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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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The PowerPuff Girls, RowdyRuff Boys and The PowerPunk Girls and ECT by Nicolette 5-304

PowerPuff Girls

RowbyRuff Boys
PowerPunk Girls
The RowdyRogue Dudes
I just posted that because I like it.

The pictures are from deviantart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you like you can go there also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s So Travis (Aaron 4-210)

Story 2:Part 2

Travis  ” Dé plane! Dé plane ” I shouted. ” Shush! It’s a U.F.O! ” Aaron barked. ” Nope I’m pretty sure that’s just Morcubus flying a plane again. ” Walker said. When we looked closely we saw stink bombs. We heard him say ” Once my stink bombs are all over the world, people will be forced to buy my high priced air fresheners and I’ll be rich!!!!!!!!!! ” Morcubus shouted. Just then Derek walked in with shocking news . . .

To Be Continued . . .

Steve Jobs is Amazing! Andre 5-303

Steve Jobs is amazing because he created Apple he is just incredible. This man had a vision to change man kind. So Steve Jobs and his friend got  together and made a computer.  But back then computers were these big things. Steve Jobs made something that was smaller.  years past then then Steve discovered the mouse, after he discovered the mouse he made another computer called the Macintosh  what we call the Mac. That was just  his second computer. That was reely  big money  i am talking maybe 1,000 bucks. so that meant only rich people can buy one. A couple more years and Steve teamed up with Disney Pixar and they used Steve’s technology to make a movie. The movie was called “Toy Story”. Toy Story was a big hit. But now Pixar owns Iapple a little bit. Steve made many more PC= personal computer= desktop computers. Then he made laptops, mac, mac book,  pro, I phone, I phone2, Iphone3, Iphone4, Iphone4s, Ipod, Ipod shuffle, Ipod Touch nano, Ipod touch, Ipad, Ipad2. This is what I am talking about. That is why Steve Jobs is amazing.


 R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Yummy Food in Guatemala Madison 2-106*

Hello! My name is Madison. Food in Guatemala sounds tasty. In Guatemala they mostly eat rice, beans, eggs and tortillas. Sometimes chicken and meat is eaten. Traditional dishes are Quetzaltenango tamales, kakik (spiced turkey soup), jocón (chicken in green tomato sauce), guacamole (avocado puree), subanik (beef, pork and chicken vapor-cooked in a highly spiced sauce), and traditional Antigua candy.

*Michaella is my sister. She helped me do this post. Link:guatemala-food 


Technology Fun by Furqan Khan 3-201

Technology is fun. It is more fun with Mr. Jump. He teaches us stuff like hyperlink and command x and the other ones. That is why I like Tuesdays and Fridays because those are technology days. I get so pumped up. Technology was on Oct 28. Mr. Jump said the people who published something are going to get there way on a 4. Technology is also  fun because you don’t have to write words. You could be lazy and let the computer do it. This picture is an example of technology.


November 1, 2011

Dear Beach Channel High School,

How is your school doing? Do you know about our school’s annual “Nacho and Cheese PJ’s Cafe”?  Well, if you do, you might already know what I am going to ask for.   I am asking you for the profits from the popcorn sales at homecoming.

You may wonder why my school “PS119” needs it. Well, here is a hint: It’s for the children in need.  Whether they are orphans, had parents that died, or in jail, we will help them.   As the school of peace, we would like to help them all.  However, we may not have enough money. Now, this is where you come in. With your profits combined with our money we can bring peace to the world by helping kids that need food, water, shelter, and clothes.

Did you know that every pajama we buy, scholastic gives one free book.  Books gives knowledge to our brains.  Also, we should assist in helping kids to gain an education through reading.  When these children read and become educated then our future generation will be successful in changing the world through knowledge.

Not to mention, these pajamas are flame retardant. This means that they are flame-resistant, so in case their clothes are on fire, the children will not be injured due to the protective chemicals in it.  So, instead of sleeping in house clothes, they can have pajamas.  This would probably feel more comfortable while when they get a warm hug from a parent at night.

I am quite sure that kids around this world will agree with me. You helped us before and you can do it again.  It’s your choice, to be a part of something that help kids to become productive people.  These kids in the future will do the same for others, because it is the right thing to do.



My Next “King Rap”-“The Past, 9-11″By Choudhary Sajjawal

The, past “9-11 ”                                                                                                                                    I wish the people went to heaven                                                                                                     They lost there live                                                                                                                              No,no one could survive                                                                                                                 They said Good-Bye                                                                                                                               And I doubt its not a lie                                                                                                                 Cause they looked into the sky                                                                                                           And they had to leave a reply                                                                                                            But just remember the past                                                                                                                                                                                                   cause it was the END and Image by FlamingText.com


Have You Ever Wondered? (My responses) Kelis 5-304

Have you ever wondered where clouds come from?

Actually I’ve never wondered where clouds are from to be honest.

Have you ever wondered about the person that created light bulbs?

I have wondered about the person that created light for light bulbs but still didn’t figure out who.

Have you ever wondered about how smart you are?

Yes, I have wondered about how smart I am.

Or how much of a peacebuilder you are?

Yes i actually have wondered of how much of a peacebuilder I am and I am one awesome peace kid!!

What about how peace spreads around the world everyday?

Um well of course I’ve thought about how peace spreads around the world everyday because I am an awesome peace kid!!

Have you ever wondered of how it would feel like to be someone else?

Well yea I’ve thought about what it would feel like to someone else because that’s the question I always wonder in my head!!!

Or how old you will be in twenty five years?

Yes, I have wondered of how old I would be in twenty five years even though I really don’t want to.

Look’s like that’s all for today!!! Stay tuned for part II of Have You Ever Wondered!!!!


Fermentation and Different Questions Michaella 5-305

  What is fermentation?

Fermentation is sugar turning into alcohol. More further, fermentation is the use of yeast changing into sugar which changes to alcohol or a bacteria which is lactic acid. Click this link to learn more: What is Fermentation?

   What foods uses fermentation?

Lactic acid is we all know is another form of bacteria. Lots of food has lactic acid. For example,yogurt,picked vegetables, sour bread,wine and dairy products. Click on these links to find more food:

Who discovered fermentation? 

 Dr. Elie Metchnikoff discovered fermentation. He got the noble prize. Mr. Metchnikoff  did believe that yogurt was very healthy. Click on Mr. Metchnikoff name to learn more.

How will the world be without fermentation?

I think the world will be a different place. Without fermentation a lot of foods would not happen. Alcohol would not happen either. I think the world will be a different place. Do you think fermentation will have an affect to the world? Why or why not?

Korean Pop Is Awesome!!!! Part One. By Kelis 5-304

Korean pop is know as K-Pop. Korean Pop includes genre’s like electropop, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B. K-Pop comes from South Korea. K-Pop has a mix of teenagers and young adults. Korean Pop began in the 1990’s. K-Pop has become popular in Japan, Phillippines, Thailand, Taiwan, France, and China. I already have a favorite K-pop girls group and a favorite song!!! Stay tuned for more info on K-pop!!!


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