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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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I Sighed, Then Sneezed by Frank H. Jump

After walking through Avenue J’s Amersfort Park today, I thought about the onset of Spring coming. I sighed. Then I sneezed. I then lamented about my onset of hay fever. So I wrote a poem.

I sighed, then sneezed
It wasn’t from the dust of trees
Or flowers pollen on the breeze
I sneezed not once but in fits of threes
My stifled sigh became a wheeze
I sighed, then sneezed and sneezed and sneezed

P.S. 119 Amersfort 2010 Science Fair Winners!

First Place: Alexis CabreraWater & Oil Don’t Mix

First Place: Deanna Marie BadioGoobeldy Goop
Second Place: Kyle Roberts
Third Place: Alexis Howard
Honorable Mention: Lincoln Mayers, Miguel Munive, Zain Jamil

First Place: Audrey Sanchez The Magic Egg
Second Place: Nyles Adams
Third Place: Heinrik Prophile
Honorable Mention: Ashley Laurent

First Place: Asim Ali The Incredible Egg
Second Place: Madison St. Charles
Third Place: Sarah Ahmad
Honorable Mention: Shelby Abelard

First Place: Kenny Pierre Paul Rainbow Soap Bubbles
Second Place: Shawn Christopher Anderson
Third Place: Shanelle Alphonse

First Place: Jaylen MossRespiratory System
Second Place: Muhammed Uzair
Third Place: Aisha Ahmed

First Place: Choudhary SajjawalCabbage Juice pH Indicator
Second Place: Nicolas Jhagroo
Third Place: Sakinah Mehmood

First Place: Kamau Newman – Densities of Liquids & Objects & Benjamin HackshawM&M Frequency
Second Place: Chrisleen Desrosiers & Miryam Juarez

First Place: Merlissa AlexandreEffects of Different Liquids on Eggshells
Second Place: Danny Plaza
Third Place: Amber Haywood
Honorable Mention: Marlissa Hall, Leondra Morgan

First Place: Kyron GreeneSaltwater Conductor
Second Place: Nicholas Ramphal
Third Place: Jade Beswick – (presented on Buoyancy)
Honorable Mention: Jermaine Small, Shaimiq Washington, Kira Jennings, Renee Phillip

First Place: Ahmad AsifColor Collisions, Michaella RamnathBarometer
Second Place: Ruby Bryan, Ma’at Peart
Third Place: Simone Altenor
Honorable Mention: Christian Brathwaite, Zeeshan Khan, Jalen Bryan

First Prize: Takreem JanjuaTalking by Lightning Telegraph
Second: Christian Angeles
Third: Natalia Reyes

First Place: Samantha Medina The Brain Case
Second Place: Lauryn Jones
Third Place: Christian Cabrera
Honorable Mention: Adrian Garcia, Hannah Belle Nazaire, Olivia McIntire, Daryll Seneque

First Place: Morgan HenrySugar Crystals
Second Place: Daniel Anyasi
Third Place: Nina Simone Turner
Honorable Mention: Timothy Daniel, Amencis Berquin

First Place: Fahreen QaziVibrating Coins
Second Place: Ariel Joseph
Third Place: Paul Abegya
Honorable Mention: Alexandre Grullon, Paulina Juarez

First Place: Tiara HenrySolar Energy
Second Place: Matthew Johnson
Third Place: Yoland Gillespie
Honorable Mention: Daniel WrayLife Cycle of a Butterfly (model)*

First Place: Rony St. JourMagnetism
Second Place: Sarah Elmosbah
Third Place: Danae Brown
Honorable Mention: David WrayLife Cycle of a Sea Turtle (model)*, Diante George

First Place: Jordan FosterBlood is Red, Not Blue
Second Place: Elijah Howard
Third Place: Alexandra Lindsey
Honorable Mention: Anthony Ramcharan

First Place: Bilal AhmedHydroelectric Energy
Second Place: Zarif Khan
Third Place: José Torres
Honorable Mention: Princess Amoah, Kieara Moore

