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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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The Play of Eid – Ul Fitr by Furqan Khan 3-201 and Zeeshan Khan 5-305

Narrator -” Last year Itichigo killed Omega. Itauske by himself killed Omega.”

Omega – “I’m back.”

Nichigo -” I thought you said you were dead.”

Itauske – “Will you cut that out and take this seriously Omega?”

Nichigo – “Yeah will you cut that out and take this seriously. This is getting annoying.”

Itauske and Nichigo -” Fusion!!!!”

Itichigo – “I’m neither Nichigo or Itauske I’m Itichigo!!!!”

Mom and Dad – “They combined again.”

Goru – “Look closely they are mystic 6.”

Omega – “You brat.”

Yaxlix – “Can’t you die Omega?”

Omega – “Be quite Yaxlix Special Sword Attack!!!”

Itichigo – “Yaxlix watch out!!! O – o – o ouch that hurt badly. Come on show me your full power Omega. I only have to use 1% of my power to defeat you. Ahhhh!!!”

Omega – “If you really want me to be in full power then fine but now I transform into an ape.”

Mom – “That is one ugly guy.”

Itichigo – “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am an ape now too.”

Omega – “Ultimate attack. Giant Electric Hemisphere!!!!!!!!”

Itichigo – “Weakest move. Stalight Boost!!!”

Omega – “You show off. For showing of my Giant Electric Hemisphere will kill you. It was nice knowing all your powers but now you die.”

Dad – “You make me laugh. do you think Itichigo is going to get hurt from that at all?”

Omega – ” What do you mean?”

Yaxlix – “He is more than tremendously strong.”

Goru ” You make him sick.”

Itichigo – “Now!!!!”

Omega – “That hurt b – b – b – b – b – badly.

Mom – “I still feel his energy.”

Dad – “He is still alive.”

Yaxlix – “Impossible!! He is supposed to be dead.”

Itichigo – ” My heart is getting swollen. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!”

Mom and Dad – “He is dead”.

Yaxlix and Goru – “Combine!!!”

Yaxru – “Yaxlix and Goru combine!! You killed Itichigo. I didn’t think you would kill him.”

Itichigo -” N – No he didn’t. This is nonsense. ”

Itichigo – “Finally the sun is arrived. Ahhh!!! Iam a super fox. Mastered move Slatrix Scutter Blade!!

Omega – Ultimate move Revenge Occupation!!!

Mom & Dad – Itichigo is dieing.

Itichigo – I’m stalling time. You made your biggest mistake destroying planet X.

Omega – Noo! I’ll come back to life anyway. Retry

Yaxru –  Fusion out!

Itichigo – Take me to the heeling machine Hama happy he retreyed. I was about to die I couldn’t hold that much energy. Ah! Ape is fox is out.

Mom and Dad – Get him to the heeling machine quick Yaxlix. Too late. Ah!!!!!!!

Goru – Where is Itichigo.

Omega – He is dead. Now to get his parents now.

Stranger – Take this. Ultimate bright shine.

Omega – I’ll go to the heeling machine.

Stranger – My name is Hameru. I bring Itichigo back to life.

Itauske and Nichigo – What did we miss.

Hameru – Omega is in the heeling machine.

Itauske and Nichigo we’re still injured. Fusion!!!!!!

Itichigo – I am neither Itauske or Nichigo I am the one who will destroy y – you.

Omega – You’re not in the mood. Ultimate move Electric!!!! Hemisphere!!! Attack!!!

Itichigo – Thank you. You made me angry and got me to mystic 7 . Sixteen!!! Scatter!!! Beam!!!

Omega – Next time. Ah!!!!

Itichigo – I can’t wait until Homega comes. I want to beat him up too.

Omega – I g -guarantee you’ll die by my brother.

Homega – I’m already here. I was hear since I was seeing my pathetic brother get beat up.

Yaxlix – You are not aloud here.

Goru – You gotta get past me first.

Homega – Revenge!!! Avalanche!!!

Goru – Where’s the attack.

Homega – Above you.

Yaxlix – No! Goru!!

Goru – Flaming!!! Axedra!!! Ouch that didn’t work. Now for Itichigio.

Itichigo – Haaaaahhh!!! mystic 7 ultimate move Bursting Strike Attack

Homega – Copy Deliminate. Take your move back.

Mom – This guy has some nerve.

Dad – Yeah you could say that a million times again.

Itichigo – What do you want from my home planet any way.

