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The Day That Monique Found Out That She Had Another Sister: Sapphire 5-305

It all started July 9, 2012 my dad and I just came from watching Madagascar two then we watched some fireworks.We had a great time I had the popcorn he had the juice. Then we started talking about how do the people make the fireworks shoot into the sky.Then that is when he blurted it out and said “you have another sister”. It was hurting me on the insides that he never told me before. Then he told me that him and my grandmother were keeping it a secret. Then my mom called “Monique come get your dinner” and I came down and was eating my dinner. I told my mother thinking that she already knew and she said”I never knew how much that was hurting  you how come you never told me from before” and I was scared because part of me wanted to cry and part of me just wanted to say I do not want another sister. So then it came that I went to go visit my aunt and I asked my dad who is the car seat for he said your little sister. Monique had alot of things going through her mind now that her parents were divorced. Atlast they reached Monique’s aunt house and they greeted each other then she said did she meet ruby yet and her father said no. In monique’s mind she was thinking who is ruby I guess we will find out. Monique arrived back at her grandmothers house and what she hears is a baby and starts getting furious. Then monique heard the two year old say daddy that made her even more furious then she walked into the kitchen and at the corner of her eye she saw a little girl and just walked right past her. Then started crying because she thought that the little girl would replace her in the family. Now Monique and Ruby love each other equally and fairly.     The End

My Halloween Little Story Part: 1 (Aaron 5-305)

Travis  Hey welcome to S. P. A. N. S. T. E. .R, a agency specifically for monsters and humans who need detectives. And if we play my cards right, I trick them into letting me drink their blood. And let me use their skin so I don’t turn pale. ” Hey T!” Derek called over to me. His werewolf fur is very hard to manage, along with Sapphire’s head full of snakes. Look directly in them, and you are basically a statue in a museum. ” Derek.” I responded back to Derek. ” Have you seen three little pigs? There my missing lunch. One was supposed to become bacon, one ham, and one on a large plate with the eyeballs cut out, oohhhhhhhh juicy eyeballs, and an apple in their mouth.” Derek explained. ” I don’t understand other monsters eating habits. Why eat the entire person or animal, when you can just have their insides. Blood, pancreas, y’know internal organs. But back to the answer, they just took the train yelling ‘ That guy say he’s a good guy, but he wants to eat us!  ‘ ” I explained. He began growling. That over-sized dog . . .

To Be Continued . . .

10 Steps To Getting Alot Of Candy On Halloween By: Sapphire

  • First you will need a bag or pillow or bucket
  • Next you will have to  sing the trick or treating song
  • After that you will go to every house on the block and then come around again
  • If  they say they gave you before then say no because I barely have candy
  • Then you can either go home and change into another costume or just sing the the trick or treating song again
  • Think of all the houses that gave alot of candy last year and then make a  map
  • Do not wear a costume that people will remember
  • Start trick or treating early so you can have even more candy and more time to get to other houses
  • Go home and empty your bag if you think it is full so you can get another round of candy
  • Compliment people to get extra

That is all the steps you need to get atleast 21 pounds of candy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurricane Sandy Is In Town By: Stephane-Leigh Charles

Sunday night at 7pm the storm started. I was going nuts. But I was more than crazy. Some of my family members were laughing. I was asking tons of questions.  I asked “is the storm big and will there be a flood?” I my cousin’s head he might of been saying  this girl has to learn. I went Church and everyone said to be safe. When I got home I ate and I went to put some warm clothes on. Then the Hurricane had started. I was scared because my mom said that the same storm happened in Haiti. But she said is okay. The winds are so cold. They knocked my hat on the wet streets. I watched the news in some places the wheather is not so good. I was sad when they said there will be no school. I was giong to learn fun things. Also I was going to have a test. Well good bye have to help some people out.


Q: Do you know who created the American flag that is the recent flag today? You may not know but it is Betsy Ross. You may have heard of her. Q: What is  the flag contest? In history after the revolutionary war there was a contest in specifically citizens of the Great America had to design crucial  flags.

