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My Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next Little Story (Aaron 3-204)

My name is Aaron.Special agent Aaron.You might know me from the previous mysteries.

“Where’s my scripts?”

Why does this have to do with paper?The last paper mission had 687 of those bad boys.Twas the day I solved ‘the scripts’.“Aaron I’m directing a play in fifteen minutes and could you help me find 37 scripts?” Trevor asked.”Yes!” I answered.I searched the stage nothing I checked Trevor’s large pants pocket nothing.”There they are,” I said.Right behind the stage.That was the end of ‘the scripts’.

The Christmas Play By: Sapphire

Christina: Mom can I open my gifts now ? huh can I? can I?

Mrs. Christina:Excuse me you can not open your gifts now it is just Christmas Eve!.

Christina:But mom that does not even make sense tomorrow is Christmas.

Mrs.Christina:Yes it does Christina yes it does.

Christina:What sense does it make huh mom?

Mrs.Christina:It makes sense that you are only 9 and you think you have the guts to open up your present which means something special to both of us.

Christina: Bluh that is disgusting I just saw a fly while you were talking and I was eating my samich.

Mrs.Christina:Fine I will make you another sandwich with samich and you can only open 1 present.

Christina:Yes I finely persuaded her to make me open and pick a gift to open.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My New Years Resolution By:Sapphire{3-204}

My New Years Resolution would be to get more focused on my report card grade.I chose that resolution because I want to get all fours not threes and fours.When you start to like seriously notice your grades you definently need to work on it like me. I hope this get’s on the school blog.




Dear Sapphire – You definitely need to work on your spelling. Try Spellcheck!

My Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next Little Story (Aaron 3-204)

Hey I’m Travis.I’m filling in for Aaron because he’s sick.I’m a agent trainee.

“Where’s my guitar pick?”

I guess I should do that twas the day I solved ‘the guitar pick’.I’d go right now but I’m texting.I go.”I’m here!’I shout.”Great ‘cau-.Wait you’re not Aaron.” Chaz said

“Where’s Aaron?” Chaz asked.

“He’s sick I’m filling in,” I said.”Chaz needs to get his guitar pick fast.We have a show and I’m singin’ and DJ Candy will throwin’ the beats” Marie said.”True” DJ Candy said.”Okay sounds easy enough”I said.I searched.Then I scanned Chaz’s hands with my phone and I tracked it down.That was  the end of ‘the guitar pick’.

My Next,Next,Next,Next,Next,Next Little (Aaron 3-204

My name is Aaron.Special agent Aaron.You might know me from the previous mysteries.

“Where’s my meatballs?”

Twas the day I solved ‘the meatballs’. Wow.This my first food sitch.”Hello Patrick.”I said.He took off his construction helmet and held it over his heart.”In meat we trust” He said.”Patrick I love meat as much as the next guy.But don you think your overeactin’ “I asked.”Who’s payin’ you to do this”Patrick said in disbelief.”Umm Patrick.I NEVER GET PAYED!!!!!!!!!” I exclaimed.”But I’ll help you.”I cooled down from the anger.”Where did you last see your meatballs?” I suggested.”Well I was eatin’ my lunch durin’ m’ break.I stopped to go to the gents room.And NOW they’re missin’ “Patrick said.I searched the construction site. Dust blew in my face.”Are you sure you didn’t trop your container somewhere?” I asked.”Nope.My meat sense would be tinglin’.”Patrick said.Then I went to the bathromm and I found the container with meatballs.That was the end of ‘the meatballs’

A Letter to Jackie by Jonathan Lewis

Dear Jackie,

I know you are new to the school and you did not get to go to the Peace March, let me tell you all about it. The Peace March took began in the schoolyard and the entire school was there.

We held Cesar Chavez posters and we said the Peace Pledge in many different languages like Spanish, Dutch, Greek and French just to name a few. After the pledge, the entire school marched around the block. A parent blew on a conch shell and yelled, “YAY!”