Homega – This is the story. Long time ago some mystics attacked our planet because one of the strongest mystic has been killed from us. My planet was being destroyed from the attack. Then Omega took Planet X’s energy since it was the mystic’s planet. We also took it’s health. Then the planet got destroyed from Omega’s Death Ball. Some how I saw 2 baby’s falling in the Planet Earth. I figured out that you two were the 2 babies. I didn’t know you people would survive. I was searching you for six years.

Itichigo – After hearing that story I felt bad, sad, and mad. HAaahhh. Mystic 8. They did the right you did not. What did one of stongest mystics that you mentioned do to you?

Homega – Good question. Nothing. We were just scared of what he might have become. We are scared of mystics. We are scared of you so we are planning to get rid of you.

Itichigo – Fusion Out!!!

Nichigo – Why waste our time fighting you right now.

Itauske – Yeah. Tomorrow in Hyperbolic. I’m going in our old inventions right now. I call the Chocalate Valentine’s Demension.

Homega – Agreed. Actually I’d like to be on your side now.

Goru – He’s not lieing guys.

Homega – Since now that I’m on your side you’ll have to face by big brother Gromega.

Yaxlix – You sure have brothers with the end of mega.

Gromega – Homega your to soft.

Itauske – And whom exactly are you?

Gromega – Allow mw to introduce myself. My name is Gromega the bigger brother than Omega and you Homega. Now Homega since you went on there side I’d be happy to kill you.

Nichigo – You’re forgetting me.

Gromega – My same aged and same powered brother is fighting along side with me too. Come on Bromega. Fusion!!!!

Bramego – I am Bramego!!!

Itauske and Nichigo – Fusion!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Super Nitauske. This is my other fusion. Better yet a weaker fusion. I get to embarrass you.

Bramego – You fool!!! Don’t you no that I’m stronger than you. Big asteroid soldiers are coming and ripping this planet apart.

Yaxru – Not on my watch. Really not on my watch.

Super Nitauske – You made the bad choice destroying other things.

Mom – Oh no he’s getting out of control.

Yaxru – Fusion Ouut!!

Goru – See monkey come here.

Super Nitauske – Just cause I have no pupils doesn’t mean I’m out of control. I’ll send you to the world with this, Mozilla!! Cannon!!

Bramego – You are a thread to me this move might be familiar. Sixteen Scatter Beam.

Yaxlix – Say what?

Super Nitauske – Fusion out. Fusion!!

Itichigo – Sixteen Scatter Beam!!

Dad – I know what Itichigo is doing. He is letting Bramego win that attack so when it’s going to Itichigo he could do a dodging technique. Then beat the heck out of him.

Itichigo – Fataladian!!! Disappearance!!! I never knew you were blind. Final breaker are final blinders. Now to make you actually blind. Solar!!! Flash!!!

Bramego – I can’t see.

Itichigo – Sadistic blow up!!!! Even if I have to blow to kill you I’ll do it. Farewell Goru, Mom, Dad, and even you Yaxlix. AHhhh.

Stranger – My name Ryu and I’m a technological genius. Guys put him in the healing machine before he dies. I fight too.

Itichigo – Where am I?

Ryu – You are in a healing machine.

Itichigo – I’m going to sleep in here. Before I do where is Bramego.

Goru – He fell in X city.

Itichigo – You mean X city is in Earth. Fatladian!!! Disappearance!!! Oh wait I got to heel. Come Back.

Narrator – Tomorrow is Itichigo’s birthday. Nichigo is sixteen and Itauske is sixteen. 16 + 16 = 32. Itichigo is thirty one years old tomorrow.

Itichigo – I’m 32 and I never even got a girlfriend.

Bramego –  This will end.

Itichigo – Your right this will end. Final!! Destructive!! Slash!!

Ryu – Oh!! no!! he’s being out of control.

Brameg0 – Future Globe.

Itichigo – This is going to hurt. Ow. Now massage me more. Never mind I call all the attributes. Final!!!! Galick!!!! tribe!!!!

Bramego – Destructive Wave. Oh no. I am now dead.

Homega – My other bigger brother Itichigo. I am going to fight this battle. I don’t care what you say Itichigo.

Itichigo – Homega you have cool courage. You can take him on. I’ll go to the base.

Ryu – You’re not going anywhere. If you go try to destroy it all your energy is going to waste and you might die.

Mom and Dad – She’s right.

Itichigo – Fusion out!!.