First Place: Lliam Mareus Bendy Brittle Bones
Second Place: Ashani Softleigh
Third Place: Elizabeth Farez
Honorable Mention: Nimra SarwarLava Lamp (presented), Rahmel BaileyGreen Glue (presented)

First Place: Sean DavisHow Salt Water Affects Freezing Point of Water
Second Place: Benjamin Villette
Third Place: Sharleen Pasha
Honorable Mention: Kevon Henry, Jeffrey Perea

First Place: Monica MurrayAm I Drinking Metal?
Second Place: Aylia Watson-Johnson
Third Place: Khiyah Fequiere
Honorable Mention: Noor Asif, Stefan Clarke, Isbah Nasir

* Outstanding artistic effort!

I Cried for Trees by Genevieve Berretta

After walking through Marine Park to survey the damage from Sunday’s storm I found myself crying. The majestic oaks which surrounded the inner path of the park were decimated and so…I wrote this poem.

I cried for a tree
Not one tree but three
Not three but thirty
I cried for trees

The Rainstorm by A.J. Campbell

Rain Storm by A.J. Campbell

One windy morning, I went for my kite. The wind blew harder and my kite flew away. Then I went inside and I came out and guess what? It rained. It rained all day and all night. I went to sleep and I woke up and I saw a bunch trees on the sidewalk. The wind and the rain loosened the roots and the trees fell down on gates. The trees tumbled houses and cars and damaged them. It was a terrible rainstorm.

James Estrin/The New York Times Con Edison workers planned how to turn gas off on a street in Scarsdale, N.Y., on Sunday.

QSTU – Quantity – System – Tool – Unit — Measurement Skills

Measurement Making Chart (CLICK FOR PRINTABLE CHART)

When using the QSTU chart, write the name of the object at the top of the column and follow the steps.

According to Answers dot com, a quantity is a measurable, countable, or comparable property or aspect of a thing. You can ask the questions: How much? How many? How heavy? How hot? How full? How long? How wide? How tall? How small? ETC!

When taking a measurement of an object (example: a rock) or a substance (example: milk) –

  • First you must ask – What QUANTITY am I measuring? How much or how many? How heavy? How hot?
  • Then you must decide which SYSTEM you are using – English or Metric system
  • Next, this will help you decide which TOOL you will need to use.
  • Finally, you will decide which UNIT is best to measure your object (matter).

If you need to measure how hot (QUANTITY-temperature) a glass of milk is…

…you would need to decide which SYSTEM to use:

Celsius or Fahrenheit? Most cookbooks published in America use the Fahrenheit scale which has smaller units than the Celsius scale. Everywhere else in the world uses Celsius. The same thing goes for most measurements. The United States is behind the rest of the world when it comes to changing over to the Metric System of measurements for weights, distance, liquids, volume, temperature, etc. Scientists always use the Metric system, except when it comes to rainfall or snowfall.


If you are measuring HOW HOT a glass of milk is, you first need to use a tool to measure heat (thermometer). Which is the best thermometer to use? Thermometers for measuring your temperature when you are sick only go up to a certain amount, so if you used one of those on hot milk, it might break. You would need a thermometer used for cooking that goes into the higher temperatures.


When measuring temperature, all of the systems use the same unit (DEGREES). If you wanted to measure the LENGTH of your table, which UNIT would be the best? After you decide your SYSTEM (Metric) and you’ve chosen your TOOL (tape measure) which unit is most appropriate? Millimeters? Centimeters? Kilometers?

CLASS 4/5-301 Visits the Brooklyn Museum – a slideshow by Mr. Ramirez


The Tigers of India by Jermaine

Hindu Deities - Durga on her Tiger

I think that the tigers in India are very interesting. The tiger is the national animal of India. the tigers fur is orange and black. The tiger’s fur makes it hard to see him in the jungle. Poachers kill tigers for their fur, organs and bones. Recently, people in India created preserves where the tigers can roam freely. These are some interesting facts about the tigers of India.

