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Lisa Fernandez, Peace Principal




United Nations Best Practices Award Video

A Poem by Jahmari Bradshaw titled: My Time With My Grandma: Fernande Bastien

My Time With Grandma by Jahmari Bradshaw

It’s been years

Since I was filled with tears

After my grandma passed on

There were times we would chat and go places

I know she will watch over me

During good times and bad times

She will guide me at all costs

But most of all

I lover haer and she loves me

For all eternity

Rest in peace Grandma..

We will always remember you:

Fernande Bastien April 1, 1945 –July 13, 2010


Two Sides to Phonemic Intelligence

Phonemic Intelligence by D’Andre McRae with contributions from Aaliyah Campbell

This year P.S. 119 has a new kind of morning exercise called Phonemic Intelligence. We do it every morning during morning announcements. Phonemic Intelligence exercises your brain. We do it to keep our brain moving. We first put our hand on our right eye. Then, you put your left hand on your left-brain, then left eye. After that you put your right hand on your right brain. Finally, you put your right hand on your forehead and then put your left hand on back of your head. At every position you make the sound of: Ah, Ee, or Ai three times. I love Phonemic Intelligence. I love it because it exercises your brain and it keeps me focused. Aaliyah Campbell stated, “I like doing it because it makes you become calmer and smarter.”

The Other Side of Phonemic Intelligence by Sephora Fegond

Phonemic Intelligence is new to P.S. 119. This is my first experience. During my experience with Phonemic Intelligence, I find that I do not like it. I do not like it because it takes away from my schoolwork. No offence to other kids and adults who like it, but I do not feel smarter, more energized or ready to take in knowledge. I would like to stop Phonemic Intelligence. Once I close my eyes I feel even more tired. I have also heard other kids say they do not like Phonemic Intelligence. For example, Sharon of Class 5-302 said, “I am very happy that it might help other kids but I really do not like P.I. because it wastes our school time. I wish that I could get used to P.I. because it might help others in their life.” Things I would change about P.I. would be: Do not close eyes and make it shorter. I would like to hear what you would like to change or what your opinions are about P.I.




Here in the village of Ban Aung Sue groups of locals are continuing the tradition of their ancestors by hand-weaving high quality silk. Thai silk is reputedly some of the best in the world and to create the finest fabric they start with the best bugs- they are called bombyx mori, better known as silk worms. Beginning life as eggs the size of a pinhead once they’ve hatched they start fattening themselves up. The hard part is keeping them fed. To mature into silk-producing larvae, these bugs will multiply their weight ten thousand times. If they were human, they’d weigh 70,000 pounds by the time they were a month old.

Silk worms are strict vegetarians and they will only eat fresh, hand picked mulberry leaves. These worms will consume more than two tons in just a week on this farm. After forty days and forty nights of non-stop eating the larvae are ready to begin the serious work of weaving a cocoon designed to protect them as they mature into moths. The silk cocoon is actually made from one long continuous stream of bug saliva. Each caterpillar must produce nearly half a mile of silk to cover itself. After three of four days of non-stop knitting, the cocoon is ready. But that silk isn’t worth any money while its still wrapped around a worm. Other animals such as spiders and bees also produce silk, but its silk worms that can be used for manufacturing because they don’t run away when you try stealing their web.


1) The main idea of this video is  _____________.

2) One cocoon is made from a continuous thread of silk that is about _____________ in length.

3) The scientific name of this caterpillar is _____________  or  just a _____________.

4) The name of the country where this video takes place is _____________.

5) After _____________ (how many days?) a caterpillar will eat as much food to gain _____________ times its weight.

6) The caterpillar only eats _____________, which makes it an _____________.

7) Other animals that make silk are _____________ and _____________.

8) Silk is actually made from _____________.

9) The eggs are the size of _____________.

10) Silk worms begin to eat  _____________.

WORD & PHRASE BANK (not all words will be used):

Japan / mulberry leaves / saliva / bees / as soon as they are hatched / one-half mile / silk worm / silk worms / how silk is made / bombyx mori / a pin head / spiders / Thailand / herbivore / ten thousand / forty days & forty nights / kimono / Mt. Fuji / 70,000 / two tons / carnivore / one meter / kabuki / pad thai / srirachi sauce


What does the phrase “continuing the tradition of their ancestors” mean in the first sentence of the video?

Further suggested reading:

P.S. 119 Reflects on the UNICEF Kid Power Band Program: Lessons by Genevieve Berretta

“The UNICEF power bands have changed my life. I’m not a person that likes to walk, jog or run. I know I’m doing it for a good cause so I try everything to get as many power points. Every five points I get a child gets a peanut butter paste. Many of the kids don’t have clean water which makes them sick. I think the Unicef kid power bands are awesome because many kids my age that are in need gets food for every five points I get.”- Annenekia

“I received ten power points all together for three days! Kids don’t have clean water, but UNICEF is changing kids life’s for a better education and enough food to survive. It feels good to make children happy while I’m active.’’- Darren Moulate

“The project Unicef is active and makes people feel proud of them for helping children who don’t have access to fresh clean water. Every day I always used to run around play with my friends but with the project UNICEF I can get points for doing this which can help kids all around the world. The project UNICEF makes me feel proud of myself because every five points I get it helps a child with a packet of peanut butter paste. Every day I donate at least one packet of food. A child without food can’t do things we can do. But if we work hard enough our goal will come true.”-Alicia Sajid

“Unicef kid power changed my movements. It has also changed the way I move and think. I have started running and walking more every day. I started playing basketball more in my back yard and playing outside more with my dog. I’m always getting at least five power points every day. I’m proud of myself for helping kids that don’t have food or water.’’ – Haily 5-310