Itauske – Mom, dad who do you care about more me or the whole world? I’m pretty sure it’s the whole world. That base has big fat lasers that do more than 398,999 damage to the world.

Nichigo – For a cuckoo person like you Itauske you can tell that. Fusion!!

Itichigo – Fataladian Disapperance!!! The base where not here. Fusion out!!

Nichigo – Itauske, do you think that we used to much power and transported a million years.


Theme Song

Two times it was an epic battle. Yeah we going to rock this place.

I love my life. I remember rocking with you. It was fun when I first knew I had a brother.

Theirs nothing that could stop me or you.



Nichigo – Fataladian Disaperrance!.

Itauske – Whe got a get a hand of this move. Fataladian Disapperance!

Itauske – We got left back to Yameritchi’s base. He is a clever bad guy. You go with Ryu Nichigo.

Nichigo – Yeah sure what are you going to do?

Itauske – I’m going to see if I live or die here. That just means I’m going to kick some bad guy butt.

Ninjas – Hiyah! Let’s see if you can handle you alone fighting 5 of us.

Itauske – That doesn’t seem fair but alright. SHINING SWORD SLASH!

Narrator – Itauske knocks out the ninjas.

Itauske – This is a weird base.

Stranger- Welcome to Yemaritch’s place. It’s going to get spooky.

Nichigo – Ryu Itauske is trying to get his butt kicked.

Ryu – Get away from that spot or else that machine is going to kick your butt.

Mom – You left your brother alone.

Dad – Itauske is going to be alright.

Itauske – Who are you?

Stranger – My name Spinal. Prepare to fight me because I am against you.

Itauske – Move out the way or else Final Distanation! Heh. That’s easy as you drink a sip of your smoothies. I’ll break this whole base and then I’ll see Yemaritich. Lighting! STRIKEEE!!!

Yemaritichi – You found out how to find me.

Itauske – You have a mask on. Tell me who you really are.

Yemaritichi – Let’s make it on a match. There is this sword in the middle. There is 2 sword cases. One is mine and one is yours. Who ever gets the sword in the case first wins. If I win you have to stop being a warrior. If you win I’ll tell you who I really am.

Itauske – Heh hey hey, bird just pooped on you.

Yemaritichi – Bird, slient death. Heh where’s the sword!!

Itauske – It’s in my sword case.

Yemaritichi – I am Infinity.

Nichigo – My brain it’s feeling fussy. Infinity is back.

Ryu – Let me take this one on. I am a part of the teamnow and I never got to fight. Base Away!

Itauske – How many times do you have to come back?

Ryu – Itauske I’m fighting him this time. Sphere ball!!

Narrator – Infinity dies already.

Our Rap For Peace By Christina and Sapphire

We all need to love,

We all need to care ,

We need to make peace and do our share.

We must not fight,

We need equal rights just like how you share when you fly a kite.

Peace is not hard, it’s fun!

For 8 hours then your day is done.

I’m talking about the girls not really the boys,

They come out nowhere and break your toys.

Girl Bullies don’t punch but they roll their eyes,

When their about to get in trouble they tell a lie.

They act all innoccent, but I’m not pleased,

They pull your hair and they love to tease.

Boy bullies I didn’t forget,

When they beat you up it’s hard to get……..BACK!

Luckily I’m in P.S. 119,

It’s the best school that I’ve ever seen.

There is no bullies we get along,

One by one our peace stays strong!

Think………… By Christina


Think about homework,

Think about school.


I do my essay……… but now I don’t know what to do.


Think about your friends and the good times you had,

But some of those times will make you sad.


Think about this school and P.S.119

Think about the principal and how she’s really neat.


What will you think about next?



Say “NO” to Bad Words By Nicolette St.Fleurant 5-304

Always say no to bad words. You may start using them yourself. Adults use them a lot sometimes but it doesn’t mean for you to use them.

The Best Principal….Ms.Fernandez By Christina 4-210

Ms. Fernandez is nice,

Cooler than ice,

She is so clean,

She looks like a teen,

and she keeps this school really, really neat.

When I first started this school I felt like  I was 2,

But this is why I am writing this rap to you.

You teach these students not to be mean,

All I can say is that you’re the master at peace.


End of School!!! By Christina 4-210

The end of school is finally here!

Children are running outside with cheer.

They are so happy they play with games

To keep school memories we put it in frames

We are so happy but sometimes we cry

But to remmember our friends we look at the sky

However we love our teachers most of all

They always teaches us to stand up tall.


