P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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What do you love? – I love… By Kelan 3-204

What do you love, Do you love to write? Do you love to sing? Or do you love math? Well I love to write read and sing –  also making peace. You can reply as a comment what you love.



Former student

Hey! It’s me Nimra Sarwar now a 6 th grader. Missing 119, 381 is nice to but not better than 119. There’s no peace day parade nothing, its so different.  I want to say hi to Mr. Jump, Mrs. Beretta , Mrs. Mann , Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Davis and most of all MRS. Fernandez and Ms. Snow. I miss you guys. bye.

Nimra Sarwar

My Not So Little Story Part 2 (Aron 3-204)

Me and Travis dashed to each other.There stood Beebee and Preston.I could already see them as an agent trainee, well mostly Preston with his big blonde hair.I see Beebee less responsible judging her PINK hair. ” How’d ya like to work for me? ” I asked.”Hmmmm… do we get paid ” Preston asked. ” No but I don’t get paid either ” I responded. “Yes a million times yes!!” Beebee shouted till she fell on the ground.” I’m already lovin’ it!” Preston said.”Travis is a trainee like you are so since I feel a disturbance  tell Bianca to train them” I demanded.Then I walked away.Then I heard a Caaaarrrrrgghhhh.I don’t get it I could hear it but I don’t see it so maybe .   .   . I should feel!I felt nothing maybe it’s a Morcubot.I got the idea because Morcubus got me my ‘job’ that I never  get payed in!!!!!!!!!

To Be Continued …

My Not So Little Story Part 1 (Aaron 3-204)

Today no one called me.I just layed in bed all day reading this new book called:’Killing Two Birds With One Stone’ By:R.W  Sey.”Don’t you think it’s weird no one called you Aaron?”Travis asked.”Ont ait alla” I said.”You know I don’t speak Portuguese” Travis said.”This is Françias ” I said.Reneè came in.”Since you’re not busy I’ll give you a liste” Reneè said.”Wow Portuguese.A whole different level” I said.”So pet-sit my animais”Reneè said.”Please English.I love helping and she’s paying me $15 dollars an hour but it smells here.Her pig came up to me.” Oink Oink” It said.”I don’t speak Pig Latin”I said.He ran away.I guess he was offended by my bacon breath.Then I felt a disturbance.I didn’t hear or see anything but I still think something.Then I got a text from Travis:Aaron, do u think somethings wrong?.I replied:YES!!! =-(.

To Be Continued…

My St.Patrick Day Poem By: Sapphire 3-204

Green clovers struck the city

I am jealous they look quite pretty

The people gathered themselves around

To look at the pretty clovers on the grounds

They have a parade and still doesn’t know who planted them

I believe that it just grows like eggs layed from a hen

You give it a look it looks so green

You give it a touch it feels so clean

My Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next Little Story (Aaron 3-204)

My name is Aaron.Special agent Aaron.You might know me from the previous mysteries.

“Where’s my ninja star?”

And this ruins my mystery free vacation in Japan.Twas the day I solved ‘the ninja star’.“My ninja star is missin’ and the darkness is coming” Jimmy said.”I will help you Jimmy Wantanabe.”I said.I love to help only this is my vacation,I don’t get PAYED,and even if I do get PAYED it would probably be in ‘yen‘.”Only did you check your hair ’cause you have a lot of hair that stands up.He looked.”Wow it was in there.” Jimmy said stunned.To eeeeaaaaasssssssyyyyyyyy.That was the end of ‘the ninja star’.

Miryam on Bullying! Are You 9? By: Mily 3-204

Hi! my name is Miryam. My birthday was on the 6th of March. I turned nine. A boy in my class told me I can’t be nine because I’m to little. I got really really really mad. I got mad because sometimes people tease me like this boy in my class. They don’t have a idea of how we feel! If they were little and people teased them, then they will know how we feel. It’s not nice to tease people that look different. Even though they look different they are still people. Not everybody is perfect! so, if you tease someone think twice before you hurt their feelings. Also one more thing I heard a fact that small people have more intelligence because it can reach up to their brain faster. 🙁 (-:

5th Grade Field Day Drama by Kisha, Adriana

This is reporter 1123 and 0401 on the the latest news on 5th grade field day. Has Mr. Warfield gone mad is Mrs.Caldron stepping to the dark side? All questions will be answered in this article. Blue team take down Mr.Warfield All this drama in 5th grade field day. Teachers in field day  were saying to 5-301 that  there teacher were mad. Mr. Warfield was in the white and Mrs.Calderon was with the blue team they were notified as CRAZY! cheaters we quote. In the gym, the drama was on fire literally it was hot in the middle of the school day and people were sweating bolts. Everyone stunk though it was exciting and fun. Mr.Warfield had his moments  and so did Mrs.Calderon Like when Mr. Warfield helped Anthony complete two of his missions. When Ms. Calderon helped the blue team end the day with in a tie. Field was not only fun but action packed. When Ms Calderon was in the process of her evil doing Mr. Warfield attacked with an iron fist to stop Ms. Calderon. He was running to Ms. Calderon but Kisha and Adriana jumped him ending with bomb and pain for the two heroines  all of us fell to the floor. Let’s give some credit to the two COOL! teachers they made field day more fun for the whole 5th grade.

This was reporter 1123 and 0401. We’re off and running.


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