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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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Archive for April, 2010

I Feel by Salehah

I feel, I feel
I feel nervous
The butterflies are dancing
in my stomach
I feel, I feel
I feel nervous

Believe in Yourself by Maya

You can do it
Yes you can
Believe in yourself
YOu know you can

Aim for the sky
Go up high
Believe in yourself
Go sky high

No matter what you get
You know you tried
Believe in yourself
You’ll do it next time

The test is over
No more butterflies
Believe in yourself
You really, really tried

My Feelings by Faiza

I was so nervous
forty-five minutes ago
Now that I’m done
I feel so proud and sure
I think the ELA test was a little hard
But you know what my teachers said,”Believe in yourselves and work really hard.”
I was so scared but I kept reminding myself,
“Believe in yourself, believe in yourself!”

Believe by Sharleen

Today was the ELA
It was so hard
I was really scared
Thinking to myself,
“Oh will I get very far?”
Then…I shook my head
Saying, “NO, no, no!
I believe in myself!
Don’t worry!
Soar with the clouds
Set my dreams free
The answers are right there
I really, really can see
The answers are inside of me
Just believe in myself
I believe in me”

Evidence of Spring Photo Shoot – Photoclub

Nimra Sarwar

America’s Story by Isbah

We the people for the common defense
fighting England for our revenge
In the 1600’s settlers came
They discovered new lands
Started making houses and running errands
They began the thirteen colonies
Even made their own laws and policies
Then King George said, “I will rule!
The King put taxes on their property
He even had the nerve to tax their tea
Now the people had no choice
The King did not even give them a voice
The citizens threw the tea in the harbor
Now the King said, they were going way too far
The colonists held a big protest
to overthrow the King they did their best
In the Revolutionary War the colonists won
They fought night and day til the war was won
The colonists then became as one
Now we were a free country
So that’s America’s story…
Our history

Field Day at Bergen Beach’s Joseph T. McGuire Park

NYC Department of Parks & Recreation – Joseph T. McGuire Park

Nature by Asim

One sunny day in April I went to the Peace Garden with my class. I saw a peace rock, sparrows, a pine tree, a London Plain tree with itchy balls. There were so many beautiful things in the garden, but that day I was sad too. Someone stepped on a daffodil. That day I was very I love the nature of the Peace Garden.

The Peace Garden Field Trip by Briana

On a beautiful day class 2-105 went on a field trip with the teacher. Do you know who that teacher was? It was Mrs. Berretta! Do you know where we went? We went to the Peace Garden.

Up, up and away the plane flies far away. Birds in the trees”Tweet, TWeet, Tweet!” The birds go bye, bye.

“Bye, bye Peace Garden,” everyone said as we left the Peace Garden.

P.S. 119’s Peace Garden by Stephane

My class and I went to the Peace Garden. It was so beautiful.

WE walked into the Peace Garden and we saw birds hopping around. We saw airplanes flying in the blue sky. Honey Bees were looking for honey. A daffodil died. Someone stepped on it. That made me feel so sad. We also saw a pond with water and many different kinds of trees. For example, a London Plain, and oak tree and a pine tree with lots of pine cones. The London Plain tree has itchy balls dangling from branches. Buds were on the tip of the branches.We also saw a beautiful butterflies flitting from lupine to lupine. I saw tulips that were pink, yellow, purple and red. We saw different kinds of rocks there too.

As we left the Peace Garden, my class and I waved our hands and said, “Bye Peace Garden. Bye nature.” As I walked past the London Plain tree I smiled and thought the London Plain tree is guarding my whole school.


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