HAVE A GOOD SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S.119 by Christina 4-210

Hello. My name is Christina. I am a student at P.S.119. From the years that  I was in P.S.119 I would just like to say that P.S.119 is the best school ever! I can’t belive that I am going to the fifth grade! We have lots of special events like: the movies, Field Day, the Dance for Diabetes, and the Nacho cheese cafe’. However, the reason why we have all of these special events is because of the peace masters of this school, Ms. Fernandez and Ms.Snow. They are the abosoulte reasons why I here. So I would just like to say thank you to them. I would also like to say thank you to Mrs.Berretta and Mr.Jump. They give me the “secrets” for getting good grades in technology and Language Arts. Ms.Francis, how could I forget her! She is the reason why I made it into all sorts of things like stepping, chorus, dance, and  rock band. However, the person that I would like to thank most of all is Ms.Waldron. I would like to thank her becuase she gave me “secrets” too. However those were secrets were secrets of achievement. Without Ms.Waldron, I would have never made this far. Thank you Ms. Waldron.


We Graduated!! by Briana class 2012 of 5-303

My title might make it seem like i’m excited but i’m really not. I will miss P.S.119 a lot !  I will totally miss my best friend Haroon from 5-304. Also, I will also miss my other best friends which are Oraly ,  Renee , and Shawn. You guys are THE best!!!!! Thanks for being my friends.

My 18th Little Story (Aaron 4-210)

My name is Aaron. Special agent Aaron. 

” Where are my . . . uhhh barrette? Rah! “

Twas the day I solved ‘the barrette or bone barrette’This girl is too goth. If her knife collection wasn’t as large as my scissor collection I would’ve asked her to pay. ” Where  did you last see it? ” I asked. ” On my head genius! ” Crystal screamed. ” Watch it lady! ” I snapped back. I used my F-detector to detect finger prints similar to Crystal’s but not identical. ” Got a sister? ” I asked. ” Yeah Ruby and Diamond and Pearl. Diamonds my twin. ” she responded. I asked her for Diamonds number and she took the barrette for a play she stars in. That was the end of ‘the barrette or bone barrette’.


Farwell P.S.119……… By Kelis Calvin 5-304

Hey guys!!! Fellow 5th grader Kelis Calvin here. As some of you know the 5th grade will be graduating soon. So I would just say a few words before I leave this wonderful school!!! First i would like to give a  HUGE thank you to all of the the teachers that I have had through out my years at P.S.119! That means Mrs.Fields, Ms. Brownfeld, Mr.Clarke and Mrs.Saby, and most of all…. my last teacher of the year……… Ms.Basloe!!!!! Every teacher that I have had  through out the years I have been at P.S.119 have all been VERY amazing to me!!!! But that’s not all of the teachers that I have had! I have had other teachers like Ms.Francis, Mr.Jump,Ms.Berretta, Ms.Judgepatton, Ms.Maguire, and Ms.Somma.Most of all I would like to give a VERY VERY VERY big shout out to none other than Ms.Fernandez and Ms.Snow  for making peace prevail on Earth each and everyday of school!!!!!   There are also many memories  that I will never forget while I was at P.S.119!!!

One moment that I will never forget while I was at P.S.119 was when I had my first show in the second grade. It was the kids choice awards at P.S.119!!!Mrs.Fields was my teacher at that time. Another moment that i will never forget was when I has my first India and Winter concert in the third grade. That was when Ms.Brownfeld was my teacher. One other memory that I will never forget while I was at P.S.119 was in the fourth grade. When I was in was in the fourth grade I will never forget when it was a super snowy day and then hardly no one came to school so we got to do whatever we wanted to do in the classroom!! Last but not least it all comes down to the fifth grade! This year I have had so many memories in the fifth grade I can’t even type it all right now!!!! So I will tell you a few memories that i have had during the fifth grade with Ms.Basloe!!  One memory that I will never forget in the fifth grade was when Ms.Basloe had the Dance for Diabetes! I won’t forget the time when we went to the Lion King Show on Broadway!! Another memory that I will never forget is when I have my Final Assembly and my senior trip to Adventure Land!!!

But soon we will be coming to an end. I am going to miss this school terribly. But we are moving on to a brand new adventure in middle school. It’s going to be a bumpy road but we gotta try our best! It’s going to be VERY hard leaving this school for good. There may be many tears on the floor but it’s going to be alright fellow fifth graders. No matter what….. we will always be one big family.

                                                                                                          GOODBYE P.S.119!!!!!!



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