P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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A Sijo Poem by Mrs. Berretta

High above me first I hear
It’s mocking call…I look up
and there she rests perched singing
proudly on an old antenna
I wait never disappointed
for this mockingbird dances for me

Sijo Poetry: Korean Poetry

“It seems to be the nature of mankind continually to try something new. That is
just as true in poetry as it is in other areas. During the past forty years
or so we have shown increasing interest in Asian verse patterns. The Middle
Eastern ghazal has its devoted followers in the West, and Japanese forms like
haiku, tanka, renga and haibun are now commonly found in small press and
commercial poetry periodicals. Journey through the Internet and you will see
these forms blossoming everywhere. We Westerners have fallen in love with
Asian patterns, patterns that connect us tenuously with ancient cultures so
different from our own.

So it is with the S I J O (see-szo or she-szo, with the J pronounced as the
French pronounce Jacques). The roots of this lyrical Korean cousin of haiku
and tanka stretch back well over 1000 years. It has been the most popular
form of lyric verse in Korea for over 500 years, sung equally by Confucian
scholars, members of the royal court and common folk . . .

. . . .Remember the three characteristics that make the sijo unique — its basic
structure, musical/rhythmic elements, and the twist. It is shorter and more
lyrical than the ghazal. It is more roomy than the haiku, and it welcomes
feelings and emotions which haiku either discourage or disguise. It should
please lovers of ballads, sonnets and lyrics, and the downplay of regular
meter and rhyme should appeal to writers of free verse. In short, it’s a
fascinating challenge. Let us see your latest one.”
~ Larry Gross, copy from his article on Sijo Primer #1


PODCAST: Dear Governor Cuomo by Zayre

Zayre decided to write to the Governor to let him know how good his teachers.

Zayre’s Podcast

Get Well Soon! Mrs. Canja! by Akeyrah Pierre

Justice for All by Sierra

I may wear my hoodie because…
I am cold
I may wear my hoodie to…
protect my head from the rain
I may wear my hoodie because…
I don’t want anyone to see me because…
I don’t feel pretty
I don’t want to be seen not looking pretty
I don’t want to be seen not looking my best
I just don’t want to be seen and…
That’s my right
I may wear my hoodie to…
make a fashion statement
I may wear my hoodie because…
I have the right to and…
I just want to wear my hoodie
My hoodie doesn’t mean I am bad
Up to no good
Please don’t judge me by what you see
that’s just the outside part of me
We can all wear hoodies
We can all be Trayvon Martin
Yes we all can be Trayvon because…
We all wear hoodies
We call for justice for Trayvon
Justice must be served for Trayvon!

Justice for All by Sierra

Trayvon Martin was murdered over a month ago. He was shot by George Zimmerman a neighborhood watch person. George Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the chest because he thought he was a hoodlum. Trayvon Martin was visiting his father when he went outside to get a pack of Skittles and an iced tea. He was wearing a hoodie over his head because it was drizzling.

That made George Zimmerman think he was a hoodlum. In my opinion George Zimmerman was a racist. When he saw Trayvon was black, his first impressions was that he was up to no good. George Zimmerman called 911 stating that Trayvon looked suspicious. The police said they were coming and they told him not to follow Trayvon.

But George Zimmerman did not listen to the police. He followed Trayvon anyway. Trayvon knew he was being followed so he called his girlfriend to tell her. After that he started to run. George Zimmerman disregarded the advice from the police and ran after him. No one knows for sure what happened after that. What we do know is that Trayvon was screaming for help. There was one gunshot. right to his chest. Now Trayvon is dead and we need justice for his death.

Nicholas and Ralph: Artists In Residence

Nicholas and Ralph have a lot in common. They both speak two languages: English and Creole. They also love to sketch when there is down time. They have used their talent to create these sketches. They also used their talent for their work with Z02 and the Scientific Method video promotion which airs this Thursday at 1:30 in the gym. Keep up the great art work gentlemen!

Ms. Smith’s Class is Measuring Up by Genevieve Berretta

Ms. Smith’s Class took their unit of study on metric and standard measurement of area and perimeter to the schoolyard. With rulers and metric sticks in hand the class headed out on a beautiful Friday morning to get a little exercise and learn some math at the same time.  Check out the fun they had measuring and discussing what makes a square different from a rectangle? What do we need to do to determine if a shape is a square or a rectangle? How many centimeters in a meter? How many meters is 300 centimeters? Approximately how many feet is a meter? Also, students measured the area of their feet and measured their broad jumps. What a great way to measure up and make measuring and understanding the difference between perimeter and area really fun! Enjoy our pictures. How do you measure up?

P.S. 119 by Ethan 4-210

I love the school P.S.119 because it is a school of the best teaching. One reason why I like P.S.119 is because every month we have a different characteristic like love, honesty, respect, hope, and courage. The second reason why I love P.S.119 is that the school is because the kids show peace to one another. Some examples is when someone falls say are you okay and if someone is sick and they come to school with a cold you could help them out and make sure that they are okay and get them anything that they need in order to help or you could ask them if they need any help at something. When someone is feeling sad anyone could help cheer them up, like bringing them a gift 

A Portuguese Haiku By Nicholas 4-210

A very hot place.

Not so cold in the winter.

It is Portugal.


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