P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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A true ‘renaissance man’ Jump starts the classroom scene at a Brooklyn public school – NY Daily News

Frank Jump prepares to read and showing slides from his book 'Faded Ads of New York City' in an appearance at the Queens Historical Society in Flushing - ROBERT MECEA FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Author, AIDS activist and ‘urban archeologist’ Frank Jump is now also a civil servant, teaching at Brooklyn’s PS 119

 by Lisa Colangelo for the NY Daily News

Frank Jump is one of those people who is impossible to describe in a title, a sentence or even a full paragraph.

He is an urban archeologist whose photographs of fading advertisements have brought him acclaim. He’s also an accomplished musician and writer.

Jump is an AIDS activist who has defied all odds since finding out he was HIV-positive more than 25 years ago.

To say he’s a survivor would be an understatement. Jump beat a bout with cancer about 10 years ago.

Add to that list the title of civil servant. Jump is a New York City schoolteacher at the P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness in Brooklyn.

Read more: A true ‘renaissance man’ Jump starts the classroom scene at a Brooklyn public school – NY Daily News.

The Day I Almost Died by Ali 5-305

I was only in kindergarten when I nearly died. It was a cloudy rainy day when I when I tried to get on the bus. I took a step and tripped right onto the street. There I was laying in the middle of the street wi†h a car rushing at me. I was frozen in fear. All of a sudden,  I rolled across the street. I did not know how, but I did.




My Not So Little Story: Country War Morcubus Part: 3 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Rhonda.pngSapphire  Well I’ve gotten new info that there’s this hyper girl also named Sapphire going to sign up who looks like this: Agent Sapphire.png. I just can’t stand the confusion they’ll have trying to figure out who is who. ” Today is our day. To go outside and deactivate or reprogram the Morcubots. S. P. A let’s go! ” Walker commanded. ” Wait! Let’s bring baseball bats and scissors! Break metal, cut wires. ” Derek suggested. Out there we saw a teenage boy who isn’t in the agency but is riding the Morcubot. I think his name is Nick like the one who was in my class since pre-K. This year we only share a French and chemistry class. ” Nick ici! ” I shouted. He fell off the Morcubot.

To Be Continued . . .

My Valentine Little Story Part: 2 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Chaz.pngChaz  I’m the new agent at S. P. A, which is extreme. Summer walked by. ” Hey Aaron add ” Rolling in the DeepAdele, to our soundtrack! ” Summer yelled. That girl is so dramatic but not me when I was on Wipeout. Which was also traumatizing, but I got over it which made it cool! ” Chaz you are just a **************************************************************!! I saw you’re narration! ” Summer screamed at me. ” For cheerleader you tend show a lot of negative actions. ” She then called me a- Uh Summer will just put soap in my head so never mind. Derek walked in and he called me a ******************** so I called him a bigger one. This agency is supposed to be good, but I didn’t know awesome!

To Be Continued . . .

My Valentine’s Little Story Part: 1 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Taylor.pngBianca  Well at the agency a romance dance is coming up but no one asked me! But Look at me I’m gorgeous! Just look at m’ new fancy curls. Well in the past a few days we have new “allies”. The Crescent Moon Ninjas, SkyForce, and Sea Patrol. And let’s not forget our newest recruit and very cute Nick. Although not as cute as other trainees. Ho davvero bisogno  di una data.

To Be Continued . . .

My Not So Little Story: Country War Morcubus Part: 2 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Violet.pngViolet  ” We must find jobs for people to do. Like the soundtrack, food, clothes. What will wedo? ” I gave my own announcement. ” You are right Mrs. Cutopia. ” Walker nodded in agreement. ” I always do the soundtrack the job is always taken. ” Aaron informed taking a sip of  hot cocoa. I like my cocoa cold, but this isn’t about me.  ”  You make me- ” MC Emi was once again interrupted. ” Why would you sing that song? You got wrapped in tape during that song. ” Aaron reminded. Aaron did have a point. But I wasn’t there and it is a catchy song.

To Be Continued . . .

AYUDA Dance for Diabetes!

My Trip to Atlantic City By: Mushfiq Rihan 5-303

Last summer I went to Atlantic City. I went with my uncle’s, aunt’s, mom, dad, brother, and cousin. 11 member went altogether. We stayed for 2 days. We played in the beach then we left it was fun and we came back at 9:00 pm.

My Not So Little Story: Country War Morcubus Part: 1 (Aaron 4-210)

Agent Buddy.pngBuddy  Two weeks ago my daughter, Daisy was born but I know we are going back into war with Morcubus. I want my daughter to live in peace not all this war nonsense so now my family and the rest of the agency are sleeping at the agency like before. ” Alright I understand no one wants to be away from home too long, but we had a promise to keep our beloved safe. Oh and set up some recruit stations, that’s how we got Bernard that is partially the reason why Christmas was saved. ” Walker announced that to the agency. My sister-in-law Violet, handed Walker files from Morcucorp she had found on the street.

To Be Continued . . .

My Little Story So Far Soundtrack! (Aaron 4-210)

My New Series of Little Stories

Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers

Survivor – Beyoncé

Monkey Punk – Big Idea

Final Countdown – Europe

My Not So Little Story: Morcucorp Takes Over

Mr. Saxo Beat – Alexandra Stan

Decode – Paramore

Airplanes – Hayley Williams ft. B. O. B

Take it Off – Ke$ha

My New Years Little Story (songs at the party)

Bulletproof – La Roux

Last Friday Night – Kathy Beth Terry (Katy Perry)

It Will Rain – Bruno Mars

Tough Enough – Vanilla Ninjas

Up Coming- My Valentine’s Little Story

Love on Top – Beyoncé

Love Shine – Kosaka Riyu

You Make Me Feel . . . – Cobra Starship ft. Sabi

My Summer Love – mitsu-o with GEILA

I Want You Back – Jackson 5

Love The Way You Lie part 2 – Rihanna


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