P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

P.S. 119 Amersfort School of Social Awareness

Magnet School of Global & Ethical Studies – 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn NY 11210 (718) 377-7696

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Lisa Fernandez, Peace Principal


Peace Day 2014 with special guest NYC Councilman Jumaane D. Williams

Gather Your Lincolns: A Winning Poster by Brian Phillip


Six Flags! By Muntasir Bhuiyan 2-102

One day I had to wake up at 6:00 AM! Then, I got up. I got in the  car we went like 100 my house. I live in Flatlands Ave. When we  got there I wanted to play burst the clown.I  got to play. I got to eat ice-cream.I got to play smack the mole. I went in the 6  Flags zoo. I saw elephant, zebras and birds. We went back for 1 more game. We went on the fares, well I liked the fares well. I had a fun time.

When I went to Six Flags Great Adventure By: Aqida Rama 2-103E

When I was at Six Flags, I went on the Bumper Cars. Oh it was so magical I wish that the ride never ended. The line was as long as a car. At last, it was our turn. My mom and I shared a car. My older cousin Mamunur went in a bumper car too. My dad and my baby sister watched us ride since my baby sister was too young to ride a bumper car. Finally, the fun began! Zoom right zoom left. Everywhere a zoom, zoom, zoom! So much fun it was! I can’t wait until the next time we go Six Flags! Roller coasters, here we come…

Life at Hudde By Keshon Blackman 691

Life at Hudde is great. I am learning new things from my teachers. I have made new friends. I have also found new hobbies. For example, chess there is a chess club at my school where an expert from Chess in the schools teaches us new skills to improve our game in chess. I attended my first chess tournament on Saturday November 8 at PS160. I did not do very well but I did win the last round. The Is240 chess team still received second place. After more lessons of chess I will attend another tournament on January 17. I am learning to speak spanish. I am doing well thanks to my spanish teacher Mr. Jean or as we say in spanish Señor Jean. I can have a conversation in spanish that includes asking about a persons birthday, time, temperature, and the date. I have camba after school program at school. We have different activities to choose from. My favorite is videography which is provided by BRIC. We shoot movies right now we are working on a movie about bullying and emotions where we interview students about their emotions. My favorite role is Director of Photography. Last but not least I have the best principal in the world (sorry Ms. Fernandez). Her name is Ms. Votinelli. She is a very great principal and she is very nice and caring.

Well this is my life at Hudde enjoy Ps 119 :)  Take care of Ms Fernandez for me!

I am also running for class president!

London Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down

Did you ever ask yourself, “How did my city get here?” OR “Why here?”

We asked this question about the largest city in the UK. LONDON.

Students were guided through several Internet resources to investigate the history of  London which was precipitated by the building of the first London Bridge almost 2,000 years ago we discovered!

LUIZ-bridges gabas-london brige emely-first london bridge emersa-london bridge azelia-London bridge aamina-jabbar-london-bridge-text LONDON-kassidiva jada-london bridgde MICHAEL-london briged sara-london bridge amna-dildar-london bridge2 demas-london-bridge HONESTY-JEAN-UNITED-KINGDOM DeCoursey-LONDON-textskylar-THE FIRST LONDON BRIDGE

More Horizons of Mount Fuji Japan with 2-103 & 2-110

01suleila-fuji sakura01-suleila-fuji501suleila-sakura-fujichristah-fuji



afzal-mout fuji


ARIELmt fuji




ahmed-abas-sakura fuji

K-1-2-107 Visits El Yunque National Park, Puerto Rico

moneeb-el yunque

sasha-moore-el yunque


josiah-vogle-el yunque

Jose Melo 2-107 el yunque2

Carbon: The Sixth Element

Jahfia Horsford 5-305

The Sixth Element: Carbon

Did you know that carbon is known as number six on the periodic table? Carbon is number six because it includes six protons and six electrons. Carbon is in the soot of black. Carbon has the atomic weight of 12 mass of atomic units. Carbon is one of the heavy elements that are formed inside stars. It is true that diamonds are completely one hundred percent carbon. Carbon is open in nature and is found in three allotropic forms. These forms are amorphous, graphite and diamond. Graphite one of the softest material unlike diamond is one of the hardest. Carbon is very important to the Earth most things are made up of carbon it is a serious part of life.

Carbon is special to everyone and everything’s life. Without carbon nothing in the world would be here right now. Our bodies are made up of carbon. Carbon is the element of life–it is our energy. Carbon is one of the serious things in life. Everyone and everything should be thankful for carbon because without it we would be nothing. Carbon is something that keeps us going, what is carbon to you?


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