The Peacock by Jade

from The Genius of the Peacock

I would like to tell you about the peacock. The peacock is the national bird of India. the peacock does a dance when they see dark clouds coming. Also, the peacock has colorful feathers with the colors blue, green, yellow, light green, and light blue. Another fact about the peacock of India is they walk freely and unfettered because they are a revered symbol of Lord Krishna. I hope you learned lots about the peacock of India.

So you think you wrote a limerick?

Writing a limerick is lots of fun. Limericks are like Irish raps. They use rhyming patterns, couplets and beat to establish a catchy beat which is like a little song or rap. Limericks are about people and what happens to them–cause and effect. Now cause and effect in a limerick should be funny. Limericks should make us laugh. Also, limericks have a pattern and a formula:

• Lines: 1,2,and 5 should follow the A pattern in rhyme and have 8-10 beats as a range.

• Lines: 3 & 4 should follow the B pattern in rhyme and have 3-5 beats as a range.

• The number of beats on a line establish the overall beat of:long,long, short, short, long which makes it sing like a song.

• The limerick should be silly and funny!

Please find below some limericks we are writing across the classes as we study Ireland as part of our Magnet program. Check them out, write your own and play the “So you think you Wrote a Limerick” game in your classroom. Check out our and see who did and did not write a limerick and talk about why and why not. Have fun.–Mrs. Berretta

Ms. Snow by Genevieve Berretta

There once was a lady named Snow
She never said “Yes!”, she said, “NO!”
One day she said “Yes”
There was quite a mess
Now she never says “Yes” she says “go!”

The Boy Who Made Spinners by Genevieve Berretta

There once was a boy who made spinners
He made so many he missed dinner
He went straight to bed
He wasn’t even fed
Now the boy who made spinners was thinner!

Sweet Blossom Cherries by Terri

There once was a girl named Terri
She smelled like the sweet blossoms of cherry
Til one dreadful day
She sprayed on bug spray
Now Terri no longer smells like cherries

The Honey Tree by Michaella

One day I grew some big honey trees
It seemed to attract some big honey bees
I yelled “you must go!”
They said, “Buzz, Buzz, NO!”
Then the bees stung my cold hard knees!

The Girl With a Shirt by Ma’at

There once was a girl with a shirt
On her shirt she did not want dirt
And so she fell down
with a mad frown
saying, “what have I done to my shirt!”

I Wish I Could Go Outside by Ali

It is a sunny day I want to play
It is a sunny day I want to play
I will run I’ll have fun’
l’ll run in the sun and that’s fun
It is sunny day I wish I could play

A Book That Had A Hook by Zeeshan

I read a funny and crazy book
It had an enormous sharp hook
It hurt me on my hand
I couldn’t understand
Why there was a hook on my book

Two Girls by Makera

There once were two very sweet girls
Who did fifteen fantastic twirls
They sang for a crowd
The crowd clapped real loud
And threw the girls who did twirls some pearls

There Once Was a Cop by Ahmed (confirm)

There once was a cop
Who blew his top
He was so mad
Because someone was bad
So his head blew up and went plop

There Once was a Cop by Christian

There once was a cop
Who turned into a mop
Now there was a vet
Who turned into a pet
Now the cop who turned to a mop popped

There Once was a Cat by Jalen

There once was a cat
It lived in a hat
It wanted a Big Mac
It tripped in a crack
Then next broke his back
And now he has a six pack

Once there was a Moody Girl by Ivy Bryan

Once there was a very moody girl named Judy
Sometimes she feels groovy or fruity
When she’s groovy she dances a lot
When she’s fruity she eats fruit
This shows she could be groovy and fruity

Silly Old Bird by Kimberly

There once was a silly old bird
Who was so funny and absurd
He said, “There’s a cat!”
Who’s chasing a hat
That’s the funniest thing I ever heard

