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What does Morocco’s clothing look like? By Deniya Heath 3-201

Morocco’s clothing is interesting. Moroccan people are always wearing the same thing but there not. Some Moroccan people speak French and some people speak Arabic. Others speak Berber. Moroccan people wear things that’s for the heat. Morocco is a hot place so you don’t need that hot stove unless you live in the Atlas Mountains. If you are Moroccan you would know how it is.

Fun Animal Facts About Morocco by: Shaniya D. Snow 3-207

What kind of animals live in Morocco?

Morocco is a very dry place. The rainfall is not enough for the people or animals of Morocco. Larger mammals like lions and elephants use to be in Morocco. Due to the water shortage, they migrated to other places. Today there are a lot of camels, sheep, goats, Barbary monkeys, and wild boar.  I think these animals are very strong because they are able to live in a place that does not have much water.


Barbary Monkey


Source cited: Facts about Morocco – National Geographic Kids

Korea is in the News! Possible Power Shortages

President Lee Myung-bak is asking South Korea’s residents to try to curb their electricity usage in an effort to save energy this winter. Because of the high demand for electricity during cold months, shortages may occur. Another name for an electricity shortage is a blackout. That would be inconvenience and danger at worse.

Lee leads drive to avert possible blackouts in winter

One Day of Snow By: Sapphire 3-204

One Day of Snow that is not right 

The sun is still shining and it is very bright

I want to play with snowballs

Not my cat’s furballs

I need winter I need it now 

I need winter someway somehow

I can’t use magic

If I could that would be tragic 

And that is the end of my One Day of Snow poem

Morocco’s Holiday by Furqan Khan

The famous holiday of Morocco is Eid. There a 2 Eids. One is Eid – ul – Fitr and Eid – ul -Adha. The first Eid  I think is Eid – ul – Fitr. Then it is Eid – ul – Adha. On Eid you have to wake up at 6:00 AM and take a clean shower. Then you are supposed to wear good clothes. Then you go to something called the Mosque. There are going to be full of people covering the whole inside of the Masjid. In the Morocco’s religion blog posting that I did mention Masjid. Eid is a very fun holiday. You don’t have to go to work. I wish it was Eid right now. For kids they don’t have to study for anything. They could just play. Eid – ul – Adha is a different story for parents. You have to sacrifice goat and that is not easy. When you get home you have to make them in a neat pile then you start making it into food. Eid – ul – Fitr you don’t have to do any work. Eid – ul – Adha you could have a break from your store but you still have to cut goat. Eid is very good to me. I would just play video games. Wow I am a little curious about my religious holiday. 

How I did my Social Studies Project by Furqan Khan

   My teacher named Mrs. Heym gave us a social studies project. I have to tell what the north of what my object that I draw is. I have to tell every direction of what the object is from. For an example when you see my bed maybe I am going to have a clock under the bed or should I say south of the bed. Maybe I am going to have the TV on the top of the bed or should I say north of the bed. There might be a box on the right of the bed or should I say east of the bed. I don’t know what I am going to put yet. There might be a window on the left of the bed or should I say west of the bed. These are the regular directions. Now on my next paragraph I am going to tell you mixed directions.

    The directions of combined directions are northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest. These are the four combined directions. For an example there might be a person northeast of my bed. There might be my white and chalk board northwest of my bed. The bed is done. I’m out of examples. The other examples I wrote could be true.

       North of the bird would be the window and TV. South of the bird would be the bed. East of the bird would be a head of the person and the board. West of the bird would be the whole person, some of the box. Northeast of the bird would be the person and box. Northwest of the bird would be the clock. Southeast of the bird would be the piece of the persons foot and a box.

My Community By Fritz Laporte 4-302

My community is great because they help you if there is an emergency. Some of the people in our community are police officers that help you if you need help. Another is NYFD they help you if there is a fire or Carbon monoxide in a home.

