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P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

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A Golden Moment by Genevieve Berretta

It was an amazing moment of generosity and I was there to witness it. The moment was brief, fleeting and forever memorable to me. Would you like to hear the story? Listen carefully because I love to tell it…

It all happened on a Friday night January 22nd at approximately 7 o’clock in the evening. Ms. Fernandez was speaking on the microphone welcoming the families to our “Dance for Haiti”. The dance was a fundraiser for the Save the Children foundation to help the children of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th.

While Ms. Fernandez spoke on the microphone, three construction workers, wearing hardhats quietly entered the gym. These men and their crew work every night on our building, although for the most part we do not see them. The three men stood by Ms. Fernandez waiting for her to finish and then Mani, the crew chief leaned in to Ms. Fernandez and presented her with a white envelope. She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Mani, then leaned in again and whispered, “There’s about fifteen hundred dollars in there from the construction crew.”

Ms. Fernandez recalls being “speechless”, but Mr. Warfield said soon after, he spotted her screaming for joy. I saw her hug Mani and the other workers with tears in her eyes. For those of us who were there for that moment, we had tears too. These hard workingmen, who work every night on our building, these men we rarely see were fully present and accounted for at our “Dance for Haiti”. They were not asked to contribute, but on their own, they joined with us to support the children of Haiti. The workers could not stay long. They had to work to do, but they danced joyfully out the door while Mr. Warfield our DJ played some great tunes.

When I spoke to Mani a few days later to deliver our thank you notes that my students had written, he was so humble. He said, “The money was like a drop of water.” Well, I thought to myself, imagine if everyone gave their “drop of water” to Haiti…I pictured a waterfall of generosity washing over Haiti and making it whole again and better than before. haiti needs to be better than before and I feel a waterfall in the world as everyone is doing what they can to help. I shook Mani’s hand and gave a shout out thank you to the crew, who were busy at work and taking care of our school by night, making it better than before.

Well, that’s my story. A story I was lucky enough to have witnessed. It was brief, fleeting and for more than a few golden moments, the men who work outside our building joined our school and surrounding community by embracing Haiti and keeping it close to our hearts.

Mani & Crew with Ms. Fernandez & Ms. Snow

OMG: A Draft Poem by Yamrod and Jordan

I have heard such things
I really want to know what it means
It is good news or bad news
Is is about shoes?
The blues?
The earth going through birth?
It was the Haiti earthquake
Heard it on the news…I was in shock
I heard the houses shook
and the government broke down
To be continued…

Hardhats help schoolkids at P.S. 119 raise big bucks for Haiti earthquake victims – NY Daily News

NY Daily News

NY Daily News


Michael Daly, NY Daily News with P.S. 119 students

Michael Daly, NY Daily News with P.S. 119 students

Empty: A Draft Rap by Widmayer

On January 12th Port-au-Prince Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake. It measured 7 points our of ten on the richter scale. Many people dies. Widmayer lost his grandmother and he took his sadness to the page and is using the written word to process his sadness. When asked how it felt to use his words to work through his grief Widmayer said, “I feel elated!” This is a draft and Wid continues to add couplets to continue his rap. Thanks for sharing your heart Wid.–Mrs. Berretta

I’m empty
I’m dying
I’m crying
For Haiti
Cuz I’m a Haiti baby
My grandmother’s dead
I got no head
I’m on my bed
I’m a pencil without no lead
I’m dying
I’m crying
For Haiti
Cuz I’m a Haiti baby
I’m empty
R.I.P Grandmother

Carol Rosen does Powerpoints on Japan with Ms. Miciotta’s Class

Japan Powerpoint with Ms. Miciotta’s Class

Dance for Haiti Fundraiser

Friday evening was spectacular. I felt a beautiful sense of community. It was so nice to see everybody together for a desperately needed cause. We are not just a school. WE ARE A FAMILY!!!! Love, Mrs. Gill

I Feel Sorry For Haiti by Anthony 5-304

Haiti was a very calm place. It was really peaceful. Until the earthquake. Everything was a disaster because of the earthquake.

Every one got wounded, killed, and hurt.I feel sorry for Haiti right now in my heart. Buildings were destroyed and crushed.

Children were alone with no parents. Some parents were killed, so children are alone all by there selfs. Some people have to get surgery in there leg, arm, face, and other body parts. I really feel sorry for Haiti right now.

Haiti, Haiti I Miss You by McPrecia

Haiti, Haiti I miss you
Haiti where the sky is so blue
Where the sea is a tropical green
Oh Haiti I miss you
Such a beautiful place
Where the green land
is filled with coconut trees
Such a beautiful place
Haiti, Haiti I miss you

Dear Family in Haiti by Charlene

Dear Family in Haiti,

On my brother’s birthday in Haiti they had an earthquake and half of my family died. And…when I was three years old, my family in Haiti took care of me. They fed me, and they helped me fall asleep. And when it was Christmas they gave me two special presents…a home and love. Now since the earthquake, half of my family is dead. But I still have two presents…memories and love. In all of the world, I will always love you. Love, Charlene

Haiti is Poor by Yamrod

Haiti is poor
There was no door
No way out
There was no route
People died
Many people cried
They had no food
The world fell apart
The church bell rang
The bakery shook
The houses broke
Haiti is poor
Thee was no door
Now ay out
There was no route
Be the door
Help the poor Donate to Haiti NOW..please!


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