“When kids don’t get the food they deserve they will not be able to concentrate with school and they will die. The UNICEF project will help kids get peanut butter paste to give to the kids in Africa. Sometimes kids cannot move around in sickness and all the animals they have are dying and they will not survive. That’s why we have UNICEF bands. It saves lives of kids in hunger. Every time you get five power points you will give food to kids that are in hunger and that are dying. They will also get peanut butter paste and they will focus and be healthy!”- Garrielle Sully

“Unicef is a helpful and is a fun thing. It helps us all in the world. It is very important to help kids and to stay active. In addition I get twelve power points and twenty one thousand four hundred sixty nine steps. My goal is to get fifteen or twenty power points and one hundred thousand steps in one day. I hope I can achieve this goal and more. I also hope all the kids get more and more food. I love to help more and more people.”- Ahmed

“I have participated in activity that helps children in need. I feel so proud of myself when I feel my UNICEF band vibrate on my wrist. I get so happy about this because each time it vibrates you get a point. When you have five points you unlock a food packet for the children in need.” – Randy Umana

“The UNICEF project is about getting up and getting a move on, to save hungry poor children. The project has changed my whole life because it really means a lot to me to save a child. All you need is five power points to save a family. So, far I have saved about nine families in total. However, if I was in their position they would do the same.”-Rebecca Jean-Louis

“If you get five power points you are giving a meal to someone that is hungry.”- Jenell Bartholomew

“The UNICEF Kid Power Band helps children get food and fresh water to have. But with this bracelet, when I run or walk the band tracks my steps and when I walk a lot I get a power point. If I get five power points it equals to five dollars and it could buy food and water to children.”- Carl Jennings

“UNICEF Kid power is an inspiring project. Not only does it keep kids active but it helps save lives. It gives food to children who don’t have. My opinion is that it brings joy knowing that you can stay active and save lives at the same time.”-Jonathan

“I like the UNICEF program because I get to help the people in need. One day I was very proud because I got five power points with ten thousand steps.”- Brian

“Now that I have my Kid Power Band, I am trying to find more and more ways to become active. I feel very happy that me, just a simple girl can make a big difference in a helpless child’s life.”- Kayla Freckleton

“The UNICEF Kid Power Band is really helping my life. My average power point is four to five. Every five power points gives one packet of peanut paste. UNICEF provides fresh water for the children to drink.”- Malachi Vilfort

“All kids should have the opportunities everybody else has. Opportunities like going to school, fresh water to drink and food.”- Shawn Golding

“I would like to go to Africa to help but I can’t. I would love to help everybody that I can to show love and peace to the world, but I can’t. But I can help with the UNICEF Kid Power band.”—Isaiah Liverpool

“Wearing the UNICEF Kid Power band feels like I am a hero because I am helping people who need help. I am helping people who need food and that feels like being a hero to me.”—Marlon Blackman

“The reason I am helping malnourished people is because I care about people. I am helping everyone everyday by participating in the UNICEF Kid Power program. I love to be there for malnourished people.”—Daniel Castello

“My goal is to make kids fell happy by exercising to achieve five power points. Five power points allows us to donate peanut butter paste to combat malnutrition. That makes me feel happy.”—Allycia

“I am walking because it is sad that people are malnourished. So I will walk until I get five power points. I want to save lives.”-Zaire Outlaw

“Wearing the kid power wrist bands makes me happy because we are helping kids and adults by saving lives. By saving lives we have to be active more and this helps us too.” –Dulce Aguilar

“You should try the  because the Kid Power Bands are benefitting you too. You stay fit and you’re giving kids food too. My goal is to get six points a day. The extra point is for me.” –Darian


Kabuki Samurai by Mathew Washington 1-101


Bullying by Ayela

Bullying by Ayela Janjua


Don’t start fooling around

People who are bullied feel like they’ve hit the ground

Just be brave

Just behave

It will be a great save

Bullying is just a wave of madness

That causes sadness

Just don’t bully

Live life peacefully

Jahfia Raps Anti-Bully with a little inspiration from Sara Sara Bareilles: Be Brave–Lesson by G. Berretta

“I wonder what would happen is you say what you want to say and let the words fall out honestly…I want to see you be brave.” Sara Bareilles

The above referenced quote that Jahfia cited is from the song Brave by Sara Bareilles provided Jahfia inspiration for her Anti-Bully titled: Be Brave

Be brave

Don’t worry

Those bullies just need to behave

It’s not your fault

Their anger rages out of a cave

All they do is crave…your fear


They enslave

Enslave on your freedom—enslave

They want to out your dignity in a grave

They don’t want to save

Save your feelings

From being hurt

Dig your heart into the dirt

Make you a slave to sadness

Fill the hole in your heart they paved

Break out… you are no one’s slave

Be brave

Don’t worry

Rap #2: Jahfia and I discussed changing up her rhyme scheme to incorporate more couplets with varying sounds to give the rap more of a rhythm. Below is Rap #2.

Bullies take your lunch money

Is that really necessary?

They stuff you into lockers

And give you K-O knockers

They hurt you with their words

You feel like you’re a nerd

They can hurt you with their fist

And sometimes twist your wrist with an assist

Make you feel like you don’t exist

I am the bully

I am not proud

I stand up like a tall cloud in a crowd

I wear the crown of mean

My anger bounces up like a trampoline

I am the bully I am not proud

My actions should not be allowed


I am the bully

I am not proud

Forgive my hurtful sins

I’m asking for your permission

To share my confession

I hide my depression

And turn it into aggression

Please show me some compassion

I am the bully

I am not proud


Adam Austin’s Habitat Art

It’s Spring Celebrate with “Butterfly” by Yasmin Minos


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