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My Sensational Trip to Korea! Michaella 5-305

I finally got off  the plane. I have been traveling for 16 1/2 hours. Korea is warm like America when it is summer. Korea has a temperate climate just like we do. I was hungry. I went to a restaurant. The restaurant  that caught my eye was Cho Dang Gol. I had Dakjjim, (braised chicken and vegetables)  Brokoli pikeul, (broccoli pickles) Maejakgwa (ginger cookies) and green tea. I could not wait until my food came. All of the smells made my mouth water. My food came. I ate as fast as I could. Before you Knew my food was gone. It was delicious! I went up to my hotel.

I got dressed in an aengsam. The material was silk.The silk felt  smooth, slippy, great and it also gave me that cool feeling. I went out on the town in my aengsam.


There was a man selling Kimchi. I smelled the Kimchi. It smelled horrible. I thought I was going to faint! The man said Kimchi is made of  garlic, green onions and other stuff.

I hear a lot of music. It the words were written in Hyangchal, an ancient Korean writing system.

Sadly, my trip ended. After a two hour delay my plane boarded. I was very sad.  I looked out my window. I was so happy to see the dazzling lights. I will always remember my trip to Korea.

The Five Senses of Korea Eliana 5-305

Korea tastes like Kim Chi. Kim Chi is a popular dish in Korea. It is made with varied vegetables such as napa cabbage,  radish, green onions or cucumber. A side dish would be a Korean cuisine or Banchan. Kim Chi can also be in stew, soup or fried rice.

Korea smells like Kim Chi in the air.

Korea looks like some people doing traditional dances.

Korea sounds like folk music. Folk music is varied and complex.

Korea feels like a nice place to be. There is North and South Korea. So, depending on where you are, you might like Korea.

Who Was Pavlov’s Dog? The World May Never Know (Aaron 4-210)

One of Pavlov’s dogs.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Dog

The answer is…it was no single dog, it was multiple dogs to figure out why dogs salivate to certain sounds that remind them of food or signals so it was just a mistaken term and just one shout: Read “My Little Story” and “My New Series of Little Stories!”

Korea and the 5 Senses By Jade 5-305

Korea is a beautiful country. I am grateful to be studying it . I think the food in Korea would taste wonderful. I love to try new foods. The food in Korea is called Korean Cuisine, which is made from rice, noodles, and tofu. Another food is Kimchee. Kimchee is a traditional fermented Korean dish. Kimchee is made of  napa cabbage, raddish green, green onions, cucumber and even more ingredients to make it taste delicious. I would maybe give it  a thumbs up because it sounds good maybe it taste good. If I were to smell the fresh Korean air, I would maybe smell the different plants like the Fir Native tree. It’s really small and the bark is smooth, the leaves are like needles. I would also smell another plant named the Acer Mandshuricum. Its a slender Deciduous tree  and a wonderful delightful tree.

Manchurian Maple

In Korea, I think that I would see a lot of people dressed up with beautiful colors.  The women’s type of clothing are for example: a chima. A chima is a type of skirt worn together with a jeogri (a basic upper garment that is a traditional garment). The men wear a Dopa, a Dopa is a variety of Po (overcoat). In Korea, I would hear music. Music in Korea includes both folk, vocal, religious, and ritual music!  I may also hear animals along the way like the national animal the Tiger. In Korea I would touch the glistening water from the Han river. The Han river is the fourth longest river on the Korean Peninsula. Its the most beautiful river ever. I would also touch the texture of the clothes they have there. If I lived in Korea, I would be excited because I would want to learn the Korean language Hangul and meet new friends.

That is my report on the five senses!!!!

Exploring Portugal Through The Five Senses (Aaron 4-210)

This is Fried Portuguese Style Bay Scallops.It’s a simple dish to prepare and they have natural sweetness.This is what you could taste in Portugal.


Inside Belem Tower







This is Belem Tower the city’s most photographed landmark.This is something you may see in Portugal.

The membranophone is an instrument in Portugal.This is something you could hear in Portugal.

Lavender is something that you can smell in Portugal.

This the West European Hedgehog it is nice ‘n’ furry.This what you can feel in Portugal.

Agency Photo Album (Aaron 4-210)

“You know what I’ll show you Christina said ” An album of adventures”

Sapphire sings.

Prank Day!

Dr.F not knowing what he’s doing but he does it anyway.

Helpin’ out Jimmy!

Helping a professional singer!

     Chaz McFreely and Bianca


More Prank Day Memories:Girls V.S Boys We must SURVIVE!!!!!!

Aaron telling us to shush ’cause SpongeBob’s on.


MCEmi:Where’s Mitch?

Poppy and her sister Violet.

Buddy’s my buddy

Agency Party

MCEmi hosting a festival

Us in Alaska visiting Preston and Beebee’s hometown.

Nikki and her boat.

Back To Work!!! By Christina 4-210

On the last day of school,we went to the pool, but now it’s time to go……


We played games and got candy canes, but now it’s time to go……


We all slept late and also got cake, but now it’s  time  to go……


We all had fun,but now my work is done ,so make sure you guys go……



Work, Work, Work 🙂

Portugal by Harpreet Kaur Multani 4-210

How does Portugal smell, look, feel, sound and taste like?

Portugal smells like food such as chicken or home made rice. Portugal looks like cars on the streets, stores everywhere, and flowers sprouting everywhere and it looks beautiful. Portugal feels like tree bark and cork. Portugal sounds quite loud in the stores and peaceful outside. Portugal tastes sweet like ice cream.

Portugal is a very nice country because it has many places to go to while you go on vacation. One place is The Gulbenkian Museum. There is also very delicious food to eat. If I ever go to Portugal, I will have a lot of fun there.         

What does Morocco sound Like by Furqan Khan

The music is popular. It is amazing music  by Moroccon people. Some American people are amazed by it too. It has so many beats. The Morrocon music is weird to some countries especially countries that don’t speak Arabic.

Ammouri Mbark - Famous Berber singer and songwriter

What does Morocco sound like? By Nathaniel Silva

  • Morocco sounds very peaceful and very quiet. The reason why Morocco sounds quiet is because there are less big trucks and cars like in big cities. In Morocco there are less big cities. If there were more big cities there would be lots of  noise, but there is less noise in Morocco.I got my information from www.MOROCCO.com



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