P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Courtney Bentham’s Chocolate Process By Courtney Bentham 5-305

The Chocolate Process A Theobroma cacao is found in the rain forest. The trees, cacao tree and cocoa trees are small. They are 4-8 m or 13-26 ft tall. They are evergreen trees in the Malvaceae family. When a tree is evergreen, it means the leaves don’t come off naturally. Cacao seeds are used cocoa […]

RE: You buy your cocoa from farms that use child labor. This is wrong. Iqra Khan 5-303

March, 27,2014 Mark K. Pogharian Vice President, Investor Relations The Hershey Company 100 Crystal A Drive P.O. Box 810 Hershey, PA17033-0810 Phone:(800)-539-0261 Dear Mr.Pogharian, RE: You buy your cocoa from farms that use child labor. This is wrong. I have just read an article called “Hershey Accused Of Using Cocoa Suppliers That Employ Child Labor.” […]

The Mean History Behind Chocolate by Jahfia Horsford 4-203E

Based on the juicy news hot off the press- Poor West African children have to work as slaves for making cocoa.   Dear Hershey Chocolate Executive, Now not only do the children have to work as slaves really hard but the cocoa companies, as yourself, and many other cocoa companies have been buying from these farms […]

Busting Hershey! By:FaithC.Farrell-Montrose

Dear Hershey, WARM SALUTATIONS! Do you ever think that you might be supporting slavery? Well you are supporting slavery. Not only slavery, but child slavery. For example if you are buying chocolate from a farm that’s [employing] child slavery farm then you are precisely supporting child slavery. If you do not understand let me tell you […]

chocolate equals child slavery By Lloyd Guilliams 5-305E

Dear Hershey’s Over the years you have been making good chocolate. But you have been buying the cacao from the wrong place. Where you buy the roasted cacao is made from children in south Africa. Slave-ry was stopped years ago. Where you buy the cacao, it is made from child slavery. Child slavery is very […]

Chocolate Thief by Nathaniel 5-305

Dear Hershey, Everybody loves to eat chocolate. Especially your Hershey chocolate. But we will not eat anymore of it. Here is the reason why. You are having children make chocolate for you in a farm. Which is clearly called child labor. Child labor needs to stop right now! Did you know that if someone found […]

Snickers Are Blind !!! By: Raphael Edwards Jr

Dear Snickers, Why? Don’t you know that the company uses slave labor? I uses to eat snickers every chance I got but now that I know that the chocolate was made from slave labor.I stopped eating it.You really let me down.You should let the kids have an education.Most kids in my school might not eat […]

FORCE, by Arham Hanif 5-305

Dear  Hershey’s, It is not fair how you treat kids as your slaves. They are not your workers, they deserve to have a normal life like other kids. They are not supposed to be treated like your slaves. I know Hershey’s is one of the most famous chocolate company in the world but forcing kids […]

How we get chocolate By:Hadassa Chery

Dear Hershey, What you are doing is wrong. You guys use kids in the West Africa to make your chocolate. Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery in 1866 which is 148 years ago. Those kids need to go to school. Since you are buying from them the kids can not leave. Your chocolate taste great but it […]

Hershey’s Chocolate Betrayal!!! By Aila Choudhary 5-305

Dear Mr. Hershey’s, Why? Why are you buying chocolate from a company that uses child slavery. Hershey’s used to be my favorite chocolate company, however, now I do not like Hershey’s one bit. Don’t you think that African kids deserve a better life. They are my age, but we have two very different lives. I […]


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