This is a NYPD Police Officer

Thanksgiving by Furqan Khan

I am Furqan Khan. I am here to tell you how Thanksgiving was made. One day some place people were tired of being ordered. They went to a ship. They wanted to go somewhere else. Finally when they got there some people were building homes. Some people got sick. They were so sick that some people died. There were some Indians and some pilgrims. In a book that my teacher Mrs. Heym read to me some mean Indians came. They shot the other people with arrows. The other people were trained with guns. They dodged the Indians arrows and they shot those Indians with the guns. That was something in the middle of a Thanksgiving book. The name was perfect. You should be thankful for a lot of things. You should be thankful for your parents love. Your parents do love you and I hope you know that. If you’re grounded your parents still love you. If you are ever grounded your parents just want you to learn a lesson. Some people needed a lot of help. Then a guy named Squanto was here. He told them to eat food with your hats on. People had thanks to Squanto because he helped them. He helped them a lot. He held build the homes I think. People liked him so much. Things were easier to do with Squanto’s help. Before some people did not have fun when they ate and when Squanto came they had fun. Squanto meant a lot to these people. That’s when they had a big feast. The name of that feast was Thanksgiving. Like I said the name fits. Thanksgiving became a holiday and everyone who celebrates it does it in a special way. In the book they ate turkey. People don’t just eat food they also go to Thanksgiving parades. Thanksgiving is not all about the food. It is also to remember what happened long, long time ago. Squanto is properly dead so maybe it is also for you to remember him. He is brave. Another way to so he was brave would also be courageous. You don’t need to eat turkey but you could also eat chicken. When I said that Squanto taught the other people to eat with their hats on we don’t actually do that anymore I think that was a law. Anyways Squanto was the most help. He also taught pilgrims and Indians how to be friends instead of fighting against each other. Thanksgiving to those people was nothing but fun and delicious. Thanksgiving meant a lot to them. It was the holiday they made. America was the first place pilgrims and Indians celebrated Thanksgiving. You should also be thankful for having a mom and dad. Your mom and dad help you do stuff. Kids shouldn’t do everything on their own. Some things parents have to do and some things kids have to do. So you should be thankful for having parents. God made you have parents. So you have to be thankful to God. There are so many other things to be thankful for. Squanto was an Indian I think. He did look like an Indian. People that are in this school never met Squanto because it was a long time ago. We still know Squanto was a generous and courageous man. Everyone started cheering for Squanto. Some people were like hey Squanto you are the best. I don’t know what else they said but I know they liked him. On 2011 Thanksgiving is on November 24th. I can’t wait to eat turkey and chicken. I am getting hungry. Squanto was respectful and loyal. I was trying to find a turkey border. It turns out that there is no holiday border. Thanksgiving is to be thankful for something good and never change. Before when I said that you should be thankful for your parents love it is true. That is one thing that is important. Thanksgiving meant a lot to people who celebrate it. Have a happy thanksgiving on November 24, 2011!!!!!!! So there you go and I mean it. That means that I really want you to have a happy Thanksgiving.

My Little Story on Rosalyn and Vic’s Wedding Part 4 (Aaron 4-210)

Vic  When we got there the place was trashed. The wedding officiant was surprised. ” Do it anyway? ” He asked. ” Yes. ” Me and Rosalyn agreed.We went on and now . . . I’M A MARRIED MAN!! Right then Morcubus came out and he has friends. ” It’s Morcubus and he’s got company. ” Travis said. ” Did you really think that any old person came up with this? This is pure evil genius! ” as Morcubus went on I found to buttons on a remote control. One button said shut down Morcubots and break down weapons. I pressed a both buttons and the Morcubots fell over and the Chaos Pirates weapons exploded. We took ’em out in hand cuffs and put them in a police car. Then we went to iHop and had some pancakes. ” Well this just proves that Morcubus can’t stop connections between people ” Rosalyn said.

My Little Story on Rosalyn and Vic’s Wedding Part 3 (Aaron 4-210)

Sventalana  I decided to write oh never mind. I can’t write that word in front of the children. So how ’bout . . . Pain! ” Hey! ” A voice called out I ran to the next hallways and hid in the first closet I saw. It was Rosalyn’s aunt Helen. She passed by the closet but didn’t see me. Then Rosalyn’s nephew Tim passed by but was more suspicious but didn’t see me. It’s 5:00, only one more hour of destruction. I stepped out the closet and sprayed the flowers by the arch with alcohol and knocked down the chairs. I sliced fifty chairs with my axe. 5:30. All of us including Morcubus met and set up a hiding place. 5:59. They all gathered. 


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