ethical Studies” Penny Harvest Stats by Class

Teachers have fun with math using the Penny Harvest Stats to:

1) Create bar charts by grade and class

2) Create bar charts by the overall total weight for each class.

3) Have students round results for the bar charts to the nearest 10 pounds.

4) Find the: Mean, Median and the Mode for the stats

5) Use the results to write as if the student was a sports reporter  broadcast or print/news reporting on how the classes look in the first week of the harvest. Ask them to include quotes and interview classmates. Remember reporters report the 5W’s and report only the facts and get opinions from those they interview.

6) Ask students to write a 3 paragraph letter to someone to persuade them to support the harvest. Ask them to include the stats from this weeks results.

7) Have fun and thanks for supporting the harvest across the curriculum!

CLASS     # of lbs.

3-102      27.25
1/2-103   26
K/104     1.5
K/105     13
K/106     14
2/107       6
1/110      23
3/201     13.5
4/202    27
4/203    16
3/204    62
3/205    35
4/206    23
3/207    15
3/4/5 210    7

5/301    27.5
5/302      2
5/303    27.5
5/304    18
5/305    24
4/310    19.5
Est. Total Wt.   427.5

President Obama is Victorious by Zuri

President Obama was victoriously re-elected as the 44th President of the United States. The election took place on Tuesday, November 6th 2012 in the United States. Obama received 332 Electoral College votes. If you have at least 270 votes, congratulations, you’re President of the United States. With the Popular Vote President Barack Obama had 51% of the votes and Mitt Romney had 49% of the vote. Therefore President Obama is President again for a second term. Ms. Golda Smith of Brooklyn had this to say about the election: “I am elated that the elections are finally over and we can as a nation get back on track.”

Follow The Drinking Gourd – Quilt Codes Digital Art Project



The quilt patterns, used in a certain order, relayed messages to slaves preparing to escape. Each pattern represented a different meaning. Some of the most common were “Monkey Wrench”, “Star”, “Crossroads”, and “Wagon Wheel”. Quilts slung over a fence or windowsill, seemingly to air, passed on the necessary information to knowing slaves. As quilts hung out to air was a common sight on a plantation, neither the plantation owner nor the overseer would notice anything suspicious. It was all part of a day’s work for the slaves. – Underground Railroad Quilt Codes (Owen Sound’s Black History)


Students will download the quilt grid below and open it in Paintbrush. Using the line tool, curved line tool and other brush tools, students will create various quilts using the QUILT CODE website as a guide.



The Wrongs of People throwing away someone’s Blog Posting by Furqan Khan 4-203E

Hi, its me Furqan Khan. Today I want to write to P.S.119 of how people throw other peoples blog postings in the trash. It certainly is not fair to other people. How would you like it if someone threw a really valuable blog posting away. You would not like that. Mr. Jump I suggest you should make everyone passwords because my play was trashed too. People are  sticking there nose and throwing other people’s work away. I promise its not me.

Hurricane Sandy Poem by: Sapphire H 5-305

Hurricane Sandy went away
We live to see another day
The power went out I started to pout
Some people had floods
There was trees on the floor
The water is hitting hard on your door
It tears your house apart but you have a heart.
So open your hearts, tears, and joy to every single girl and boy
They lost their homes and belongings to they did not know exactly what to do
Help these people the red cross did
Those children need help so you don’t want to kid
They really need help
help them now you will be known as a hero so you can bow.
You made people suffer you made people cry,
we all had to surrender although some for us said good bye.

Endangered Animal! by Mamunur Bhuiyan 4-203E

There is a endangered animal I am looking forward to study about. The endangered animal I am looking forward to study about is a White Rhinoceros.

A White Rhino is very large, and grayish. White Rhinos mainly lives in Africa, and some parts of Asia, in a grassland with water, and trees. The Rhino’s horn is the special feature of their body. White Rhinos are herbivores so, it eats plants like grass, it is very easy for them to find their food because their food is all around their habitats. The White Rhinos are endangered by becoming extinct because a lot of people want their horns to make food medicine. The people who does not want White Rhino horns to make medicine are trying to help make the White Rhino population improve.

I want to help the White Rhino population improve, and why don’t you try help make the White Rhino population improve.


LEARN A LOT MORE ABOUT WHITE RHINOCEROS AT http://www. save the rhino. org/ rhino info





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