P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Do You Know Your Partner? Part: 1 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Rosalyn.pngRosalyn  So I’m on this game show with Vic and my romance competitors Travis & MC Emi, Derek & Summer, Preston & Beebee, and Bianca & Bernard. My just friend competitors are Aaron & Sapphire, Brandon & Christina, Nicholas & Star, Dave and our new agent Diane. This couple Rosalyn and Vector Cartuncomikvideogameluver are gonna beat the-oh the quads are here don’t want them to learn sour language-at least until they learn how to drive in New York then you’d have  call someone a #[email protected]&*! ” Let the games begin! ” Walker said.

To Be Continued . . .

P.S. 119 Views the Scientific Method Video with ZO2 – Written & directed by Us + ZO2 + Jon Santos (1176 Studios)

What is a Home by Ali 5-305

 What is a home?

Is it made of bricks?

Is it made of sticks?

Is it made of goo?

No it’s a place where people love you!

Is a home a place to rest?


It’s a place where you feel the…


The Time I Went To “The Statue Of Liberty!” By Mamunur Bhuiyan 3-204

In the morning I woke up and went to the bathroom. Then, I got dressed, and ate my breakfast. Then, walked to the “Bus Stop.” The bus dropped me at a train station, and I took the train. The train dropped me droped me by the “Statue Of Liberty,” and I saw a statue of George Washington. Then, I took some pictures with the George Washington statue. I had to walk 8 or 9 miles to reach the “Statue Of Liberty.” Then, I took a speed boat to go to the “Statue Of Liberty Island”, and when I reached that Island, I ate my lunch. Then, I used the telescope to see the other islands, and it will feel like that the other islands 2 inches away from me, and it was 50 cents per a person. I had to go back the oposite way I came.


Class 5-303: Reflecting on Our Pajama Program Donation

On December 9th the children reflected on their delivery of 412 pair of pajamas to the Scholastic Store. Please read their reflections to get a sense of just how meaningful this wonderful Service Learning Project was to the children.

“I feel healed because I feel like I am helping the world. Also I feel hope
because we changed a sad face to a smile. So today I can feel healed and full of hope.”—Caroline Juarez
Give everything you have from your heart. Life is rich!—Pritpal Singh
Today I feel helpful and proud of myself. I’m going to change a lot of kid’s lives. When you give, you should be proud because you made someone’s life easier. Giving is living!—Uswa Qamar
One day you’re going to need help and people will help you because you helped one day too.—Carl Jefferson Joseph
Giving is what you are. Giving is who you are when you are giving from the heart. Today I feel like a hero because I am helping kids around the world.–Tatiana Mercer
Today I feel proud and giving because I am helping the world.—Tessaya Forde
Today I feel proud of myself because I’m helping other children.—Carle Joseph
I feel like I made a big change to the world today.—Renee Phillip
I am proud of Class 5-303 and I am excited to be part of such a wonderful gesture.—Renee’s mom Sharon Phillip
I feel good helping children. I am proud of my class and myself.—Sana Dildar
Today is a giving day. I am proud to be a part of this project.—Brianna Elome
I feel very excited that we are actually going to deliver the pajamas.—Oraly Pena
I feel happy because we are being helpful by delivering pajamas.—Radhika Nankoo
I feel super excited that we are going to give pajamas to the needy. They will sleep good tonight.—Radashlin Norvil
I feel excited and calm because we changed people’s lives.—Sebastien Auguste
I feel great. I am so happy to be a part of this.—Marvin Latortue
I feel like a good person. Can’t wait to deliver the pajamas.—Rihan Mushfiq
I feel like we are doing a good thing.—Jodens Monereau
I feel great because of what we did as a class. Helping kids just by donating pajamas. The smallest things can also make the biggest change.—Zechariah Smith

Trayvon Martin Deserve’s Justice! by: Tessaya 5-303

Trayvon Martin was murdered  while walking to the store to  get a bag of skittles and an Ice tea.He was murdered by George Zimmermin a neiborhood watch person . Zimmermin thought Trayvon was up to something because he was wearing a hoodie , but it was drizzling out that is why Trayvon had a hoodie on . Zimmermin called the police and told the officer that Trayvon looked suspicous, and the police officer told Zimmermin that they were coming and not to follow him. but Zimmermin did not listen he followerd Trayvon anyway. Trayvon knew he was being followed so he called his girlfriend and told her.After a while Tayvon started to run, so Zimmermin ran after him.Before we knew it Trayvon Martin was on the ground screaming for help!………Sad enough Trayvon Martin did not survive. His memory will always be with us!
R.I.P Trayvon Martin!


My Easter Little Story Part: 1 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Travis.pngTravis  I am painting Easter eggs on my couch with MC Emi and Mitch. Mine had phones. MC Emi had festival balloons. Mitch had bananas. But he went bananas. Equals no paint for Mitch. ” MC Emi leaned glared and – BOOM! Cherry lip gloss all over my face. ”  I am up to my last egg!” I yelled. Only Mitch had to use the bathroom so I had to  direct him to my bathroom. I had to redo my egg. ~>:-(.

To Be Continued . . .

Who am I ? ( inspired by c???? and mily)

I am a girl in fifth grade I LOVE  pink and my 2 kitty cats !!!!!!! Can u guess who I am?

Who’s the Suspect Series 1 By Kelan

Since most of you found out who I was in “Who Am I” I will be describing other people and you will figure out who they are. Post a comment with your name who you think the person is and was it easy hard or in the middle. Now lets cut to the chase this person is a girl, she’s kind of tall and in fifth grade this may be  easy for most of you that’s why I put 3 clues. Come back for more suspects.

My Easter Little Story Part: 3 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Luis.pngNick  I am new to agent training and nothing clicked yet. Someone give me a [email protected] No @ I didn’t mean that. Like a ninja. Star and the other Crescent Moon Ninjas walked through the door. ” I read Nick’s narration and I understand he needs a sign so I bought him . . . A. G. E. N. T. A=Agent G=Graceful E=Exciting N=Name or in this case we could use Nick and T=Task. Got it? ” Star asked. I nodded. Soon some delivery girl rang our doorbell. I opened it soon the Morcugirls and Svetlana ambushed us. They soon left a big Easter egg with a clock ticking. ” Ciao! ” Beebee desperately wiggled to get her hair clip. She soon cut her rope covered hands and legs and everyone else’s. ” Those girls never think what if  ” Preston said. ” So let’s disable the bombs. ” Roxie soon  rewired the bomb and it had a smaller explosion only we saw some outside exploding. So Svetlana, Brandi, Yuki, and Esma were arrested and Dragomir kissed Svetlana without ending up in the hospital.

The End -^_^-


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