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Spring Is Here! By Christina 3-204

Hello! You might be familiar with me. I was not on the blog for a long time, as you can see. I bet you guys know this already, so Spring is here! I am so happy! I love Spring, and so do you, some of you don’t, I understand too. Leaves come out.. no time to pout!

Caring Classrooms by Gen Berretta

Handcrafted picture frames

Handdcrafted Butterfly Clips

Kori and Damone and their moms along with Ronald from 4-205 sold hand made crafts for charity

2nd grade classrooms had another successful crafts sale to benefit the World Wildlife Federation and Children for Children to support the children of Japan. The handmade crafts created by 2nd grade classrooms were sold during Parent Teacher Conferences and parents, children, teachers and former students helped with the sales. In total close to $200 was raised for very worthy causes. Thank you everyone for supporting the 2nd graders!

Compassionate Classrooms and Our Anti-Bully Raps are a Hit!

Out Anti-Bully Raps are making it out across the internet. We have so much to be proud of. Compassionate Classrooms is a sure hit. Check out our latest link:

PS 119 Featured Again!

My Band’s Life by Nyles

I was a rock star living it big and playing with my band the Hot Red Flamers. Life was great then our record deal dropped us. Now we’re just ordinary teens going to High School and rocking the halls.

We are so popular we get free lunch tickets and we play at our school concerts at assemblies. We had the life being teen rock stars with our record deal but now that that is gone we still have each other. We can still write songs and put it online or Youtube for the people of America and other different countries.

When we are in school we have to get good grades. We say,”School First!” and rock stars later. When we finish High School we are going to college, Brooklyn College! School first, then great careers. Rock on!

The Jumprope Contest by Madison

One sunny afternoon in the schoolyard during recess I told Ayela, “We are going to have a jumprope contest.”
Ayela said, “Okay let’s go. Bring it on!”
“Let’s bring it on girl.” I said back to Ayela.
Then we grabbed our jumpropes and we started jumping. We stopped at the same exact time. It was a tie. 

We gave each other a high five and we hugged each other. 

We skipped to the water found and had a drink.

That was a great day, the day Ayela and me had a jumprope contest.

The AMAZING! Science Fair of 2011

K-1 Bridge Sink or FloatStick to It (Magnets)What Shape Are Bubbles?What Color Are Bubbles? – Outstanding job Ms. Canja’s Class! Outstanding!


First Prize: Ethan Garnett 2-102 – Can You Make New Paper Out of Old Paper?
Second Prize: Kori Hart 2-102 – The Human Tongue
Third Prize: Taariq Joseph 2-102 – Water Fireworks

Honorable Mention:
Shane Lewis 2-102 – How Does Pepper Separate in Water
Cierra Bowles-Louis 2-102 – What Liquids Can Stop Cut Fruit & Vegetables from Turning Brown
Sheldon Kemp 2-102 – Blowing Up A Balloon Without Air

First Prize: Xenavia Turner 2-103 – Carnations in Warm & Cold Water
Second Prize: Sateen Rambharose 2-103 – How Can An Egg Float in Water?
Third Prize: Kiland Bharath 2-103 – How Magnets Work

First Prize: Kayla Layne 2-106 – Colorful Carnations
Second Prize: Shanjita Pasha 2-106 – Polishing Pennies
Third Prize: Isiah Baez 2-106 – Different Forms

First Prize: Nashly Germain 2-107 – How to Make An Egg Float?
Second Prize: Khushpreet Kaur 2-107 – Blowing the Balloon
Third Prize: Fathma Noor 2-107 – How Can You Use an Orange to Prevent an Apple from Browning?

First Prize: Rhys Ortiz 2-110E – Germs
Second Prize: Shanaya Snow 2-110E – All About Fossils
Third Prize: Gemiyah Taylor 2-110E  – Zoology- Tigers


First Prize: Christian Hernandez 2/3-105 – The Electric Light Bulb
Second Prize: Tarnyonoh Collins 2/3-105 – The North Pole
Third Prize: Susan Zileoglu 2/3-105 – The Solar System


First Prize: Daunte Smith-Williams 3-203 – Discovering Photosynthesis
Second Prize: Nyles Adams 3-203 – My Homemade Lava Lamp: A Demonstration of How Liquids & Gases Interact
Third Prize: Aisha Ahmed 3-203 – Mixing Food Coloring in Water

Honorable Mention:
Shawn Anderson 3-203 – Bubble-ology!

