P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Hi, How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great. I went to my aunt’s house. I saw my baby cousin. His name is Kennlee. I think there was 20 people there.

That was my Thanksgiving.

Cool by Aaron 3-204

The cool is coming!
Jack Frost is striking!
When it’s cool no more pool.
Did you like my rhyme?
Okay I know that’s a lot of pressure on you.
So like I was saying when the cool comes you have to get it out with no doubt.
How’d you like this one?
Oh stop it I know you love it.
So the only thing you have to do is get warm
in the cool.
That was ‘rhymish’.
Well to keep warm buy
: hats, gloves, scarfs, jackets & coats.
Well nice seein’ ya!
I GOTTA GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.it’s freezing outside bring a coat.

Peace By Kelan

Its love, respect, and loyalty all you need is a heart to do this.

Sixth Grade-By Shamyah Vilfort

Dear Ps119, This Is Shamyah Vilfort. I Would Like To Say That It Has Been a While Since I Have Seen Everyone And How Much I Miss Everybody I Hope Everyone Is Having Fun. Love, Shamyah

Old Mate! by Faika

Hey 119! I miss you guys so much! To me you will always be my favorite school in the whole wide world and may peace always prevail on earth.  peace

Thanksgiving Feast Today Christina 3-204

Hey everybody! How  was your Thanksgiving? My Thanksgiving was great! I went to my Grandma’s house and we had turkey. We watched TV a little bit. There wasn’t that many people. There was only 6 people in the house. Those people were myself, my brother, my mom, my dad, my aunt, and of course, my grandma.We had alot of fun. Oh,that morning I watched the Thanksgiving parade. There was even steppers!!! You here that Ms.Francis? I saw a lot of character floats like Shrek. That’s all. See you guys on the next blog post. Bye-Bye!

P.S. 119 is The Best School In The World! by Christina 3-204

Hey. This is Christina and I am here to say that “119 is a very good school and nobody will regret that.” This school is like a “life cycle” too. Or as you can say,”school cycle.” Like Aaron said, “Our peace masters Ms.Fernandez and Ms.Snow, they make sure everybody are being peacebuilders.” My Favorite teachers: Mrs. Heym, Mrs. Berretta, Mr. Clarke, Ms. Francis, Mr. Jump, and Mr. Fields. They are all my favorite teachers.


Thanksgiving by Kelan 3-204

Thanksgiving is a day when you eat turkey, or maybe a turkey jerky.
It’s a day, you might want to play.
The leaves blow on the horizon you might want to fly in.
It was founded by Pocahontas or was it the Pilgrims?
It’s in the month of  November  or don’t you remember.
When you think of Thanksgiving don’t you think of turkey day?
To me it’s about the harvest,
In Canada it’s celebrated the second Monday
of October.

Hello everybody! The nacho cheese party was fun! Kenny & Aaron 3-204

It was the best pajama party! They had nacho crackers and the cheese so they call it nacho cheese. They had a lot of people there because it was only for 3rd grade. A lot of people had pajamas BUT some didn’t so I’m sorry for the people that didn’t go. There will be another one in spring. It’s nacho cheese which is my favorite. We had fun. We mingled and had books to read. I hope there’s one every year and I’ll go. Now y’all tell everybody about this.

SOS Children’s Villages in Kenya

SOS Children's Villages International - CLICK FOR MS WORD DOCUMENT

SOS Children's Villages International - CLICK FOR MS WORD DOCUMENT

Dear Mr. Jump & PS 119 Students-

Thanks so much for your interest in SOS Children’s Villages and for contacting us! We would love for you and your school to become involved with us.

In response to your email, I would recommend becoming a child sponsor of a child in Kenya. We have sponsorships available in 4 Kenyan villages: Eldoret, Meru, Mombasa, and Nairobi. Sponsorship costs $30/month or $360/year for each child. As a sponsor, you will receive a sponsorship pack which contains a photo and description of your sponsored child along with information on how to go about corresponding with them.

To sign-up for sponsorship, you may either call us directly (number provided below) or visit our website www.sos-usa.org–click on Ways to Donate, then Sponsor a Child or Village. In order to specify your preference, simply type the name of the country where it states: “Special Requests” on the registration form.

If you’d like to get your school involved in fundraising, I would be more than happy to mail you some of our marketing materials for distribution. Just let me know.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me in our Sponsorship Department at (202) 470-5173. Thanks again for your interest and I hope you have a wonderful day!



Jennifer Rozzelle
Donor Relations Coordinator

SOS Children’s Villages
1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1250
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Jennifer-

Our students are so excited about having the opportunity to give a child who is orphaned from HIV/AIDS a safe living and learning environment. Our school provides many services to the community in various ways from bake sales to benefit dances. Tonight is the Diabetes Fund dance. We wanted to think of a unique idea for World AIDS Day on December 1st. With the help of fellow staff and students, we thought an easy way to raise $360 would be to ask the students to give up ice cream for one week (Tues and Thursdays actually) we would have enough money to sponsor one child or maybe two. This is just the kick off. Once we start corresponding with a child in Kenya, I believe their efforts will grow.


Frank H. Jump
Instructional Technology Specialist


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