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designing group – by Gabrielle

Hello my name is Gabrielle. You might have known me from Steppin with Ms. Francis. I am starting a designing group right after the state math test. In this group you are allowed to draw clothes for young girls, women, young boys, and men. This group would be alot of fun cause you would be split up to groups depending on what is your favorite topic. Now I’ll tell you more about it later …………………………. bye

You go girls!

You go girls!

Virtual Tour of Ireland

C’ead Mile Failte! A Hundred Thousand Welcomes! Take a virtual voyage through Ireland’s most amazing sites by clicking below.  Then, use the map and the information you learned to answer the questions :  Click here

1)  What ocean lies Nortwest of Ireland?

2)  What is the capital of Ireland?

3)  Which river runs into the Celtic Sea?

4)  What country borders Ireland to the Northeast?

Project:  Using the information you learned on your virtual tour, create a postcard telling your friends and family about your travels throughout Ireland! Did you visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral?  Is the legend of the Blarney stone true? Be sure to decorate and include lots of information.

Yaks: The Official Animal of Tibet

Read the article Life on the Tibetan Plateau to learn about the huge role that yaks play in the Tibetan way of life. Then, answer these questions by typing them in the Comments box below. 

1) Yaks are built to survive tough environments.  What helps the yak withstand the low temperature and high elevation of Tibet? 

2)  Tibetans use yaks to help them survive as well.  List 3 ways a yak is helpful to the Tibetans.

Introduction to Ireland

Look at the sites below to learn a little bit about Ireland!

Map of Ireland

Basic facts

Irish magical creatures!

Irish recipes!

History of St. Patrick’s Day

Website created by Irish children about Ireland

South Africa

Read TFK: Nelson Mandela’s Birthday

What is the meaning of apartheid?

Why is Nelson Mandela considered a hero?

Why do the South Africans call Nelson Mandela, “Madiba“?

Mrs. Pierce’s Lesson on Tibet: Human Rights Issues

The Tibetan people have been going through many hardships since they were invaded by China. Today, there are more Tibetans in India than in Tibet. Tibetans along with the Dalai Lama have fled Tibet. Currently, The Dalai Lama and many Tibetans are living in exile in India.


What are human rights?

How are Tibetans suffering?

What rights have been taken from Tibetans?

What is being done to help the Tibetans regain their rights?

Why have Tibetans left Tibet and moved to other places?


Ms. Smith’s Lesson on Tibet

What might it be like to be a child living in Tibet?  Read the story A Dangerous Road to Freedom and use it to answer the questions below:

1)  Why would Tibetan families want to send their children to India?

2)  The title of this article is “A Dangerous Road to Freedom”.  What makes the journey from Tibet to India so dangerous?

3)  When you put yourselves in someone else’s shoes, you try to imagine what it’s like to be in their situation.  Pretend you are a child from Tibet.  Write a letter to your parents discussing your feelings and your journey to India.

Human Rights in Tibet – by Mrs. Saby



You will research the following questions:

  • What are some of the major problems Tibetans are facing?
  • What do you think “Living in Exile” mean?
  • What do you think would happen to the Dalai Lama if he returned to Tibet?

Below you will find links you can navigate to, to help you answer the above questions:

Human Rights Problems

More information
The Dalai Lama

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tibet

The Meaning of Exile from the online Webster Dictionary

Human Rights Issues in Tibet

These are the rights that people around the world are entitled to:

UDHR for Kids!

Right #1- We are all born free and equal!

Right #15- The right to nationality!

What problems can you find that children in Tibet face from the sites below?



School Rocks by: Class K/1-104, Mrs. Berretta and Mrs. Canja


On Friday, February thirteenth, at precisely nine o’clock on the dot, the curtain went up as the Kindergarten and First Grade had their first show of the school year. It was called: School Rocks. Mrs. Canja and Mrs. Irwin worked really hard with the children to make this show a huge success! All of the parents, 2nd and 3rd grade, plus Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Snow, Mrs. Slack and many other teachers, sat in the audience and enjoyed the show.

The children sang: ABC Rock; Good Morning, Good Morning; Number Rock; Months of the Year; and the Days of the Week. The audience went wild as they sang and swayed along with the performers as they sang these classic songs.  Jamel even spotted Mrs. Slack and Mrs. Berretta dancing in the back of the gym to “The Months of the Year!”

The performers had many feelings. Deniya and Breanna were happy and they were smiling on the stage.

Furqan and Muhammad were proud as they recited: “Aren’t you very proud of us we all tried our best. We performed and entertained for you, but now we need to rest!” The boys ended this very sweetly, as they rested their heads on their hands like little angels.

Samanchie and Sakinah were both a little nervous and happy and excited. Samanchie said, “I was all mixed up with lots of feelings.”

Sateen had this to say, “I was happy because my mommy, my daddy and my big sister Tata came to my show!”

Kayla was excited, “because of all of the balloons and all of the people!”

Delani whispered, “I was scared because there were so many children and parents.”

Sumanchie added, “plus everyone was taking lots of pictures!”

Sarah said “the show was incredible and we felt famous!”

Monica was “happy because all of the parents were cheering me!”

 Jamel was excited and nervous, but he remembered what Mrs. Canja said,

Mrs. Canja said, “ If the paper rips, the show must go on!” This made Jamel feel better. His twin brother Justin was also a little nervous because everyone was taking pictures with cameras.”

Edouard said, “I liked that everyone was taking pictures.”

When asked what she thought about the show, Mrs. Canja had this to say, “I was so proud of all of the children who performed so well.”

When the show ended all of the performers bowed and the audience clapped plus Ms. Fernandez shouted, “No HOMEWORK!”





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