First Prize: Shakira Baksh 3-204E – Wind Turbine
Second Prize: Starr Brooks 3-204E – Effect of Beverages on Tooth Enamel
Third Prize: Choudhary Sajjawal 3-204E – Do Cooked Beans Grow?

Honorable Mention:
Nya St. Fleurant 3-204E – How to Make a Lava Lamp!
Nicholas Jhagroo 3-204E – How Soon After Sunset Does the Streetlight Come On (In Winter)
Brandon Bissoondial 3-204E – Recycled Paper
Kadar Echols-El 3-204E – How Were Saturn’s Rings Formed?

First Prize: Kensciana Charles / Shadina Merzier 3-206 – Sugar Crystals
Second Prize: Aysia Garnett 3-206 – Do Frozen Candles Burn Slower?
Third Prize: Audrey Sanchez 3-206 – Dancing Raisins

First Prize: Miguel Munive 3-207 – Sugar Crystals
Second Prize: Noura Gomaa 3-207 – How Do We Taste With Our Eyes & Nose?
Third Prize: Josiah Thorpe 3-207 – Does Sugar Prolong the Life of Cut Flowers?

Honorable Mention:
Shanelle Alphonse 3-207 – Colored Flowers
Rachael Green 3-207 – The Solar System
Kiana Godfrey 3-207 – The Digestive System

First Prize: Shelby Abellard 3-210 – A Gravity Experiment
Second Prize: Asim Ali 3-210 – The Incredible Rusty Iron
Third Prize: Teresa Juarez 3-210 – The Solar System

Honorable Mention:
Sarah Ahmad 3-210 – Right Side/Left Side


First Prize: Mohammed H. Faysal 4-201E – The Physics of Cheating in Baseball
Second Prize: Makera Bailey 4-201E – Egg-xperiment
Third Prize: Ruby Bryan 4-201E – The Mysterious Yeast

Honorable Mention:
Michaela Ramnath 4-201E – The Bittersweet Boiling Experiment
Ahmad Asif 4-201E – Food Molds

First Prize: Jermaine Small 4-202 – Color Changing Milk
Second Prize: Chrisleen Desrosiers 4-202 – What Shape Ice will Melt Faster?
Third Prize: Ayanna Campbell 4-202 – How to Make an Electro Magnet?

First Prize: Ronald Joseph 4-205 – Water Jelly Crystals / Marcus Belfon 4-205 – Light Up
Second Prize: Takreem Janjua 4-205 – Electric Buzzer / Kyron Greene 4-205 – Making Electricity From Fruits
Third Prize: Amber Reign Ford 4-205 – How Can I Find Out How Far Are Nerve Cells / Adia Brooks 4-205 – Swimming Raisins

Honorable Mention:
Radhika Nankoo 4-205 – Can Crystals Really Disappear & Reappear in Water?
Caroline Juarez 4-205 – Carnations in Food Coloring
Avery Bridgeman 4-205 – Anti Freezing
Pritpal Singh 4-205 – Light Amazement

First Prize: Amber Haywood 4-309 – What Material Will Best Clean Oil in Water?
Second Prize: Merlissa Alexandre 4-309 – Cabbage Juice Indicator
Third Prize: Lauryn Jones 4-309 – What Happened To My Apple?