Kimberly by Isbah

Kimberly loved to make different friends
She would help her friends to the end
She sat at Table One
Played til day was done
To everyone Kimberly would tend

Beanca by Isbah

Beanca has a purple sweater
She makes everyone feel better
She is very cool
She rules the school
Beanca can write a nice letter

Jessica by Isbah

Jessica wears a brown shirt
She loves  to ear skirts
She loves fancy shoes
That she always would choose
She helps anyone who is hurt

Jordan is My Name by Jordan

Well Jordan is my given name
B-Ball is my favorite game
I dribble up and down
All throughout my town
My game is hot like a red flame

There once was a little girl named Star

She wanted a Hershey chocolate bar

And so she did run

In the hot, hot sun

But the store to buy the bar was far

–Tiffani Odle

I went to play at Marine Park

In the park there was something in the dark

It was a dog

Sitting on a log

And the dog wagged his tail and said, “Bark!”


I really, really really love my dad

He’s never, never, never ever mad

When I go out

He never shouts

I am so glad that he is my dad


On the map Jacob looked at New York

He stabbed the map with a fork

Jacob was foul

His teacher growled

And yes Jacob has lots of homework

–Simone* I love the couplets I just made some changes to make it make sense in terms of cause and effect and characters. If a kid stabbed a map with a fork, you can bet the teacher would growl and there would be homework.

I saw a gigantic red bug

That bug was on my brand new pink rug

I was in some pain

I got on the train

All I wanted was a loving rug


There once was a man who was made of sand

He always wore a rainbow headband

He always said “Hello”

He never said “GO!”

And he never did understand


I had a very nice bed

My nice bed was a dark red

Mom said, “Mop the room!”

Then I heard a big “BOOM”

Then I ran from my room to get fed


There once was a kid who wore a tie

He always told big fat lies

One day he wanted a tent

So to the store he went

When he came back he was eating a pie


There once was a kid named Ahmad

He did not like to be fed

One day he drank hot soup

It was from the chicken’s coop

It was so hot his face became red


There once was a big red balloon

It rubbed itself on a stinky baboon

Next it landed on a jeep

The people inside did weep

“We lost our very fat raccoon!”


One day some men were fixing a train

You won’t believe it—it started to rain

The men called for a jeep

They started to weep

It must be a pain to fix a train


There once was a kid who was always mad

He was handsome but sometimes a mean lad

One day he rode his bike

He crashed into big Mike

Now to this day he is very sad


One fine day I rode in a jeep

The jeep I rode in was very cheap

We went in a race

I tied my lace

I lost the race and I began to weep


There once was a very fat cow

That fell on a plow

That cow was so round

It weighed 300 pounds

How can that cow get up now?


There once was a boy named Rishon who made stars

He made so many stars he blasted off to Mars

So he went to a lake

Ate some birthday cake

Then the boy who made stars went to the bar


There once was a girl who flew a kite

It was so cold she got frostbite

She was so sad

She got so mad

Then the girl who had frostbite flew her kite

–Zeeshan Khan

There once was a hand

With an orange rubber band

He played with a cat

The cat was fat

Then he played with his bucket in the sand

–Mateo Hughes

There once was a penguin named Skipper

It was so cool and it had big flippers

It made some fish

It was a good dish

That’s the story of the penguin named Skipper


There once was a teacher named Marks

She loved taking pictures of sharks

She loves to listen to Ga-Ga

Also loves ‘lil Mama

So sad she got bit by a shark at Riis Park


Me by Karel Locke ’09

Me is I
I is me
I’m who I am
Not what others
want me to be
I act as myself
I act as a
But not because others
want me to be
it’s because I want me to be
My life cannot be controlled
by anyone else but me
My life revolves around me
because others taught me to be
I am a: strong
My heart pounds like a beating drum
My heart speaks for me–it is my voice
to speak to you all
to invigorate an aching soul
needing enlightenment
Being me is…


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