Q:  Who made the last official flag and when?

A:Betsy Ross made the last official flag and it was made on June 14 1846.

Q:What does the colors red, white, blue,and the stars represent on the flag?

A:Red represents hardiness which( means strong) and valiance which( means nature and quality.) White means purity and innocence. Blue means vigilance and preservance. The fifty stars represent the fifty states.

Q:When is flag day?

A: June 14

Q:What is the first flag  Betsy Ross made? Describe it and name it.

A: The name of the fllag was Old Glory and it had 13 star going around in a circle.It had 13 stripes red and white in a pattern. The thirteen stars  and stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.



Does Magnetism Travels Through all materials? By Kenny

Hypothesis: I think magnet does not travel through all material because it only attracts metal

Materials: A paperclip, a piece of paper, a plastic bottle cap, and a steel bottle cap

Procedure: First I get a paperclip and put it close to the magnet.Then I get a piece of paper and put it neat the magnet.After I took a plastic bottle caps and put close to the magnet.Finally I took a steel bottle caps and put  it close to the magnet.

Observation:As I put the paper Clip near magnet a force pull theme together.The magnet of paper stays in one place and the piece of paper shows no sign of attraction.The plastic bottle cap did not move and the magnet stays in its position.When I replaced the plastic bottle cap with the steel metal cap the magnet attracts each other.


Conclusion: My hypothesis was right because magnetism does not travel through all materials.

The Banjo By Nicholas Jhagroo 5-305

The Banjo is an instrument with a very big history. It is usually described as a drum with strings. It may either have four, five, or six strings on it.  The Banjo was originally from the country of Africa. It was made by the African slaves. Soon the word about the Banjo started spreading around the world. That is how it got famous. Many people got to know about the Banjo and started to get interested in that instrument. Soon the Caucasian people knew about it and played it too. This probably made some of the Caucasian people embarrassed or hurt.

The Banjo started getting talked about by the Caucasian people not too long after it was founded. Some of those Caucasian people started to like the Banjo. It was played by the Colored people though, so they had to do something. They made something called “Black Face”. It was when the Caucasian people started putting burned black things on there face and started singing about how they wished they were Colored. This probably hurt them to say that because it sounded like they did not like or appreciate their skin color for that one little Banjo. To continue with that they could have been offended or embarrassed by that.

To conclude, the Banjo was a really powerful instrument. It has a very big history with the Caucasian and Colored people. It was founded by the African slaves. We should also remember that now we are free to say what we want about the Banjo. We can play it when we want and talk about how we feel with it.

My New School

This is Cedric Georges. I used to go to ps119 last year. now I am in junior high school. I go to cunningham (is234). I am sure some of you 5th graders are looking foward to jhs. it is not easy. You do alot of work, move from class to class, take hard test and have teachers pile you down with hw. Not to mention you are going to miss ps119 and your friends. it is hard to say good bye and go seperate ways.cunningham is a nice school and has nice teachers. there are alot of sports you could like too. you will definitly make new friends and be anexcellent student as the best. there are also dances. halloween dance, prom(seniors) and a lot more to look foward to in jhs. you will never forget ps119.

Planets By Ethan Labady 5-305

Each planet has its own name.

There are eight planets.

They are:









There used to be nine planets but Pluto is no longer a planet.

Paws for a life by Aaliyah James 5-305

Paws for a life

20 minutes give book

That’s all took 5-305 to donate some books

Now look you donate 5 book for just reading 100 minutes


1 hour 40 minutes still seem scary?

What about 6000 seconds?

5 books to spread to world

Who gave them ?


              What charity gave these books ?” Paws for healing and reach out to reading.

Through its Paws for Reading program, This places volunteers and their dogs in a classroom or library to act as an urge children to read. Dogs are shown as nonthreatening entities who can promote reading and increase interaction and social skills in children

The children view the dogs and cats to cute an loveable. which are the keys to a blooming program. Children have said that the dogs give them self-confidence because a dog doesn’t make fun of them if they read at a snail’s pace or mess up speaking.     or


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