First Prize: Nicholas Ramphal 4-310 – The Hoover Dam
Second Prize: Samantha Medina-Dillon 4-310 – Study of Rocks
Third Prize: Jonathan Condell 4-310 – Static Electricity

Honorable Mention:
Sofia Mejia 4-310 – Can You Really Power an MP3 Player with an Onion & A Sports Drink?
Leondra Morgan 4-310 – The Effects of Gravity on Parachutes
Kensley Fandal 4-310 – Charging Up a Lightbulb


First Prize: Anyaa Adams 5-301 – Scientific Lip Gloss
Second Prize: Christopher Gooden 5-301 – How to Make Your Own Bubbling Lava Lamp
Third Prize: Edvina Robinson 5-301 – Jumping Raisins

Honorable Mention:
Federico Cuatlal 5-301 – Balloons Blow-up

First Prize: Norique Clarke 5-302 – Balloon Inflation
Second Prize: Devonica Gayle 5-302 – Magdeburg Sphere
Third Prize: Tiara Henry 5-302 – Static Electricity

Honorable Mention:
Paulina Juarez 5-302 – Lights at Night
Samama Ahmad 5-302 – Memory
Rony St. Jour 5-302 – Shadow Exploration
Honorable Mention:
Alana Aga 5-302 – Wind Turbines

First Prize: Kasseem Humphreys 5-303 – Will Exercising Increase Heart Rate?
Second Prize: Kai Mullings 5-303 – To Test The Effects of Preservatives on Bacteria Growth
Third Prize: Alyssa Gonzalez 5-303 – The Effects of Salt When Added to Boiling Water

Honorable Mention:
Alex Grullon 5-303 – Does Temperature Affect a Bubble’s Lifespan?
Farheen Qazi 5-303 – Does Smell Affect the Way You Perceive Taste?

First Prize: Ariel Joseph 5-304 – Potato Power
Second Prize: Matthew Johnson 5-304 – Growing Crystals From Sugar
Third Prize: Kenyer Malcolm 5-304 – Homemade Perfume

Honorable Mention:
Yolande Gillespie 5-304 – Electric Dessert

First Prize: Aiza Malik 5-305E – Hydroelectricity & Its Powerplants
Second Prize: Morgan Henry 5-305E – Fermentation: The Effect of Yeast on Different Fruit Juices & Seltzer Water
Third Prize: Rudaba Nasir 5-305E – CPR

Honorable Mention:
Ajene Barton 5-305E – Naked Eggs

It Takes a Village and Kelly Wallace by Genevieve Berretta

PS 119 had a very special visit on March 2, 2011. Kelly Wallace, former CNN , CBS Correspondent and current Chief Correspondent for IVillage.com and videographer Michelle Knight visited our school to discuss bullying. Ms. Wallace and Ms. Knight came across our award winning rappers on the Department of Education “Respect for All” website (see below) and wanted to see what we are up to now.

Well, we are always up to something at PS 119 when it comes to increasing the peace. Firth graders: Daniel, Adrien and Jordan, inspired by last year’s Anti-Bully Rappers: Nairan and Jeremiah, started writing an Anti-Bully rap the first day of school. And down in the third grade: Kelan, Choudhardy, Davone, Brandon and Shawn are working on an Anti-Bullying dance, beatbox and rap roadshow. Invite them to your class and you too will be inspired.

All of our Anti-bully rappers, open letter writers and poets will be featured at our annual Community Service Assembly in June. Additionally, the June edition of The Lantern is now accepting Anti-Bully:raps, open letters, thoughts, pledges and poems for another special Anti-Bully page.

Check out the blog for a preview as the IVillage.com report is inspiring more students at PS 119 to write, rhyme and rap in an effort to speak out against bullying.

Great job everyone and Kelly and Michelle–come on back any time. It takes a village to change the world!

Kelly Wallace with our new Anti-Bully Rappers: Daniel, Adrien and Jordan


Some links can only be viewed at home so make sure to sign on the blog at home and post comments:

Kelly Wallace interviews out new Anti-Bully Rappers

PS 119 Respect For All Anti-Bullying Rappers Link

PS 119 Gets A Mention from Kelly Wallace at the White House


Cookshop Workshop with Ms. Nieves & 2-107 – Black Bean Dip Recipe

Ms. Waldron Explores the Mystery of the Nazca Line from Peru with 3-210

Nazca Lines Archaeological Site Imperiled!

What are the Nazca Lines? Where are they and who created them. Explain this mysterious ancient site in your comments on the blog!

Grecian Columns with Mrs. Judge-Patton


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