Once the march was over, the students and teachers returned to their classes. Principal Fernandez made an announcement over the loudspeaker to the entire school: “We had an excellent Peace March.” I felt great inside because I was a part of something that was important. That was the best day ever. I hope you can be there next year.
Jonathan Lewis

Lots to Glow About for Jonathan’s Letter to Jackie

A Glow for Jonathan Lewis by Noura Gomaa

Jonathan did a lot of things right in his letter to Jacky on page two. I would give him the highest score of four. Here are the reasons why.

First, he said where the Peace March took place and what he was holding. “We held Cesar Chavez posters”, he said. He said we “marched” around the block. He also included that the Principal was there. Jonathan did not say, “Then we did this” and “Then we did this.” He used different words to begin each sentence and this made it nice to read. I also like that Jonathan wrote about what we did after the Peace March and how Ms. Fernandez made an announcement. He even told us what she said. I like how he ended his letter because the Peace March made me feel like I was part of something very important too.

These are all the reasons I give Jonathan Lewis a four on his letter to Jacky about the Peace March.

Dear Jonathan,

I like your handwriting. I would give you a four because your handwriting is nice and neat. I like that you did not keep saying “Then, then, then,” to begin each sentence. I think you are the best writer.–Precious

Dear Jonathan,

I really liked your writing. It had a lot of details. I really understood what you were writing about. You used good punctuation with periods and capitals. It was also neat and clear. I like your handwriting. I liked that you had paragraphs. You deserve a four because you did a great job.—Ashley

Citrus Fruits by Nathalia, Kori and Jacquelyn

Citrus Fruits by Nathalia

Why are oranges citrus fruit? Oranges are citrus fruit because we can peel them by hand and they are divided into sections. Citrus fruits grow in places with warm weather. For example, they grow in Hawaii, West Indies, Florida, California, Mexico and Jamaica.  We can also make juice out of citrus fruit. We can make juice out of oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruits. My favorite citrus fruit is the orange. It is my favorite because it is sweet. Would you like to taste citrus fruits mixed together?

Citrus Fruits by Kori

There is a lot to know about citrus fruits. Oranges, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, kiwis, nectarines and mandarins are just some citrus fruits that we eat. Citrus fruits grow in Florida, Jamaica and Hawaii because it is warm there.  I have eaten citrus fruit and some taste sweet and some taste sour.  I have eaten grapefruit and it is sour. Also, citrus fruits have juice in them. Have you ever eaten a citrus fruit?

Citrus Fruits by Jacquelyn

This is all I know about citrus fruits. We can eat things that come from trees. Citrus fruits are tropical fruits and they grow on trees and they make juice. When citrus fruit is picked it can be peeled and divided. That is how you know it is a citrus fruit.

Dear Patrick Senat by Yamrod

Dear Patrick Senat,

Thank you for the special visit. It was so touching to me that even though you had a busy schedule, you took the time to come to our classroom.

Your speech really inspired me because you told us all the steps to be a good student. You taught us to take responsibility for our own actions. I hope you can come by our classroom again. You should come again because you inspired everyone to be a hardworking student. Thank you for bringing those souvenirs from the White House. When I saw the souvenirs, I was very excited because I wanted to learn more about the things in the White House. You are a lucky man.

I want to say thank you again because not many people get the opportunity to actually see someone who worked for the President. We are very lucky to learn about the things you do for the President. One day imagine me working for the President. Your advice could make that happen. Thank you.
Yamrod Etienne

Taisha’s 100th Day Song 3-204 PLUS! The 100th Day Displays!

One hundred,
One hundred,
One hundred,

It’s the hundredth day of school!
It can be better
It can be cool
It could be the 200th day of school
Or even the 300th day of school.

And what we get is a poster and a pin
Could have even more like a shirt.
Oh that would be cool
I hope we would.
And all I can say is
Happy Hundredth Day of School!


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