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PS 119 Students Are Inspired by Anaisbely’s Poem and Write Their Own by Gen Berretta

Students in a 4th grade class were inspired by Anaisbely’s poem about testing and wrote their own. Poetry comes from a place of powerful emotion and it is through poetry we can express deeps feelings on any topic,even testing. Through analyzing her poem we noticed that she did not rhyme, but she structured her poem with line breaks,Kelan noticed that she used hyperbole, which is extreme exaggeration, imagery, internal thought and personification. Check out our poems below and write your own poem about testing. Enjoy!

Worried by Mirly

Test begins
I feel worried
My heart is broken
I don’t know what to do
19 minutes left
I can’t anser all 31 questions
I am very slow
I need some time to finish
All the questions
I can’t guess some questions
just like that
10 minutes left
My hand is shaking
My pencil is shaking
2 minutes left
What am I gonna do?
Times UP!


Horrifying 3 Days by Harpreet

The horrifying 3 days

Finishing the test in different ways

Crying and crying–feel pity on me

Please, please please

Fett are shaking

Stomach empty–not ready

growling and growling

Please have mercy

I’m only nine

brain not working

Monkeys jumping

Can’t write more

Hands are sour

Eath is shaking

10 questions to be

done in 9 minutes

Someone tell me

“Where’s the exit out from

The devil’s house”

Someone please tell me

“What’s another way to say 7.9”

“Shhh, no talking.”

Butterflies in my stomach

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo

I need water–I need to go slow

I remember my skills


5 more questions-4 more minutes

HELP, I’m in pain



Got the answer!

Chalk tapping on board

The devil is coming

3 minutes!

Solar System is messed up

The Earth just revolved

around the sun one time

in one hour and 30 minutes

instead of 365 days!

I’m dizzy


“Times up children. I hope you did well.”

Talk about it!


18 Minutes Left by Aliyah

18 minutes left

My stomach is in knots

My brain is on a break

Come back!

Where is my hand?

I am about to blow a fuse

“5 minutes!” says that sassy chalk

3 broken pencils

1 dancing brain

one hot hand

2 questions left

Can I do this?

Oh no!

I forgot…

What is personification?



is not the answer


The brain is back

I bubble “B”

Tick Tock by Sara


Tick Tock Tick Tock

20 minutes on the clock

I was a falling Autumn leaf

Felt like my brain was robbed by a thief

Tick Tock Tick Tock

10 minutes on the clock

8 passages

All so hard

I wish I could escape to a planet named Mosard


Tick Tock Tick Tock

5 minutes on the clock!

Halfway done

And here comes the sun

To be continued

8 x 4 is 32 by Choudhary

Sing this:

8 x 4 is 32, 32, 32, 8 x 4 is 32

And now you know it’s true

This song is stuck in my miond

It’s the answer I have to find

The clock is ticking and I’m

picking, choice:




or D.

I remember in my brain

I have all the intelligence

It’s what I know


I can’t get a percentage that’s low

It’s stuck in my head

At 9:15 I wne to bed

Tomorrow I’ll give it 100% against

The New York State Test

New York State Tests by Taisha

Still days

Still tests

My heart’s beating

I can’t write

My belly’s dead

7 minutes left

14 questions to do

Can’t read

Feet shaking

Room darkening

Can see only test

teacher chalk desk

All gone

One thing on my mind

Fisishing test

Only I’m in the room

Only I’m not done

Tornado coming

2 minutes left

4 questions

Here I am

Tornado here


“Open book to page 1 class.”

My teacher said

Oh no, this is for real

My nightmare is for real

Time is Running by Christina


The time is running

as fast as a cheetah

My brain is going to explode

Questions 18

Stuck in my head

While I watch the chalk mocking me


I struggle

My eyes

popping out of my head

I am sweating bullets

as the chalk says

10 minutes left

Question 10

My heart is popping out of my brain

1 minute left…

I’m dead

I’m Taking a Test by Nicholas

I’m taking the New York State Test

Didn’t start yet

I’ll try my best

I really bet

Next thing you know I hear


Do it slow

I got 90 minutes to finish

41 questions left

Time after time

I answer lots of questions

I believe in myself

20 questions left

the board says: 45 minutes to go

I got tnough time

Reading and reading and reading

No time to rhyme

Hear : beat, beat, beat

I look at the board

5 minuted left

One question left

I’m the best

“Times up!”

My teacher said





Finding the Poetry in Testing

Anaisbely Franjul is a seventh-grader at M.S. 118 William Niles in the Bronx. She wrote this poem after taking last week’s state reading exam, whose scores will count when she and other seventh-graders apply to high school next year. Franjul hopes to attend LaGuardia High School for Music and Art & the Performing Arts to pursue her passion for writing.

20 minutes on the clock.
My brain is sweating.
My pencil’s racing through pages.
My hands are crying
“I can’t take it anymore.”
My eyes cry onion tears
Oh no! 10 minutes left
One passage blank
One response half done
The pale chalk
In my teacher’s hand
Mocking my pain
As she erases the numbers and says
“Two minutes left”
Smoke is coming out of my ears
What does “dismal” mean?
I need an ambulance
My heart is going to come out
My hands have a cold
It’s shaking as I circle
The letter B
I am drunk
I’m shrinking
And the room is getting bigger
5,4,3,2,1…TIME’S UP!

How Humans? by Ali 5-305

Humans have been alive a long time.

How are we not humans. All of a sudden we’re Apes. “Hey I’m not done yet.” Suddenly we’re fish.We have gills! “Don’t leave!” Now we’re chickens! We have have the same amount of genes as a chickens!

It ‘t make sense. How can we be chickens,fish,apes,and humans all at the same time?!?

Who’s the suspect By Kelan 4-210

This time the  suspect is in the same class as the last suspect, has black shoes also this suspect is short. She has a little sister too. Instead of putting one suspect I’m going to add another. This next suspect is in my class she’s a girl she has a black jacket and at the mass prep I always race her and win.

The answer is in code: kalamay and tarsr

Who Am I ?????? By Anonymous

Can you guess who i am??? Here are some clues. I am in FifthGrade, I am a girl, I am  tall, I like to play sports, and my best friend is in my class.

Comment if you think you know who i am.

Do You Know Your Partner Part: 2 (Aaron 4-210)

Tad  I am here basically because to make sure no one drowns in the first event. Which is synchronized swimming with dance moves. So basically Aaron & Sapphire, Brandon & Christina, and Derek & Summer are fightin’ for da lead. Summer and Derek preform there perfect front limbers while Aaron and Sapphire do the splits. B & C, A & S, and D & S ended with tens leaving everyone else with eights.

To Be Continued . . .


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