P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Royal Wedding Day – Ms. Basloe & 5-304

The Fun Things That I Did Last Week By: Sapphire 3-204

This week I went to Connecticut I had a lot of fun because my family and I got to go to many different places for many different occasions.My whole family got to go to “Coco Keys” a water resort many people left early and came late but some people came late and left early but my family came and left late.When I and my cousins went into the pool we were trying to get  the ball because there was a basketball hoop but the big and little boys were hogging the ball up.People in my family got cut and there was like more than four people that got scraped on the knee or fell.The most fun part that I had at “Coco Keys” was a tunnel when you had to use a tube.Well on Easter I went to church but it was fast and everything and then we went my new favorite restaurant called Friendlys it was so amazing that I was so amazed and starved.At the end I was stuffed like a turkey being eaten with mmmmm good stuffing.

Tongue Twisters & Group Poem with Mr. Núñez – BRIC – Peace Academy Blvd of Dreams Project

Trevor, Daniel & Kelyse – Tongue Twister

Brittany & Jayden – Group Poem

Play by Play by Barrington Amofa as Announcer at the Teacher Student Basketball Game

Play by Play by Barrington Amofa as Announcer at the Teacher Student Basketball Game

Ms. Basloe passes to Ms. Brownfeld. Brownfeld shoots and scores. Warfield gets the rebound and passes to Mr. Clarke who runs down center court, shoots and scores. The crowd goes wild. Mr. Andrew gets the rebound and slowly dribbles down court. He charges straight up the center and does a slam-dunk. He gets the rebound and passes to Jeff. Jeff shoots and scores. Warfield gets the rebound and passes it to Brownfeld who shoots from the outside and scores. Mr. Andrew gets the rebound, passes it to Jalen. Jalen shoots from the outside and scores. Morgan shoots and scores. Mr. Warfield gets the rebound and passes to Mr. Clark who scores easily. Amencis gets the rebound, shoots and scores. What a game!

“The kids had such great team work that the scoring amongst all players was even across the board. Mr. Warfield had tons of assists and rebounds and without his efforts the game would not have been as evenly and fairly matched.”—Mrs. Maguire

“I was very impressed with the teamwork the students displatyed on the court.”—Mrs. Warfield.

“Mrs. Moran ran all the way to the basket and made the shot. Ms. Brownfeld and Mr. Clarke gave Mrs. Moran a High Five!”—Stacey Germain

Ms. Basloe with 5-304 Go Greek!

Basketball Game – Teachers vs. Students

My New Series of Little Stories:My Little Story (Aaron 3-204)

Previous Little Story: “Hah you missed me!” Christina said.”You’re under arrest” Bianca said.”Christina look out” Brandon said.                                                                                    Travis You remember my first mission.The action and adventure never ends.                                                                                                                                                                       “I’ve called all the agents for a special task,”Aaron’s boss Walker said.” We must find all of Gino’s 300,000 recipes.”Big deal.My phone bill is higher than that”I said.I got a text and it said:I have sent this txt cuz u need 2 take things more seriously.From:Bianca.I sent:OK.                                                  I wasn’t even listening.                                                                                                                         Bianca The gang went to Gino’s restaurant.                                                                        “What were the names of your recipes?” I asked.”Don’t ask that what of spies are here” Travis asked”We’re generally spies” I said.”Well I’ll check the gumball machine.” I’m working on  French so I’ll go to the aven”  Dave said.                                                                                                                                                     “Just hurry!”Gino said.                                                                                                                    Brandon If there is anything I’ve learned about hanging out with them make sure you don’t try to start a conversation,and know they’re literally closer than ever.“There it is!” I said.Bianca and Travis got them.”Looks like they’re getting along” I said.”We try”  Travis said.

My New Series of Little Stories Part 3 (Aaron 3-204)

Brandon The girls got us and we walked up to them.                                                                     “We know you break the nice,nice peace in this town” I said.                                         “Okay you just need him to think you’ll hit him but trick him” Aaron said.The boy Dragomir saw it coming and flew away leaving Aaron to fall and break his leg.                                                                                                                                                 “I’m afraid you guys have to do it alone” Aaron said.                                            Christina This is bad but we have to find them.                                                                      “Let’s go amigo!” Brandon said firing up the agent jet.                                                              We have landed on a rocky island.”So where are we?” Dave asked.”OOOO!OOOOOOOO!The middle of nowhere!”                                                                               We finally found a place to look around and relax.”Who’s there?”Dr.F asked.”People? Travis said in the form of a question.”Okay Dr.F and Alexa I decided to disassemble my lasers because I’m interested in rocket science” the robot  Tobor said.                                                                                                                Dave We were looking for Dragomir and his lady friend Sventanlana with this cool high tech gizmo Dr.F and Alexa made.That’s when we found their observetery.                                                                                                                                                                “Hey guys there it is!” I shouted.

To Be Continued…

My New Series of Little Stories Part 2 (Aaron 3-204)

Aaron told us this is our homework and not to bother him.If he thinks we could do this without bothering him once he’s truly psycho.                                                        “Okay to sharpen your mind as a agent you must be assigned cabins.”Aaron said.Sapphire If we’re ‘assigned’ cabins that means we have roommates.And you know what that means early birdies.And that means no full 9-hour sleep.                                                                                                              Travis Not to sound mean but I hate sharing rooms.People get in the way of me texting MC Emi I said:Hey Emi!How R U!Could you see how a tiny text could ask an important question.                                                                                                    “Travis,Brandon,Dave” Aaron said “Christina,Sapphire,Bianca”                                      Bianca It was a good  thing we were paired by gender.So I did Aaron homework.I looked out the window and he was sun bathing!He says he’s a ‘busy man’ but he has time to sun bathe.                                                                                      “What the potato head?” Bianca said.They saw him but they saw 2 mischievous people.Little did me and the trainees know this was are first no 2nd chance mission…

To Be Continued…

My Next Series of Little Stories Part 1 (Aaron 3-204)

Travis You remember me Travis, right?Aaron brought a bunch of people                                   “I’m Aaron your instructor.As you know you’re agent trainees.I’m yo-” Aaron said as he was interrupted. “We know you’re our teacher” Christina said softly.                                                                                                                                                                 “NEVER INTERRUPT THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Aaron exclaimed. I wouldn’t call this good but it’s start for my sake.                                                  Christina I wasn’t so ‘okay’ with being an agent ’cause it’ll take time away from my normal life but I warmed up to it he said things are nice ‘n’ short but so far not nice                                                                                                                                                       “So do we get partners?”I asked.”Only if you could work well together”Aaron replied.So I guess this works but thing are still eh heh.                  Aaron I know they think I’m to hard on them but they have got to know when to get serious so I sent them a letter that said: Guys I want you to know that I only picked you cuz I knew you could handle it Kindess Regaurds Aaron.If there’s anything those guys put effort into is whining.                                                     Brandon I’m the only one who’s kinda okay with this psycho seeing how he’s great leader that’s really wacko, but Imma okay with whatever he throws.                                                                                                                                                                  “You will work on your flips” Aaron said back hand springing.”But- how- me- spring-” Travis asked.”Well specifically stretch before that then jump land on your hands ‘n’ push and land” Aaron said doing the steps

To Be Continued…


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